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  2. Hello! Obviously, a small one has been fixed - but the problem with maintaining the window size of the program (interface). In any case, I observed during the day - the program does not change the window size after restarting the computer! Well, bravo, Emsisoft!👍
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  4. mypc has infected virus .usam sample file help me decrypt myfile
  5. Necessary requirements are indicated on the page and in the form of sending files, they can be attached to the message. For different decryption, different elements may be needed. File pairs may not be needed if there is an encoder file that was found. But what will happen in each case, I do not know. You can try to send only encrypted files and a note with ID. The encoder name in the DrWeb database is Trojan.DownLoader33.50335, Trojan.DownLoader33.59028 SHA-256: 05af0cf40590aef24b28fa04c6b4998b7ab3b7f26e60c507adb84f3d837778f2 SHA-256: fa4626e2c5984d7868a685c5102530bd8260d0b31ef06d2ce2da7636da48d2d6 But you can only specify a link to the article. It has both earlier and newer Avaddon Ransomware samples.
  6. DrWeb has been producing free decoders for many years, and was the first to start doing it. He continues to do free decryption for his licensed users around the world. Test decryption is done for free. It is better, than paying first, and then saying that decryption is impossible. I made a request — separately the decryption service is not provided. Only within the scope of 'Rescue Package'. Now more computing power is required to provide a decryption service, therefore it cannot be absolutely free to all affected users.
  7. I forgot to mention this the other day, so I'll mention it now in case anyone else reads this. DOCX files are ZIP archives which contain other files, and if you have a file pair for a ZIP archive that meets the file size requirement then that should allow for decryption of DOCX and XLSX files.
  8. Dr. Web does not release free decrypters. Their ransomware decryption service is strictly a paid service, however they will at least let you know if your files can be decrypted before they require you to pay anything. If they do require a file pair, then you'll need to find one. Try to remember if you ever sent any files to others (via e-mail, file sharing services, etc) or if you ever saved them to any kind of external media (CD's, DVD's, USB flash drives, etc).
  9. Our software is not compatible with Windows 8. We dropped all support for Windows 8 a couple of years ago. Could you take a screenshot of the message you're seeing, and post it here? You can paste it right into the reply field.
  10. It's probably necessary, however you'd have to ask Malwarebytes support to be certain (I'm not familiar with their current software versions). I'm fairly certain it's too soon for them to have fixed the BSoD, as the day before that update was released I was told they were still investigating the cause. Unless it was a really simple fix then that's just not enough time to implement a fix, test it internally, push it out to beta for volunteers to try, gather feedback, fix any remaining issues, release a new beta, and then push it out to stable once it's deemed satisfactory.
  11. Awesome! thanks for letting us know. 👍
  12. I did manually check for updates a few days ago and it did update.
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  14. Sorry aber das Sie oder Ihre Tochter sich keine Daten Notieren für wichtige Konten-Logins und gekauften Lizenzen ist doch nicht Schuld von Emsisoft. Also mal schön selbst an die Nase fassen
  15. Unfortunately no, there is no way to do this. We will keep it in mind for future development, of course!
  16. @GT500 tagging you in this hi everyone, as i am consistently checking and see ere is a new Malwarebytes version component update 1.0.972 this must be manually checked for and updated in settings one once the inital update is complete malwarebytes will then request a full program update do so let see if this fixes our bsods?
  17. Hello! It seems that the new version (2020.7.0.) Fixed the problem with notifications! In any case, I turned on notifications and everything is in order - there is no problem with the a2guard.exe crash!
  18. I have windows 10 installed and up to date. After the free installation of EEK compatibility says 8.
  19. I installed the EEK only to find out it is compatible up to Windows 8. Can I run t with Windows 10 with no issues? Btw, sorry for double posting, I had forgotten.
  20. Million thanks!!!! You're an angel! So much appreciated! I'll send you inbox with the files
  21. We just released 2020.7 stable, and the new beta (which was moved to stable a few minutes ago) should have had extra fixes for performance issues.
  22. Closing the entry door for RDP based attacks (ransomware), introducing a new notifications sidebar and adding new fully customizable workspaces and devices lists. The post New in 2020.7: New RDP attack alerts & new notifications system appeared first on Emsisoft | Security Blog. View the full article
  23. Thanks "JAYEH" for sharing your information. Can i ask you which action you have taken after you tried to contact them?
  24. we've fixed a memory leak in 2020.7.0.10272, which resolves the high ram use after a couple of custom scans-
  25. we've fixed a memory leak in 2020.7.0.10272, which resolves the high ram use after a couple of custom scans-
  26. Frank H

    NEW beta 10272

    will file this as a bug
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