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  2. Thank you again for your reply,, But how can i see my photos unencrypted original version, i can't open already.. I did not understand what you said.. And than how can we contact will you give me your e-mail address, how?
  3. After patience today i just saved some of my files almost 40% of them which were not effected yet (can be open simply changing the extension) And stored some very important encrypted files too maybe they can be decryptable in future. after removing all ransomware along with other encrypted files i installed a fresh window and scaned it. its better than doing nothing or waiting. now at least my work is on as well. its request to all that please make backup of your important files or make secure your pc for ransomware attack. thanks for help!
  4. Is he only saying this? Copy and paste the message he tells you.
  5. My pc files are encrypted by .moia files. I tired decrypting it through emsisoft decrypter but it says No key for new variant offline ID. What should I do? Can anyone help me please?
  6. Hi, I recently got infected by a ransomware and all my important files got encrypted with .reha extensions. I needed my files back. Please help me. I am attaching a google drive link with the scan log of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Click here to see log files
  7. I have my PC infected with .nusm ransomware and all files are encrypted. I request your guidance to help me in recovering the files. Thanks, Chetan
  8. Most likely, text files cannot be recovered. They are not fragmented and if the encryptor encrypted over them, then there will be heterogeneous unreadable content. It doesn't even compare to text on paper cut into small pieces with scissors. It is best to recover text files using recovery programs, but only immediately after encryption, adhering to the rules that I talked about earlier. After the time expires, the free space will be overwritten many times and text files (more precisely, their numerous copies) cannot be restored from the freed disk cells.
  9. You can send me these 5-6 files + 1 more, which has an unencrypted original version. All of these files must be from the same series of photographs. For example, shot with the same photo-camera (webcam), making out of the same device. Only in this case, it is still possible to prepare a recovery algorithm. Otherwise, nothing will work.
  10. My file was encrypted by Ransomware Virus and all files are in .yqal
  11. Hi All, This is my first time installing Emsisoft and though it's a NZ company and I am from NZ. It's really good to have a local antivirus company where the user is also local :). Have a nice weekend everyone.
  12. Last week
  13. Hello I need just .txt files and like 5-6 pieces .Jpg files too for decrypt. So like 25 files in total. Can you help really? As you said, how can do it myself? What's the solution or how will you help me what will i do?
  14. Drop some zip archives on the file exchange site and give me the link. If you have files in JPG / JPEG format, you can also send me 1 folder with such files. I will try to process them with another unpublished (experimental) method.
  15. Hallo! Ich habe ein Problem mit der "Vollversion" des Tools "Mediatheken Downloader" der Firma Abelsoft. Nach einem Programmstart gibt es immer eine Fehlermeldung, dass es mit bestimmten Ressourcen zu einem Problem gekommen ist. Auf all meinen Systemen. So habe ich dann testhalber EAM deaktiviert und schon blieb die Fehlermeldung aus. Allerdings auch ausschließlich wenn ich EAM komplett deaktiviere. Ein Ausschluss des Installationspfades, des Programms und extra dem Unterverzeichnis "resources" (was ja eigentlich unnötig ist) aus der Überwachung und zusätzlich dem Ausschluss aus dem Scan ändert nichts an dem Problem. An irgendeiner Stelle muss der EAM also trotz Ausschluss die Ressourcen des Mediatheken Downloaders überwachen und blocken, oder evtl. auch nur so lange untersuchen dass das Programm nicht direkt darauf zugreifen kann. Ich wüsste jetzt nicht, wo ich in EAM da noch etwas ändern könnte, damit das Tool korrekt startet. Ich weiß, dass es auch noch eine kostenlose OpenSource Variante eines solchen Downloaders gibt. Aber dieses Problem fuchst mich dann jetzt doch. Denn ein solches Problem hatte ich bisher nie mit dem EAM. Das Tool gibt es derzeit im Adventskalender von Computer-Bild: https://www.computerbild.de/download/Mediatheken-Downloader-Kostenlose-Vollversion-31122707.html WICHTIG! Beim Download nur den ersten roten Download-Button verwenden. Auf der 2. Seite den Link im Text verwenden um den Downloadmanager von Computer-Bild zu vermeiden, welcher noch andere Tools laden will.
  16. Recently, a group on my machine renamed the trees of images and documents to a coot file. I reinstalled the machine. I saved the images and documents to a Maxel external storage. How can I restore them? I don't want to pay them to rewrite them? Thanks for the help: Rezső
  17. now the ransomware is stop. i just need to decrypt my files while id is online! can anyone suggest me decrypt method or tool because emsisoft and shadow are not working on online id case!
  18. thanks for reply. i know above procedure and have done it yesterday it couldn't help. i have many kind of files most of them are zip. emsisoft decryptor and shadow explorer are not working in mine case after stoping ransomware.
  19. Only after neutralizing all malicious files ... This is not the decryption, it is the recovery of certain types of files using the features of these files. 1) If you have encrypted ZIP/RAR archives, you can partially recover them. Only 1-2 files are damaged there. Remove the extension that the ransomware added to the archives, and extract the files in the usual way. Everything except 1-2 files will be fixed. If there is only 1 file in the archive, then it will most likely be unrecoverable. 2) There is an alternative (additional) way to recover some media files: WAV, MP3, MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP. https://www.disktuna.com/media_repair-file-repair-for-stop-djvu-mp3-mp4-3gp But before trying the alternative variant with media files, it is recommended that you make a copy of the encrypted files. Something will be restored better, something will be restored worse. Some types of files can be opened (restored) using the application in which they were created. To do this, you must first remove the extension added by the ransomware. Then can try to open the file from the program in which it was created. If you open audio and video files in the editor, it will restore the structure, and upon closing it will offer to save the changes in the file. 3) If you have PDFs or files of other e-books, then they may suffer in part if they were not protected from manual modification. Therefore, after removing the added extension, they can be partially read (~ 80%). Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to recover files created in MS Office applications due to their sensitivity to any damage. They can be easily damaged without encryption. It is easier to recover and read text written on paper or on stone than one created in MS Office. An alternative method for other files has not yet been found. I understand that this will not be enough, but recovering some of the files is better than losing everything...
  20. A running Emsisoft Decryptor will most likely tell you that it does not have a key and that decryption is not possible because the encryption key was generated on the ransomware server and transferred to the computer to encrypt the files. It cannot be hacked by listing all the combinations for the entire period of a person's life. Next, I'll tell you what you should do as soon as possible and how else you can try to get some files back. What to do? Everything is lost? If there is currently no way to decrypt files, but in the future, in theory, extortionists can publish keys to all of their victims. This does not happen often, but this year we have seen such cases several times. Why did this happen? This 'STOP Ransomware' enters the PC due to the fact that the computer is poorly protected. People often use free antivirus programs with the 'Free' label in the name. None of these programs will protect PC from programs similar to 'STOP Ransomware', because basic protection is not capable of this feat. If users used comprehensive protection of the 'Internet Security' class, then it would help protect PC from ransomware attacks. There is no 100% protection against malware, but what the 'Free' antivirus gives is 1-2 percent protection. After this attack, PCs could have stayed other malware elements. This maybe be an info-stealer, miner, backdoor, and something else. Therefore, it is urgent to conduct a full check and destroy malware. Use comprehensive anti-virus software such as Emsisoft Anti-Malware to effectively remove the malware. You can get a free trial 30-days version of Emsisoft Anti-Malware here: https://www.emsisoft.com/en/home/antimalware/ It will help you clean your PC from other malware for free. !!! You need to neutralize all malicious files in the system. This should be done as quickly as possible.
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