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  2. @marko - Logging in any application is bound to use more cpu and direct more I/O at the disk(s)... but whether you'd actually notice that if you have a modern/powerful PC, especially if you're using SSDs is doubtful. In EAM, it /is/ important that you remain aware that logging is on and do something to make sure huge log files don't take over all your spare disk space though. On older PCs I certainly could see a perfomance hit... but I still ran most apps with logging on... because I knew from my work, much of which involved troubleshooting problems in mainframe systems, that there was nearly no chance of fixing bugs unless detailed logs existed. It's too late to turn on the logs after a problem occurs; they have to be on before the problem happens. Some systems even allow control over the level of logging (none, some, some more, very detailed) and which parts of the system generate logs. Some systems allow you to change the level etc from within logging so that when certain symptoms are seen, logging can suddenly be made more detailed or turned off.
  3. Aha! Yes Marko, I did misunderstand. I haven't experienced any problems when altering the debug logging state. I'll leave it on though as it might give a bit more info for anyone who is working on the problem. Thanks for the clarification.
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  5. Alan_S - perhaps you misunderstood what I was trying to say, but I don't run EAM with logging enabled continually - as I understand things, this can impact performance. I run EAM with loggingcontinually disabled and only turn it on if asked to by Emsisoft support. My machine doesn't crash if I run EAM continually with logging disabled, nor does it crash if I run EAM continually with logging enabled - it only crashes when I turn logging off (i..e. the act of turning logging from on to off triggers the crash).
  6. So do I stapp. With a proper a mechanical switch too... To business: It's very early days but the good news is that I haven't experienced any freezes at start-up with build 9073, installed a week ago. The bad news is that I've experienced 3 freezes during normal activity: last Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I've sent a dump for each of these to [email protected] asking that it be forwarded to you, GT500. Also, a doc file for each, describing the scenarios. Were I a developer I'd want as much material as possible, but I leave it to you to decide what your people need. I really hope they can find out what's going on and fix it, as a freeze every other day is just not viable. Or perhaps the problem is that my two computers and EAM are simply not compatible. I'm going to try Marko's advice and have debug logging enabled continually. It does agree with my own experience when all this started (see my original post). But even if it works, I can't accept it as a solution. Just a very temporary workaround until the developers fix it properly. Fingers crossed...
  7. m0unds

    what is this?

    tbh, i think this is more a pitfall of convicting an entire domain/subdomain vs specific path than anything else. i've run into enough weird FPs in shared envs (multiple platforms, AWS/S3/cloudfront, backblaze b2, numerous other providers) that i don't even bother submitting them anymore.
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  9. JeremyNicoll

    UI problems

    On my W8.1 system, albeit on a fairly powerful laptop, a2start typically shows 0.03% cpu. Opening the logs and waiting while the display finds and displays stuff raises cpu to 0.25% for a second or two then it goes back to 0.03%. Debug logging is permanently on, and like you I'm using version 2018.11.0.9073.
  10. Alan_S

    UI problems

    I did a very simple and brief test, clicking Settings and then Advanced. a2guard is in action very little: now and then a brief flash of 1 - 4% but that's all. a2start uses CPU continually when in Settings: about 1 – 3%, most of the time exactly 1.92%. This is what I did: Start Win Launch UI but do nothing a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:43 Click Settings a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard briefly 4% 13:45 Click Advanced – no response a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:48 Click PX then EAM still no response a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero 13:49 Get reply a2start 1.5 – 3% continually, mainly 1.92% a2guard zero Close UI Then, a look at logs. Start Win Launch UI and do a Quick scan 14:15 Click Logs Hightlight the scan and click View Details No response a2start zero a2guard zero 14:18 Click the Process Explorer window then the UI window and the reply pop-up appears! The 'other' window doesn't have to be PX: Notepad, Windows Explorer - anything will do the trick. But look at the attached pop-up screenshot. Note that the reply pop-up is not complete: only what overlays the window behind it (Process Explorer here). The rest can be coaxed out of hiding by moving the window behind, to increase the 'shadow', in this case moving Process Explorer right. Well, it's a workaround but it can be tricky with a cluttered desktop. If the whole pop-up can't be retrieved there's another problem: it has to be closed before anything else can be done and how to do that when neither the Close button nor the 'X' in the top right hand corner are accessable? Two other observations: When waiting for a reply from 'View details' the UI window is dead to the user. Can't move it on the desktop and can't close it. It appears that the problems only occur when a new log entry is in the list, even if the 'View details' concerns an older entry. Once past the hurdle it seems to work normally, at least until next time Logs is invoked, even if there are no new entries. Sorry, I see that this is all a bit incoherent. But it's not easy to invoke and observe on one computer and at the same time document on another computer! But perhaps it's of use. The bottom line is that a2guard uses very little CPU and only briefly. a2start uses CPU continually when in Settings - almost all the time 1.92% but almost nothing when trying to look at logs, even when waiting for a reply that should be instantaneous.
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  12. Thomas Ott

    Bitte um Hilfe

    Hallo und vielen Dank für den Beitrag @Icewolf. @eric cartman Wenn es aus Ihrer Sicht möglich wäre das System neu aufzusetzen kann ich Icewolf nur recht geben und es wäre sicher die einfachste und sicherste Möglichkeit. Ist ein System bereits infiziert und sind Spuren der Malware beseitigt worden kann es durchaus sein (abhängig von der Art der Infektion), dass sich Malware am System befindet, aber mit Malware-Scans nicht mehr aufgespürt werden kann. Ich denke auch dass die Nachricht von der Telekom legitim ist/war. Wenn weitere davon kommen und obwohl alle Passwörter geändert wurden muss man auch leider davon ausgehen dass noch eine Infektion vorliegt. Es wäre nett wenn Sie uns über weitere Erfahrungen auf dem Laufenden halten könnten. Ich wünsche ein angenehmes Wochende!
  13. Icewolf

    Bitte um Hilfe

    Wenn die Kundennummer und der genannte Anschlussinhaber in der Telekom Mail stimmt, dann ist die E-Mail echt! Möglicherweise wird der Schädling noch nicht von den AV-Programmen erkannt. Aus Sicherheitsgründen würde ich den betreffenden Rechner neu aufsetzen. Wie von Thomas schon erwähnt, sollten von einem sauberen System aus umgehend alle Passwörter erneuert werden und wo möglich die 2 Stufen Authentifizierung oder Login aktiviert werden.
  14. PHIM [[email protected]] .gamma
  15. The advantage of turning logging off/on is that it closes the active log files and starts new ones. If one doesn't reboot often, the logs grow extremely large.
  16. I never even turn the debug logs off to delete the old ones. I just go to C/ProgramData/Emsisoft/logs and highlight then delete the ones I don't want anymore. I usually do this every other day.
  17. > ... caused by EAM disabling debug logging because the debug logging period had expired since I enabled it for 1 day the day before That's interesting. Although I have logging on more or less all the time (except for a very brief stop/start every few days so I can purge the old logs), I simply use the enabled/disabled settings rather than the 'on for a specific period' option. I've never had any reason to think that logging causes crashes.
  18. David Biggar

    EEK Command line scanner (whitelist)

    Any time, and thank you for purchasing. If needed, you can reach out for support-related issues to us here, and of course via [email protected] Have a great weekend!
  19. Yes. After fixing the first issue, we'll need fresh debug information to see what's causing the symptoms this time.
  20. GT500

    UI problems

    When this happens, how high is the CPU usage of a2guard.exe and a2start.exe?
  21. Scott Sheedy

    EEK Command line scanner (whitelist)

    Hi David, Just wanted to pop in and thank you for your support. And to let you know that your assistance was in no small part, responsible for us buying 15 licenses of EEKPro for our major locations.
  22. Alan_S - thanks - perhaps it is the same problem, caused by turning debug logging off. When I first had the problem, I was troubleshooting another unrelated EAM problem by collecting debug logs. I was experiencing crashes just after logon and initially thought the problem was due to a logon or startup problem, but I now realise that it wasn't an issue with it crashing at logon per se, but that the crashes were caused by EAM disabling debug logging because the debug logging period had expired since I enabled it for 1 day the day before. I can still crash EAM pretty much at will by turning on debug logging, letting it collect logs for an hour or so, and then turning logging off again - within a few minutes of turning logging off, it will crash, quite often as soon as I launch another (random) piece of software.
  23. Marko, your comments regarding debug logs rang a bell but couldn't put my finger on it. Now I remember: Look at the very first post I made when I started this thread. I recall now that debug logging appeared to help back in June but I seem to remember that it wasn't a 100% cure - a bit hazy... But even so, I don't really feel that it's an acceptable solution.
  24. Thomas Ott

    Bitte um Hilfe

    Hallo eric cartman, vielen Dank für das Update. Wurden die Passwörter im Kundencenter der Telekom geändert? Das sollte laut einer Recherche im Internet über "Meine Daten / Passwörter und PINs" auf der Webseite ( möglich sein. Es gibt scheinbar auch noch ein separates "E-Mail Center" von der Telekom unter "". Ein weiterer Vorschlag wäre dort auch nach einer sicheren Zwei-Faktor Authentifizierung zu suchen und diese zu aktivieren. Ich weiß nicht mit wie großer Verzögerung diese Nachricht von der die weitergeleiteten Infos stammen angekommen ist, aber grundsätzlich bedeutet es dass Nachrichten weil als Spam klassifiziert von dem Account der bei der Telekom besteht nicht versendet werden konnten. Es könnte sich allerdings um Nachläufer handeln und es sollte sich in ein paar Tagen zeigen ob der Account immer noch Spam Mails versendet. Es gibt scheinbar jede Menge Passwörter bei der Telekom von denen wohl drei Passworter auf verschiedene Arten Zugriff auf den Mail-Account geben können, hier ein Zitat von Jemandem vom Telekom-Team: Der Beitrag wurde allerdings schon vor einiger Zeit verfasst und mir ist die aktuelle Situation nicht bekannt. Es wäre zu empfehlen noch einmal zu prüfen ob die Passwörter von allen Zugangspunkten auf ein sicheres neues Passwort geändert wurden. Wenn das bereits der Fall ist und es weiterhin Verdacht gibt dass die Spam-Nachrichten noch versendet werden geben Sie uns bitte Bescheid. Für weitere Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.
  25. Thomas Ott


    Hallo eric cartman, vielen Dank für den Hinweis, das Problem kann ich Bestätigen und melde ich auch gleich unseren Entwicklern. Ich wünsche einen schönen Abend!
  26. yes absolutely, although it doesn't crash when logging is off, nor when it's on, it only crashes when you turn logging from on to off My crashes and lockups were random too, or so I thought - it was only when I was capturing debug logs for another problem that I realised that turning logging off was causing the crash.
  27. Thomas Ott

    Probleme nach neuer Updatefunktion

    Hallo brain_ticket, vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung. Ich habe soeben auch wieder via PN geantwortet.
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