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    Expired key

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    Expired key

    Hi,I downloaded Emsisoft Anti-Malware a month ago but i couldn't really test the software because i wasnt home. Is it possible to get a free 30 days license so i could test the product before i take a decision? Thank you!
  5. Same here. I use EAM on commercial machines (POS mostly) and it's been a nightmare with customers hammering our hotline. I hope we'll get a final "go" when the issue is fully resolved, no point in re-activating EAM before that. 😢
  6. No, unfortunately not. Due to this issue I could not use EAM at all (have been using just Windows Defender instead). I'm happy to test it again somewhere next week (too busy this weekend).
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  8. GT500

    Removing pre-installed McAfee.

    The article at the following link should explain how to uninstall McAfee products: Or, at the very least, it will have a download link to the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR) that can help you remove their software.
  9. They may not have their HTTP server configured correctly.
  10. Why would there be doubt? Banks, tax authorities etc NEVER send emails asking you to click on a link to provide them with more information. Even if you do think some organisation genuinely wants you to provide info, ignore the email. If you absolutely must check, use your normal method of logging in to their website and look for a status update or message about whatever it is, there. Or ring them, using the number you already know is them. Better still, don't bother. Wait until they write you a letter. And even then, don't volunteer information unless you are certain it's the real deal. In my case I have my own internet domain name, that is my email addresses are all I give different lefthand parts to different organisations, so eg the email address my bank uses for me is different from the email address emsisoft use, whch is different from ... I'm sure you get the idea. If a 'bank' email comes to the address I use for emsisoft, I know without looking at it that it is iffy. I'd also then change the address I use for emsisoft.
  11. @Frank H regretfully the ones I received bypassed that module then. @jeremynicoll Well, seems to me that in case of doubt, one would like to be certain. At least, I do. Specifically in those cases where mails look pretty much like 'real' ones (i.e. non phishing mails from a bank).
  12. JeremyNicoll

    Removing pre-installed McAfee.

    Look on McAfee's website to find out if they have a removal tool, then use it?
  13. @emwul64 Why would you search the internet to 'confirm' that a dubious email is an attempt at phishing? What does finding a record of such a thing prove? What does not finding a previous identical instance prove?
  14. I have purchased a new laptop and it comes pre-installed with McAfee live. How can I effectively remove McAfee, so I can install emsisoft antimalware?
  15. Last week
  16. Blocking of Phishing hosts is integrated in the Surf protection module.
  17. Thanks for your feedback. We'll consider your input for the future product planning.
  18. Thanks for your feedback. We'll consider your input for the future product planning.
  19. Hmm it seems like only works. Weird.
  20. Could be the website, I tried it in both Chrome and Edge and both timed out before the website loaded.
  21. It is theoretically possible for the WFP (Windows Filtering Platform) driver used by Emsisoft Anti-Malware to cause such an issue, however it might be more likely for it to be an extension, or perhaps just a poorly designed website.
  22. The issue could have also been somewhere between your ISP and our servers. There's a rather large network of high-speed data connections owned by various companies sometimes referred to as "backbone providers", and all Internet communication runs through the networks set up by these companies, so if one of them is having trouble with one of their lines or routers/switches then it effects any Internet connection that is trying to send or receive data through that hardware.
  23. Thanks do you know if any of the modules could be slowing down the PC when web browsing in IE? Happens on may just be the site.
  24. Windows 10 Intel Core i5 2500K 16 GB of DDR3 ram 120 GB Crucial SSD 1 TB Data 7200 rpm WD Data drive NVIDIA GeForce 210 video card
  25. It was win10 newest version and no other applications were installed other than firefox. I decided to just reinstall windows and did the same steps and this time the activation took only few seconds. Im pretty sure emsisoft just had some issues with their servers at that time and thats why the activation took some time, i also remember checking updates took longer than usual at first but then it started to work as smoothly as always.
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