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Information to include in your support requests

Fabian Wosar

Hi everyone,

This little guide is all about the information we need, to follow up effectively on your support requests. Please read the following paragraphs carefully and feel free to ask in case you have any problem or questions.

General information to always include

Please make sure your support request always includes the following general information:

  • Which product, product edition and exact product version number your support request refers to. This information can usually be found in the product's user interface.
  • Your operating system including the edition, service pack level and the bit-depth (32 or 64 bit) if they apply. On Windows computers or devices this information can easily be obtained by right clicking the "Computer" icon on your Desktop, or in your Start Menu, and selecting "Properties". On Android devices, you can find these information by pressing your device's menu button and selecting "System settings". Scroll down to the bottom of the menu where you find the "About phone" or "About tablet" option which brings up a dialog that includes the necessary information.
  • Other security applications you may have installed. This includes any anti-virus , anti-spyware, anti-malware, and anti-keylogger software. Also any firewalls, HIPS, behavior blockers, rollback applications and sandboxing software.

Additional information to include in case you want to report a bug

Please include a detailed description of the bug you experience as well as the circumstances under which it occurs. If you can reliably reproduce the issue please include step by step instructions to trigger the bug in your support request as well.

Additional information to include in case you want to report an incompatibility with another application

If you experience any incompatibilities with other products please make sure to include the name of the application, the version number and a link to a page where the application can be downloaded.

Additional information to include in case of a blue screen or sudden restarts

If you experience a blue screen or sudden not explainable system restarts, please check your configured crash dump directory (usually C:\WINDOWS\MINIDUMP) for *.dmp files with create time stamps roughly matching the time of the incident. If you find such files make sure to include them in your support request. Also please describe what you were doing and what applications were running when the system crashed or rebooted.

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