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  2. @Icewolf Vielen, lieben Dank für die detaillierte und transparente Antwort! Grüße Testi
  3. Das in den Beiträgen "Download Image" steht ist wirklich nicht schön und irritiert.
  4. Notification glitch

    Yes, the main one is 46" and the second one 24".
  5. Hallo Testi, es werden folgende Animationen angezeigt: 1. Alle Wächter On 2. Alle Wächter Off 3. Min. ein Wächter Off 4. Administrator Modus 5. Normal und hell leuchtendes Symbol= Update aktiv. 6. Suchlauf aktiv Andere Meldungen werden über Fenster angezeigt, die entweder als Hinweis dienen und von alleine ausblenden, andere wiederum benötigen eine Handlung, diese Fenster müssen dann geschlossen werden.
  6. Notification glitch

    Taskbars: they're different heights - I wonder if the rh one is really 25% higher than the lh one? I see that it's not entirely displayed - the black area that should be visible under the blue bars under eg the Firefox icon are not visible at all on the rh screen's taskbar. Is the reason for the scaling that the hardware dot-pitch or dot size in the two screens are different?
  7. Infectado por ACCDFISA 2.0 como brcode2017

    Qué antivirus tenía instalado?
  8. Notification glitch

    I did not previously try setting the taskbars to the same level, because in reality the 1st monitor is higher than the second one and the "mouseflow" between monitors would be worse that way. I tried it just now though and the glitch still happens, while all other programms are fine. . Note: The taskbars seem to be not aligned correctly, but they "snapped" in the settings window and I could not move them in a better position. I am also not quite sure how the scaling works. When I drag windows between the monitors and more then 50% is on the scaled one, the window size jumps up and vice versa
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  10. Notification glitch

    By "desktop mode" I meant a system whose screen looks like a 'desktop' in the sense that it would have done in XP or W7, or 'desktop mode' in W8.1... rather than the simplified one (or maybe two apps per screen) 'Metro apps' or 'Modern app' display that MS tried to persuade everybody to use when W8 first appeared. Measuring (using: ) the x&y sizes of your two screen in that screenshot I see that they are the same size and proportion - on my display appearing as 640x364 or so, though that's unimportant). I think your "only the..." thing means that application windows are shown in their default size (but in many apps they can be dragged bigger), but text and icons within them are plotted 25% larger than they would otherwise be, then. You said earlier that windows from almost every other app are fine... but are they fine when being dragged between screens? I'm guessing you didn't try that because the screenshot shows you don't have the baseline for the two screens set the same way (ie the taskbars are not opposite each other). If you change the baseline values (ie where the screen origin appears to be for the rh screen) so that a window being dragged from one to the other appears as a rectangle rather than stepped halves, does the EAM problem still happen?
  11. Infectado por ACCDFISA 2.0 como brcode2017

    Lei los items de la guia de primeros pasos pero al tratarse de un servidor con una base de datos que tiene que estar activa porque sino "paraliza" un negocio con todos sus empleados, que son más de 15 personas, la idea es ponerlo en funcionamiento lo antes posible, y el ransomware no me dejaba ver nada porque anulaba el video, y los accesos por Terminal Server, después de mucho luchar lo pude arranca en modo seguro pero ya me encontré con todos los archivos encriptados. Sobre las herramientas para desencriptar no hay ninguna para este ransomware ACCDFISA v2.0 Muchas gracias por ayudarme.
  12. Notification glitch

    I am not sure as to what you are refering to by "desktop mode" (I am using Windows 10, so there should not be a desktop mode?) but the scaling is applied to the whole system. I was saying "modern settings" as in the settings app, not the system control panel. Only the fonts, "Apps and other elements" are scaled. The resolution is 1:1, a 1080x1920 image at 100% zoom level exactly fills the whole monitor. You can also refer to this screenshot:
  13. Hallo, ist das Schutzschild von EAM das in der Taskleiste zu sehen ist eigentlich auch animiert wenn ich im Internet surfe? Surfschutz, oder nur wenn Updates von EAM installiert werden? Vielen Dank für Ihre Antwort im Voraus. Grüße Testi
  14. Notification glitch

    So... does that scaling also apply to 'desktop mode'? (I assume the EAM GUI doesn't have another form for Metro/Modern apps, but I never use Metro/Modern apps.) Does that scaling mean that when Windows programmes think they are drawing something across 4 pixels the image actually uses 5 on the hardware? If you display a picture of known resolution and zoom/magnification level, is the biggest picture you can show at 100% one of 1536 x 864 ?
  15. Hola buenas tardes gente de soporte de Emsisoft, tengo un servidor HP con Windows Server 2012 que fue infectado con el ransomware [email protected] , según pude identificar del portal se trata del ransomware ACCDFISA v2.0 , y comprimió archivos importantísimos de base de datos con extensión .mdf . Le corrí varios desencriptadores sin obtener una clave correcta, podrían ayudarme ?. Adjunto un archivo .txt sano con uno comprimido por winrar por el ramsomware para que lo analicen. Desde ya muchas gracias. ArchivosParaAnalisis.rar
  16. Notification glitch

    It is scaled in windows to "125%" in the display section in the modern settings.
  17. Notification glitch

    > The native resolution of both displays is 1080p and both run on that resolution, with the scaled one running at 1080x1920, as it is rotated. So... the "scaled one" is NOT scaled. It's just a rotated 1920×1080 monitor, running at its native resolution. Or do you mean something else?
  18. Notification glitch

    I only experienced something similar with the Windows Explorer copy-dialog. The green progressbar, when the additional information is shown, is cut-off on the right hand side on the scaled monitor. Every other piece of software I use (Firefox, Windows Media Player, Office, Discord, iTunes, CAD-Software, Games in windowed mode, ...) has no graphical issues. The native resolution of both displays is 1080p and both run on that resolution, with the scaled one running at 1080x1920, as it is rotated. I just tested, if it would make a difference to remove the rotation of the second monitor and by doing that the glitch is also gone. So apparently it is the combination of scaling and rotating, which causes problems.
  19. CoinHive

    Kann ich dann das Add-on 'No-Coin' aus dem Firefox löschen?
  20. Windows defender security center

    Thanks alot! It is indeed fixed.
  21. Thanks for your reply, @Umbra Much appreciated.
  22. Hello @Buddel I don't think you need anything else, like you i'm using EAM + WFC and it is good enough.
  23. CoinHive

    Kein Problem. Wichtig ist doch nur, dass man vor geschützt ist.
  24. Dear all, I'm not too familiar with EAM yet (been using the trial version for only a week now). I'm curious to know whether EAM and Windows Firewall Control (WFC Pro by Binisoft) are all you need to be sufficiently protected or whether it would be a good idea to use additional security apps, so that a multilayered approach to security can be achieved. Do you use any additional security apps? If so, what do you recommend? Thanks for your help in advance.
  25. Notification glitch

    If you drag a normal window (try that of various pieces of software) back and forth across the boundary, do they all work ok? If so I'd have thought it's unlikel to be either Windows or the graphics driver; I'd wonder if EAM does something special to plot it 'off-screen' (as far as the main screen is concerned) then determines its size in pixels on the off-screen area, then has its own code based on that size to fly it in... and that's not working properly in your situation. What are the real resolutions of the two monitors, and what are you having them display at?
  26. Notification glitch

    FYI: I tried to clean install the driver using GeForce Experience and that did not resolve the glitch. After trying a few things, I suspect the problem is the scaling of one monitor (#2). If I remove the scaling or move it on the right of monitor #1, everything is rendering completly fine. So i would guess something does not like the notification beeing flown in from/at the border of a scaling difference. As I am still pretty sure that windows is at fault here, I guess that is that and I have to wait for it to get fixed through Windows or maybe Nvidia. Thank you for your efforts anyway GT500.
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