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  2. Hi! I do not quite understand you: Are you against publishing such screenshots? But 2 years ago all these actions are already described in detail!
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  4. Leaving aside the issue with EAM, are you saying that at present you let your ordinary users have Admin ids? If so, why?
  5. Dear Arthur, Thanks for your excellent support. Is there a solution other than "Limit User Accounts in Windows" for this issue? I need to set the maximum possible limit for users with administrator access. Will I be able to view and check uninstalled EAM from the cloud console in the future? This feature will be very beneficial. Unfortunately, over the past few months, this has diminished my credibility and performance.
  6. @Amigo-A " Therefore, the verdict should be unambiguous - delete all pre-installed programs without a doubt. " I disagree. /Some/ of the vendor-installed programs are necessary. Eg on several of my Samsung laptops, those programs include the logic to make the Fn+F2 (etc) buttons perform their ancilliary functions. Another of the programs is one that offers and installs updates to that program and others. If I get rid of the latter program, how do I get updates/fixes for the first program I mentioned?
  7. I think most users would want to know if any system process has been stopped (especially if they did not know how/why), so if it is possible to suppress the information it'll need to be something that individual users do, not something central that affects us all.
  8. На этот вопрос лучше ответить по-русски, т.к. некоторые словесные обороты будут неправильно переведены. Все софт-коммерсы жаждут продвинуться и развиться, поэтому наблюдение и отслеживание (в т.ч. шпионаж и слежка до кучи) у них стоят во главе угла. Эти действия, скорее всего, будут носить характер сбора информации о другом ПО и предпочтениях пользователя. Так повелось изначально, без этого им не выжить. Но у этого сбора инфы есть другая более опасная сторона. Скорее всего эти мелкие компашки будут кем-то взломаны и база данных о клиентах утечет со всеми вытекающими последствиями. Вам это надо? Нет, разумеется.
  9. Hello @andrey Your new computer must have the latest software and is trusted protected. This is the best solution. When done in parts is expensive, then buying a PC with a preinstalled OS manufacturer is more economical. At the same time, if us compare a PC with a house and a protected private territory, then you should know all the equipment that is used: for water supply, for electricity metering, reliable door locks, video surveillance, etc. It is unlikely that you will use for all this what is lying in the garbage dump. At the same time, you invite external specialists to whom you trust or do everything yourself to install the purchased equipment. You will not entrust this work to unknown people who have an unknown reputation and you will not leave a stranger in your house without observing him. Also should be with software. If the pre-installed programs were set by the PC manufacturer or its partners, then these are not your partners, these are completely alien people with their intentions and commercial purpose. You do not know what they set and what goals they pursued. Therefore, the verdict should be unambiguous - delete all pre-installed programs without a doubt. Your PC is your property, your fortress, your territory, there is no place for a strangers here! /// Ваш новый ПК должен иметь актуальное ПО и надежно защищен. Это наилучшее решение. Когда все по частям собирать дорого, то покупка ПК с предустановленной производителем ОС экономичнее. При этом, если сравнить ПК с домом и охраняемой частной территорией, то вы должны знать все оборудование, которое используется: для водоснабжения, для учета электричества, надежные замки на дверях, видеонаблюдение и прочее. Вряд ли вы будете использовать для всего этого то, что валяется на мусорной свалке. При этом вы приглашаете для установки купленного оборудования внешних специалистов, которым вы доверяете или делаете все самостоятельно. Вы не доверите эту работу неизвестным людям, у которых неизвестная репутация и вы не оставите чужого человека в вашем доме без наблюдения за ним. Также должно быть с программным обеспечением. Если предустановленные программы поставил производитель ПК или его партнеры, то это не ваши партнеры, это совершенно чужие люди со своими намерениями и коммерческой целью. Вы не знаете, что они установили и какие цели они преследовали. Поэтому, вердикт должен быть однозначен — удалять все предустановленные программы без сомнения. Ваш ПК - ваша собственность, ваша крепость, ваша территория, чужим здесь не место!
  10. Hello! Thank you! Do you think it is possible to remove from the settings of the EAM Behavior Blocker what has been proposed and how?
  11. Hallo, OK, verstehe. Wir warten auf das Update und sehen dann weiter. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Umstände. Claude
  12. It looks like it's still on the list of dialogs that need to migrated to sciter. Hopefully it won't take too much longer.
  13. FYI: I've split our posts into a new topic so that we are no longer hijacking someone else's topic with an unrelated discussion.
  14. As I keep saying, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop someone who has administrator access to a computer from removing security software. I don't care if the Anti-Virus can't be "uninstalled" without a password, I could remove it with a batch file. I could also just terminate its running processes, then delete its files, and unregister its drivers and services. It takes very little actual work to remove an Anti-Virus software, even if you don't have permission to do so. We used to have it as well. I think it was removed when we changed how our permissions system works.
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  16. Leider muss ich berichten, dass sich nichts geändert hat. Dann werde ich auf das Update warten. Danke...
  17. Hello I renewed my desktop Emsisoft and opted for the mobile as well. I received the receipt from Emsisoft and my PC app updated its expiration date as well as the portal. But I did not get an activation code for the mobile app nor does the mobile app show in the portal. I was told by chat support to wait a day but that does not seem right. Is there anything else I can do to get my activation code? Thanks, Mark
  18. most translatation issues should have been fixed by now remains: ON/OFF button size in the device panel. Thanks
  19. thanks for all your feedback guys
  20. Many thanks for your attention. I always set their permission level to "No access". For this reason, they cant to exclude and change the configuration. Therefore they choose the fastest option: Uninstall Emsisoft. In your opinion, Does this feature help improve protection and security? Most unauthorised users are unable to uninstall EAM and other AV via the registry key and other options, which means improved protection. Also, this feature can disrupt hackers' work and even stop them from continuing their malicious activity. Do you agree with this argument? Most companies have this feature. Did they mistakenly develop this feature?
  21. @GT500 From the information provided, it can be seen that this applies to Estemani Ransomware, which I discovered and described back in August. Several updates are known, but not all published. Here are a few samples...
  22. PowerShell has a built-in permissions system these days that automatically prevents execution of downloaded scripts. This of course does not prevent an application (or a batch file) from executing PowerShell commands from the command line, so it does not negate all of the dangers of PowerShell, however I don't think this is quite as common as it was when we made that recommendation and it certainly is better understood and detected now than it was back then.
  23. The programs that computer manufacturers pre-install is based on corporate contracts. Not all of those programs are free from annoyances or other potentially unwanted behavior. Many technicians will remove OEM software from new computers when they set them up for a client for this reason.
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