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#59026 How to translate Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emergency Kit into a new language...

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 27 September 2012 - 07:26 PM

Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emergency Kit use a text file based translation system. Such language files have the extension .LNG and can usually be found in the Languages sub-directory of the installation directory (for example "C:\Program Files\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\Languages\"). Since a lot of strings are shared between the products, all products use the same language files. So there is no need to translate the language files of each product separately.

We maintain the English as well as the German translation ourselves, so we can guarantee that those files are always up to date and they therefore should be used to base new translations upon. To make sure that you have the latest languages files please run the online update before you start your translation.

The language files adhere to the Windows INI file standard and in general are made up of the following parts:
  • [Sections]
    Sections are enclosed in square brackets and are used to seperate various areas within the language files. Sections must not be translated.
  • //Comments
    Comments always start with two forward slashes. They are completely ignored by the application and can be used to keep notes. Translation of comments is completely optional.
    Note that all lately modified lines in en-us.lng are copied and commented too. They are just for reference to track modifications on the original file.
  • Key=Value
    The actual language strings are contained within the language file as key value pairs. The key part (which is the part before the equal sign) is used by the application to identify where the string is used and therefore must not be translated. The value part (everything after the equal sign) is the actual text displayed by the application and therefore must be translated.
  • Keep in mind that Language files are plain text files. So if you want to edit a file make sure you do so with a plain text editor like Notepad. Text processing software like Microsoft Word or Works will not work.
Creating a new translation
The first step in creating a new translation is to make a copy of the language file you want to base it upon (either "en-us.lng" or "de-de.lng"). The copy should use the ISO language code as a file name. If you want to translate the product into Dutch for example it should be named "nl-nl.lng". Keep in mind that while Emsisoft Anti-Malware is running you are unable to change any of the installation directory's content. To create the copy in the Languages directory and edit it you will have to close Emsisoft Anti-Malware first or alternatively disable the self protection in the Configuration section.

At the top of the file you will find a special section called "LanguageInfo". This section contains various information used by the application to determine how to parse and display the language file. The section contains the following values:
  • Version
    The product version number this translation is based upon. Keep in mind that this is always the Emsisoft Anti-Malware version number, as Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a stripped down Emsisoft Anti-Malware version.
  • Language
    The English name of the language this language file contains.
  • LanguageLocal
    The native name of the language.
  • Author
    The name of the author of this file. This should be your name if you create a new translation.
  • Email
    The email address of the author. This should be your email address if you create a new translation.
  • Date
    The date when this file was last edited. Make sure to update this value whenever you change the file.
The LanguageInfo section of the German language file for example looks like this:
author=Emsisoft GmbH
Once you have adjusted the LanguageInfo section of your new language file, you can start translating the other sections.

Updating an existing language file
Language files do change whenever new user interface controls or features are implemented. In these cases it is not necessary to translate the entire language file again. Instead you can just add the new values to an existing language file. To facilitate this process we have added an overview that shows you which languages aren't up-to-date and exactly which strings need translation:

Simply click on the language to see which strings are missing. The format of the returned strings is "[section] valuename=string". We recommend that you make translation updates on a copy of the file. This is to prevent the online update from overwriting your changes on the next update. You also might find the tool WinMerge very useful to highlight added and removed lines.

Testing your new or updated language file
To test your new or updated language file simply restart the application and select the language you added or updated from the language selection drop down menu.

Submitting your translation
Once you have created a new translation or updated an existing translation, feel free to submit it here in the forum. Just create a new thread for your language if it doesn't exist yet and attach your language file to it. If a thread for this particular language already exists, add your updated language file as a reply to the existing thread.

As a little thank you for your effort we are handing out free licenses for all our products to translators. This applies not only to full translations but to updates and corrections of existing translations as well :).

Reporting errors or problems with translations
If you find an error in a particular translation or if you run into any problems, please feel free to post them in the translation's forum thread.

#46011 Automatic game/full screen mode...

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 09 March 2012 - 11:24 PM

This feature has already been implemented in the current development version and will be available in the next version :).

#112593 License Key from 2.0.2 won't work in V9

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 25 June 2014 - 09:43 AM

Have a current license for and it is working fine. Downloaded V9 update and copy/pasted the key I received when I purchased V2 but V9 says it is invalid.

It appears you are mixing up Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (current version is and Emsisoft Anti-Malware (current version is Since Malwarebytes and Emsisoft are entirely different companies, the license keys aren't interchangeable. However, if you want I can send you a free 1 year license of our product :).

#111165 SVP FP AGAIN!

Posted by Siketa on 05 June 2014 - 09:11 PM

I'm also a customer, so what?


It seems you don't understand the way things work.

Each new version of unsigned application has to be manually added to AMN.

Emsi team is doing great job (I have bad experience with Comodo) but they can not trace all existing apps in the web!

Like I already recommended you, turn off behavior blocker module while installing known good software and then enable it again after the installation is finished.


It's that easy!

#108153 AV-Comparatives Real-World Protection Test March 2014

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 17 April 2014 - 05:21 PM

Great to see that FPs are decreasing.....

False positives didn't change compared to last year at all actually. We just had a lot of catching up to do. The false positive test set AVC compiled contains files, that even VT hasn't seen yet (which is quite an accomplishment) and that aren't even available online any longer. If you throw a product into that test for the very first time, it is bound to have higher false positives than other products who had the chance to scan earlier revisions of the collection before. That is a fact that AVC itself recognizes and is the reason why the false positive results for our product included a disclaimer.

My question is - why Emsisoft does not participate in these tests

They are simply too expensive and don't reach nearly as many people as AVC does. We may take part in those tests eventually, but in the end it comes down to either take part in this one test that most magazines don't really care about, or hire a new full time employee for a year.

It is no longer so good and colorful.
Whom to believe? Can do your own individual tests and see your scores?
I would recommend it just to do ....

CRDF is unreliable. The way it works is, that they query VT to see if they have seen a file before and if so, get the last scan results.

The problem with that approach is, that malware or files that have never been seen on VT, won't be included in the results, because CRDF does not submit any files to VT. One could argue that those are the most interesting ones as they are more likely to be new malware.

If files have been submitted before, no rescan is issued. That means, the scan results they use for the statistics can potentially be days or even weeks old.

Their sample set also contains a ton of PUPs. I can't talk for other companies, but we specifically asked VirusTotal not to enable the PUP detection. It just saves us a ton of hassle having to deal with PUP companies all day, as most of them just check if their crap is detected on VT. Out of curiosity I downloaded their samples for February and March a few weeks ago (12,756 files in total, 1,270 of which aren't PE EXE files) and just judging by the digital certificates and version info alone at least 6,800 of the remaining 11,486 executable files are PUPs.

We talked to CRDF in the past, to maybe provide some more details in their statistic, but in their opinion these statistics shouldn't be used by anyone, so they have no intention to fix them.

#98006 Emsisoft 9 and Emsisoft 9 Internet Security Pack Release date?

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 04 February 2014 - 05:41 PM

i agree that would be great to combine both programes.

You mean like this?



#66836 Emsisoft Anti-Malware released!

Posted by Christian Mairoll on 30 January 2013 - 08:10 AM

Emsisoft Anti-Malware is a maintenance update for improved overall stability and performance:
  • Decreased the required init time for online updates.
  • Improved license key handling and added support for Windows 2012 Server.
  • Internal modifications of update system (closing GUI doesn’t break updates anymore).
  • Problems in scheduler calculations used to evaluate the start time of auto-update and scheduled scans – fixed.
  • Crash during scans in Security Setup Wizard – fixed.
  • Several GUI fixes in freeware mode.
  • Software/server communication issue – fixed.
  • Improved restoration of modified registry values during cleaning.
  • Problem with multiple reloading of signatures after online update – fixed.
  • Crash when database location is changed – fixed.
  • Scanned objects counter shows wrong number in Commandline Scanner – fixed.
  • Added security measures to prevent a settings reset in case of a crash.
  • Several minor bugfixes in Outlook plugins.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with the Surf Protection and Internet Explorer 10.
  • Improved integrity check for settings file to avoid losing settings.
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Bug in settings store system fixed.
  • Changes to the help output of the Commandline Scanner.
  • Changes to the quarantine submit system.
  • Quarantine rescan on updates problem fixed.
  • Bug when exporting custom host rules fixed.
  • Wrong behavior of alert window when retrieving data from the anti-malware network fixed.
All customers who own a valid Emsisoft Anti-Malware licence will receive the new version at no cost through online updates as usual. You can also download the installation file from our Emsisoft Anti-Malware product page and test it for 30 days at no cost and without any obligations. When the trial period ends, you still can use the software in freeware mode to scan and clean infections.
Emsisoft Anti-Malware includes 27 language-packs: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

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#64934 OA and virtualbox bridged connection

Posted by Christian Peters on 31 December 2012 - 02:53 PM



please take a look in the Registryeditor for the key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VBoxNetFlt and remove it.


If you have any more questions or problems, just let me know.

#56853 EAM v7 Beta new engine

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 29 August 2012 - 10:46 AM

I am not happy to see yet another company using Bitdefender, get´s easier for virus writer out there to bypass more and more products as so many are using Bitdefender.

This isn't really an issue in our case as we only use the Bitdefender scan engine and signatures and added all our improvements like anti-rootkit technology, behavior blocking, the Emsisoft scan engine etc. on top of it. So even if malware authors patch Bitdefender detections, it doesn't mean one of our other detection layers won't catch it.

To get an idea on how efficient our added technology actually is just take a look here:
Posted Image

#48656 email scanning support

Posted by rc91 on 25 April 2012 - 10:43 PM

How about adding support for an email program other than Outlook (i.e. Windows Live Mail)?

#44353 Rootkit Trojan Can't be Automatically Removed

Posted by tckqbq on 14 February 2012 - 08:15 PM

Here are the reports.

Also, received error report that C:\$mft is corrupt

#35964 Тесты и обзоры

Posted by Illuminati on 19 October 2011 - 03:42 AM

MRG Effitas - авторитетная независимая организация ,занимающаяся исследованиями безопасности в интернете, которая сосредоточена на обеспечении эффективного сравнения, анализа образцов вредоносных программ, новых угроз и другой информации в этой сфере.Ниже приведены суммарные результаты вендоров по всем группам исследований с начала 2011 года.

#3093 a-squared Anti-Malware + txt file behaviour

Posted by Lynx on 15 November 2009 - 03:21 AM

Good morning, korben

First, instead of just shutting down whole Guard try separately disabling “onExecution Scan” scan only and then “Malware-IDS” only.

The reason for testing “onExecution” being disabled, despite that is a long shot:
In the past there were reports that opening large media files of certain type by double-clicking will cause scanning the media too with substantial delay.
But when I asked the user to test invoking the the Player 1st and after that opening the media file - that worked perfectly fast.
You answered already that “opening from inside” doesn't help. Still please test disabling “onExecution”.


Nobody insisting on deeper investigation, that's your choice but “cutting off net connection” is not all. That may not be the case, but if you are testing that - there are ways to check whether there still are attempts to “connect” if suspected...

Just out curiosity for testing you may try different free notepad.
Set association with .TXT and observe its behaviour

Here is one of the lists of Notepad Alternatives
Those have many additional features, most of them, if not all are multi-document.
You may not need all that, but that's just for testing or use it if that's working fine & fast.
You always can go back when & if the cause of the main problem was found.
Notepad ++ can be installed as Portable Application, so you don't mess with the Registry (just delete the folder later and that's all)

That's interesting and innovative method to solve “small problem” by getting new laptop and OS (we all should try that :) )

Just a reminder.
Since I mentioned temporary shutting down ThreadFire (TF) in order to test – if you will uninstall A-M from old PC in order to reinstall on a new system, you can save/leave TF, otherwise I would suggest not using it alongside with A-M.


P.S. 1) after having the morning coffee I looked back to the image you provided.
It is not the best quality, but most importantly that is the overall view
What was asked to look at is – drill deeper into Applications, etc. and see whether there are events at the time of running Notepad.

2) I had no time yet to find your uncle :D

#111843 Bosnian (bs-ba)

Posted by Pirate on 15 June 2014 - 11:58 AM

Attached File  bs-ba.lng   3.57KB   15 downloads


Hi everyone, i translated Emsisoft Emergency Kit to Bosnian laungage, here is my translation above ^ . Hope you'll like it  :) .

#111648 Anti-Malware network

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 12 June 2014 - 03:37 PM

The Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network is essentially a cloud backend we developed to help our products do autonomous decisions. It's essentially a huge feed aggregator, combining various large information feeds we have access to and makes those information available to the client software. While it doesn't do any behavior analysis itself, it can use the behavior information collected by EAM as well as Online Armor to come up with a decision.

#110576 Delayed start

Posted by GT500 on 28 May 2014 - 03:24 PM

The value listed in msconfig is a registry value, so if you feel comfortable editing the Windows registry then yes you can change it.

The entry you are seeing is for the Guard (the part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware that draws the System Tray icon and handles displaying notifications). It needs to wait for the service the be running before it tries to start, and since the server takes longer to load than it does it is best to have a small delay to prevent issues.

#110267 Please whitelist 3DMark

Posted by Elise on 22 May 2014 - 05:49 PM

I just verified this, yes it has been whitelisted. :) Please note that it can take a few hours before this change takes effect via the anti-malware network.

#109685 Game mode in version 9..

Posted by Legend on 13 May 2014 - 08:02 AM

Hey Emsisoft , ...today I have a suggestion and a question (ooh nooo.. :D )


  1. It's probably too late for my suggestion?, for a new feature. But maybe you / Emsisoft would consider it for future releases of version 9.x ? I work a lot with Adobe's software, ( and game a lot when I find the time), and most of the time in fullscreen mode. So therefore I would like, or wish , Emsisoft to detect when full screen mode is used, and shift automatically to Gamemode, and exit it again, when user is leaving fullscreen. Quite often, I find that I have set Emsisoft anti malware in Gamemode for days. Because there's so many interruptions in the daily workflow . So for me it would be a great help if such a feature were implemented in EAM.

  2. Will this suggestion, which is from a good constructive thread I had, be incorporated in version 9? Please see this thread.  Game mode, post 6 and 7.




#109597 Cannot install Private Internet Access

Posted by Arief Prabowo on 12 May 2014 - 05:52 AM

Many thanks for reporting this, I will look into it.

However, this is a common behavior and not a real false positive. As you can see on your VT report, we don't detect this file as malware. The alert was generated by our Behavior Blocker. Behavior Blocker will generate alerts for specific actions that can be associate with malicious activity, but it does not always necessarily mean that the program is malware, user can always click Allow so the application can continue the process or even exclude it from protection if they sure the application is legit and safe.

You can also activate the Anti-Malware Network and community based alert reduction to help you to decide it. If there is enough data about that program, it will give you suggestion whether to allow or block it based on community database.

#106955 Proactive protection vs script(vbs+vbe)

Posted by Fabian Wosar on 07 April 2014 - 01:17 PM

In general the behavior blocker ignores most scripting hosts, as it is not possible to distinguish which actions are triggered by the script and which are triggered by the scripting host. The File Guard however does trigger when trying to execute the scripts you uploaded.