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  2. Do you mean the systray icon? Which version of Windows? Maybe (in W8.1 or later) Control Panel -> Notification Icons (which you might also get to via the 'up arrow' Show Hidden Icons icon on the systray). Or do you mean something else?
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  4. hi, symbol of emsisioft antimalawre on desktop is not coming..may i know how to keep it on desktop?
  5. Sorry das es etwas gedauert hat, auch ich kann bestätigen, jetzt klappt die Deinstallation ohne Probleme. Klasse!
  6. Uninstall EAM

    Is there a reason why you are needing to uninstall Marg?
  7. Uninstall EAM

    Yes. Make sure you keep a note of what the licence code is so you can c&p it into the newly installed copy of EAM.
  8. Uninstall EAM

    Hello! If I uninstall EAM & reinstall it can I still use the time left on my license?? Thanks! Marg
  9. after update computer won't boot

    It didn't work! At first reboot, after a first black screen, it seemed to work fine. All worked for hours until switch off. Yesterday, the sequence: -at first boot, login and after a black screen with mouse pointer on. Again. -Hard reset, login, black screen+mouse pointer. -Hard reset, login, windows desktop but mouse pointer locked in waiting circle and click inactive. -HArd reset, login, black screen. -Hard reset, login, windows desktop, mouse active, one click on browser icon, infinite waiting circle mouse pointer. -Hard reset, safe mode, removed EAM. All works fine until now, with two or three reboot. And now? There was a signature update during machine working; a new bug?
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  11. Any AV/AM you install is going to have always-on components. There is no way getting around it, they all install services that are always running in the background.
  12. after update computer won't boot

    Thanks for that explanation, Dave. Keep us posted on the progress. I will continue to monitor this thread.
  13. Update stalling

    I set sleep to never and won't lock it until we figure this out. I never have a problem with it other than those 2 scenarios, I'll just shut it down when not in use.
  14. Well ... as of now the problem has not reoccurred again. I was gonna clear cookies yesterday but the problem went away before I got around to do it. I cleared 'em this AM just to be sure but as I said the problem seems to have gone away so unless it comes back I'll never know if cookies were involved. The suspicious host caught by EAM is EAM initially blocked it when I went to in FF ... then the little beasty decided it also wanted to open when I first started FF. There was no problem with it in Edge. James Hardie is a manufacturer of fiber cement siding for homes. I have FF set up to open on the Google search page ... I don't have it set up to load stuff from my last session. FF prefetching ... GOOD IDEA ... that certainly sounds like a possible culprit and it's enabled in my FF. If this happens again I'll see what I can find in the Browser Console. Thanks Jeremy! KenB
  15. after update computer won't boot

    Door Knob, This is a simplification, but delayed is the most stable of the last month's releases. While 2018.3.x is current, 2018.2.x's most stable version will be delayed. Again, this is a simplification and it's not guaranteed to follow that scheme at all. Yes, delayed uses current signatures, but may be missing features, even those that protect the computer better in some cases. Yes, it is current signatures in a slightly older program version. Back to the Comodo Firewall issue: On my test computer, I'm using stable, currently 2018.3.1.8572 on Windows 7 x64. I just put in a few Windows updates. I also updated Comodo Firewall. As of this moment, the problem isn't happening to me with no exclusions set up anywhere, and both programs running with everything enabled that would be by default with the Comodo installation options I chose, mentioned earlier. I have full logging enabled though, even beyond just turning on debug logging in-program. Hopefully I'll catch something. Note though that several changes were made in the latest stable, and one of those may have had an affect.
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  17. Hallo Kathrin, ich habe die Beta-Version mal auf meinem HP-Notebook getestet. Sie lässt sich ohne Probleme deinstallieren. Der Neustart nach der Deinstallation verläuft ohne Probleme. Bemerkenswert ist vielleicht noch, dass die Deinstallation auf meinem HP-All-in-One-PC (Pavillon) auch mit der "Normalversion" von EAM keine Probleme bereitet hatte. Nach der Deinstallation und vor dem anschließenden Neustart sieht die Regristry im HP-Notebook wie folgt aus:
  18. Thanks for your help. Are people working on a scarab decrypt tool? Also, the ransom text file that came with this virus shows a gmail account as the contact info. Isn’t there someone looking to find these people (and accounts) and stop them doing this? Who can I report this to? thanks again, I’ll start wiping my pc tonight...
  19. Update stalling

    The captcha is there to prevent malicious software from requesting EAM's shutdown and then that going ahead without a person (you) allowing it. Losing everything on the desktop probably means that explorer.exe ("File Explorer") has crashed. /If/ you have a terminal window open, or anywhere else that will accept a Windows command (my text editor allow one to issue commands and I very frequently have one of its windows open) then issuing explorer or explorer.exe will usually restart it and bring back the desktop. That might not work if the hooks that allow EAM to check-out any program that's being requested to start are also screwed up, though.
  20. Update stalling

    Unlocked computer, update hung on initializing update. Shut down protection from system tray icon EAM system tray icon disappeared. Clicked start then all programs. Hung at that point and eventually displayed the "application not responding"Clicked on end process. Lost everything on the desktop except the wall paper.Forced shutdown Not sure if related but the Windows error menu showed keyboard failure on the next boot. Had to unplug/plugin keyboard to get it to function Did a manual update of EAM after start with no problems Thanks PS Why the captcha code for "shut down protection" ?
  21. When you start FF, what have you told FF to display? Just your homepage, or whatever tabs were in use before, or what? If it's the "tabs I was using before" option then it may just be the list of in-use tabs that's reloading that URL... and of course it's not necessarily a URL that you yourself have picked; it may be a link that's buried on one of your intended pages. FF has options that control whether it attempts to start the process of fetching things that you've not clicked on, but might click on. That might include doing a DNS lookup of a URL, which I think is what EAM intercepts. You might want to read about 'prefetch' at: If it continues happening, I'd suggest you enable Tools -> Web-developer -> Browser Console which gives you access to an internal log of everything your browser is doing. Don't pick the similarly named Web Console, which only applies to the page you opened it from. If you turn on all the logging options then refresh each webpage in turn you might (a) get another intercept from EAM, and (b) be able to see in the log what caused it. You'd need to read about the consoles work, at: The help info for tools like the Browser Console changes frequently as Mozilla add more and cleverer facilities into their logging options. I don't actually know if the logs will show what you need, but it's useful to know what they can show you...
  22. How often do you clear history, cookies etc?
  23. 1) Will emsisoft plan to release mac & linux version with bitdefender engine. 2) eam with bitdefender engine works best for windows, but still eam does not detects 100% of malware when it comes to testing done by av test or av comparatives, maybe because malware database detection(signature based) might be 100% but behaviour blocking seems to be less effective, because bitdefender always scores 100% in test, so this clearly states that it is not only about malware signature updates but also behaviour blocking also that detects malware. will it be possible in future like emsisoft using emsisoft + bitdefender + introducing any other engine (like kaspersky or eset or norton or trend micro) which will make it a totally robust av software, though bitdefender alone is totally robust. JUST A SUGGESTION
  24. Thanks for your reply- I had installed MBAM as an on-demand second line of defense. My habit over the years has been to run a MBAM scan every week or so. Sadly, MBAM installed itself as a "free trial" of always-active "protection" as a means to sell me a paid subscription to that service. When the Free Trial ran out, apparently MBAM left itself active in some way without my knowledge. It has truly become, if not actually "malware," at least "nuisanceware." I have uninstalled MBAM and, due to its renegade behavior, manually searched and destroyed any and all vestiges of its existence on my machine. I won't be able to answer your question as to how effective that has been for a couple of days since the proof of its effectiveness is a negative: Windows no longer bogs down and Windows Explorer no longer crashes every hour or so. Meanwhile, can you recommend a truly on-demand second line of defense since MBAM is no longer suitable as such? I do NOT want a second always-on anti-malware program competing with Emsisoft Internet Security. Thanks.
  25. Last week
  26. Now the problem isn't happening ... beats me why. Hmm ... stay tuned ... I'll post again if the problem comes back. KenB
  27. FRSTshows that Malwarebytes is installed but not in Windows Security Center as being installed. Uninstall Malwarebytes and let me know if that resolves the issue or not.
  28. @JeremyNicoll I have Google as my homepage but the problem does not go away when I change to something different. As reported I am using FireFox 59.0.2 ... the latest Nothing found in the shortcut. The problem remains when I run FireFox in safe mode with all extensions disabled. Nothing found in either profile folder. Nothing found in about:config Looks like removing FireFox and reinstalling it from a newly downloaded file is the next step. Any other suggestions? Thanks! KenB
  29. Update stalling

    I never noticed the delay option on that setting before, just assumed it was only beta or stable Thanks for your explanation Jeremy
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