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  2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware 12 and 2017 Beta Test

    Hello, We've just released a new beta of Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2017.11.0.8219 – with BETA updates enabled: This update will require an application restart. Improved: Beginning of update schedule after computer start. Improved: Extended forensics logging. Improved: Integration with Windows Security Center. Fixed: Processing of the exclusions list for the command line scanner (A2CMD) Many minor tweaks and fixes.
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  4. .black extension

    oh my good
  5. Black friday

    @GT500 Impressive support from Emsisoft email support & Emsisoft Forum support. Regards w Respect Edit: this suggests one year to activate
  6. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    I assume that's this mouse?
  7. Black friday

    There should be no differences between the license keys that are on sale and brand new license keys that you would normally buy from our online store. You have 10 months to activate the license key from the date of purchase, and the license period doesn't start until you activate it. You'll have to ask Ashampoo about their license terms, however with Emsisoft Anti-Malware all license keys have a 10-month grace period that they need to be activated within. That grace period cane be extended by our sales and support teams if it expires before you can use the license key. To my knowledge these are new license keys, which means your renewal discount will not apply to this new license key. That discount is on a per-license key basis, so it would not carry over to license keys purchased from this sale. Keep in mind that your renewal discount on your current license key will eventually reach 50% off on its own, so it might not be best to reset that discount with a new license key. Yes, you can.
  8. Update or logging problem

    Can we get fresh debug logs? Open Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on your desktop. In the 4 little gray boxes at the bottom, move your mouse into the one that says Support, and click anywhere in that gray box. At the bottom, turn on the option that says Enable advanced debug logging. Either click on Overview in the menu at the top, or close the Emsisoft Anti-Malware window. Reproduce the issue you are having. Once you have reproduced the issue, open Emsisoft Anti-Malware again, and click on the gray box for Support again. Click on the button that says Send an email. Select the logs in the left that show today's dates. Fill in the e-mail contact form with your name, your e-mail address, and a description of what the logs are for (if possible please leave a link to the topic on the forums that the logs are related to in your message). If you have any screenshots or another file that you need to send with the logs, then you can click the Attach file button at the bottom (only one file can be attached at a time). Click on Send now at the bottom once you are ready to send the logs. Important: Please be sure to turn debug logging back off after sending us the logs. There are some negative effects to having debug logging turned on, such as reduced performance and wasting hard drive space, and it is not recommended to leave debug logging turned on for a long period of time unless it is necessary to collect debug logs. Please note that if you have a lot of debugs logs, then you should not send all of them. There is a size limit, and currently there is no error if the message is rejected due to the size being too large. Normally we only need one copy of the 4 or 5 different logs that have been saved after the time you reproduced the issue (the list shows what time each log was saved). Those logs have the following names: Security Center Protection Service Real-Time Protection Logs database (contains the logs you can view in Emsisoft Anti-Malware by clicking on Logs at the top of the window).
  9. Black friday

    Um, so since you cannot answer my questions. Um, who may answer...? 1) Does license period start when purchased or when first activated? 2) Does Emsisoft license and/or Ashampoo license have an activate by (expire) date? 3) Does renewal loyalty discount go against the then full retail price or against what I paid ...e.g., 50% off ? 4) May I save this e.g., 50% off key to use (some time in the future) as renewal key? Um, how would I distinguish this from an Official offering? Looks darn Official to me. Just saying. Um, btw Cleverbridge told me to ask Emsisoft Support my questions.
  10. .black extension

    From the extension, it appears to be a variant of GlobeImposer 2.0: In the case of ransomware like this, which uses secure encryption and generates new public/private keys for every computer it infects, usually there is no way to decrypt the files without getting the private key from the criminals who made the ransomware. You can try a tool such as ShadowExplorer, however ransomware like this usually deletes Volume Shadow Copies, so ShadowExplorer will usually find nothing. Even if the Volume Shadow Copies were not deleted, the odds of finding backup copies of files in them is pretty slim, since Windows would normally only leave backup copies of files in the Volume Shadow Copies if you were using Microsoft's own backup software for data backups (although sometimes the System Restore will save copies of files in the Volume Shadow Copies). In cases where the Volume Shadow Copies are deleted, then note that ransomware doesn't generally delete them securely, so it might be possible to use a file undelete utility to undelete the old Volume Shadow Copies, and then use ShadowExplorer to recover files, however this isn't necessarily straightforward to do (the computer will need to be running from a bootable disk to have write access to the "System Volume Information" folder, or the hard drive will need to be connected to another computer), and even if you can recover the old Volume Shadow Copies, as mentioned above the odds of there being backup copies of important files in them are low to begin with. Note that you may need to find a local computer technician who can assist you with this if you do want to try it. Here's a link to a list of file recovery tools at Wikipedia:
  11. Black friday

    We don't have an official Black Friday sale (which is why it wasn't publicized via any of our normal marketing channels), however some of our affiliates did want to do a Black Friday sale, which is why some of them announced a sale. If you want to purchase a license key through one of our affiliates to take advantage of the sale, then feel free to do so.
  12. License expired, no it hasn't

    If you activate your license key again in Emsisoft Anti-Malware, does the issue come back?
  13. Holy Crap! I cannot do this by myself...

    Okay, done but to finish the install to wants the Licence ID and Key.... no fund right now. Remember , I was hacked and everything was stolen.
  14. Hello, We just have released Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2017.11.0.8219 – with BETA updates enabled: Fixed: Rare SSL connection issue with updating and activating. Improved: Extended forensics logging. Minor tweaks and fixes.
  15. .black extension

    Hi, i need help! any files are encrypted YOUR FILES ARE ENCRYPTED TO DECRYPT, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS To recover data you need decryptor. To get the decryptor you should: Send 1 crypted test image, text file or document to [email protected] (Or [email protected]) In the letter include your personal ID (look at the beginning of this document). We will give you the decrypted file and assign the price for decryption all files After we send you instruction how to pay for decrypt and after payment you will receive a decryptor and instructions We can decrypt one file in quality the evidence that we have the decoder. ranzan
  16. Black friday

    RE: 1) Does license period start when purchased or when first activated? 2) Does Emsisoft license and/or Ashampoo license have an activate by (expire) date? 3) Does renewal loyalty discount go against the then full retail price or against what I paid ...e.g., 50% off ? 4) May I save this e.g., 50% off key to use (some time in the future) as renewal key?
  17. Black Friday

    So wie ich das lese, nein. Das Angebot lautet ja: "Emsisoft Anti-Malware [1 Jahr]", kannst aber die Konditionen für weitere PC´s erweitern, wobei es bis zu 3 PC´s immer preiswerter wird.
  18. About two months ago I renewed my license for another two years. All had gone well until 24 hours ago where I get persistent messages telling me my license has expired and to visit the license centre. However, this confirms my license is valid (See attachment) I seem to be stuck in this loop. Am I the only one with this issue?
  19. Black Friday

    Kurze Nachfrage: Der Deal ist auf 1 Jahreslizenz begrenzt, also keine Möglichkeit ne Lizenz direkt für 2 oder 3 Jahre zu erwerben oder überseh ich das? Gruß
  20. Black friday

    I have read this in the German Forum: And here the link to the Black Friday deal: Werderforever
  21. Black Friday

    Hello stapp, many thanks for your help! Werderforever
  22. Update or logging problem

    The logging problem has re-appeared, this time in the Forensics Log only. It isn't recording all the automatic hourly updates.
  23. Black Friday

    Black Friday 50% off
  24. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    If the mouse has extra buttons, (in the same way that some keyboards have extra buttons eg to open a browser home page, or adjust sound volume) then I think those button actions are implemented by the mouse acting as if it were a keyboard.
  25. Black Friday

    Hallo Kathrin, gibt es bei Emsisoft einen Black Friday Sale oder ähnliche Aktionen zum Jahresende? Viele Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende Werderforever
  26. Did I just find a BadUSB?

    Yes exactly, except I'm referring to the BadUSB firmware attack, for those who asked, the device is a Microsoft arc mouse
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