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  2. Hi, I had also a ransomware problem. I have an encrypted file and the same file decrypted. Can you have a look if you can find something out ?
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  4. Okay, I have attached both the FRST.txt and also the Addition.txt
  5. Hello jdo, Thank you for contacting Emsisoft support. To switch mobile devices and use Emsisoft Mobile Security on your new Android device, please follow the instructions outlined here: Thank you for choosing our security software solutions. If we can assist you any further, please just let me know.
  6. Should I start a new thread or just attach it onto this one?
  7. Please follow the steps here and attach the requested logs so that one of our experts can help you
  8. Thanx soo much for the response and will also do as u said by removing all pirated software's from the system,have also tried with the updated STOPDecryptor and have had success with some of the files and i hereby attached copy of the save note after decryption and will be on standby if there is any update concerning my issue. STOPDecrypter-log.txt
  9. Hey there everyone, I was cleaning my computer today and I stumbled upon my exclusions list which had some suspicious grayed-out exclusions in it that I could not remove. I tried to remove them from the registry but that did not work (see image). I also installed Malwarebytes and scanned my computer and removed the threats but when I restarted my computer and went onto my exclusions list, the grayed-out files were still there. The last possible option I can think of is to factory reset my pc but I have two concerns for that, one being it would take a long time to do and it would be annoying to do it and the second being the fear of the exclusions/malware coming back after I restore the old data back to my computer. Please help me with this problem, I've been trying to fix it for days!! Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Hey everyone! I am having some issues with the Enterprise console. It's all set up and working properly, however computers will occasionally fail to connect to the console (sometimes after a computer reboot, or just randomly months down the road). It seems that once a connection enters the failed state, it never tries to connect again, and I can't find a way to manually force it to either disconnect so I can reconnect it, or force it to try and connect again without disconnecting. The only solution I've found is uninstalling Emsisoft from the computer, re-installing it, and then connecting to the Enterprise Console again. Is there a way to force a computer to disconnect from the EEC so I can make it connect again? Or maybe force a reconnect from the EEC? Thank you!
  11. Have you tried this official tool?
  12. @Shaaban Ahmed Now you need to think about the security of your PC. You have received two newest crypto-ransomware on your computer. This means that the next time your files will be encrypted again, if you do not take measures to protect.
  13. @Shaaban Ahmed extension .nacro - this is result of STOP Ransomware attack extension .id[C67C79A7-2275].[[email protected]] - this is result of Phobos Ransomware attack The last one was Phobos, after it it is impossible to decrypt files without receiving a unique key for decryption.
  14. Hi can I get your advice? My files are infected with this name extension[C67C79A7-2275].[[email protected]]
  15. Great! If possible, please give some feedback here when it's solved. Thanks.
  16. I did try AMD direct , I have an older graphics card AMD 4800 HD and no drivers for Windows 10 are available unfortunately. Thank you for the recommendations though. I commend you guys for trying to help us in resolving this onslaught by unscrupulous people on the net. I will patiently wait for a positive outcome to my current issue. Thank you guys once again
  17. Some files are partially encrypted and can be fixed in another way. But this is a very small percentage.
  18. The RANSOMWARE has asked me to pay 500 USD and this is the final price that they have mentioned
  19. Here is the link
  20. @Gladstone after a quick look at your FRST logs, I don't think your computer is still infected, however I am seeing pirated software installed on your computer. Please note that we require any pirated software to be removed. Also note that you're much safer avoiding pirated software. The STOP/Djvu ransomware that you are a victim of is usually spread through pirated software, music, and movie downloads.
  21. I have EMS running on a Galaxy S6. I have a Galaxy S9 on order and want to uninstall EMS on the S6 and install it on the S9. What steps are necessary?
  22. STOPDecrypter shows 4 ID's, several of which are the offline ID: [*] ID: gyTwIW8EFRyrHBHcn0bFVHerzI3NtAa14YK0kst1 (.nacro ) [*] ID: gyTwIW8EFRyrHBHcn0bFVHerzI3NtAa14YK0kst1 (.pdf ) [*] ID: HygoDFhpIN6nXxhxWzH8pkbWXQ6fWVGHivdx0XWp (.nacro ) [*] ID: gyTwIW8EFRyrHBHcn0bFVHerzI3NtAa14YK0kst1 (.dwg ) @Gladstone in theory if you run STOPDecrypter again, add your files to it, and then try to decrypt them then it may be able to decrypt some of them. I can't say for certain how much will be decryptable, since I don't know how many were encrypted using the offline key. I've forwarded your ID and MAC addresses to the creator of STOPDecrypter so that he can archive them in case he is able to figure out your decryption key at some point in the future. All you have to do now is give us some time, and we'll do what we can for you.
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  24. He does not have an offline ID, so STOPDecrypter won't be able to recover his files.
  25. I've forwarded your ID and MAC addresses to the creator of STOPDecrypter so that he can archive them in case he is able to figure out your decryption key at some point in the future. All you have to do now is give us some time, and we'll do what we can for you. My recommendation is to always download drivers either directly from the manufacturer's website, or from the website of the company that made the chipset (in the case of a video card that would usually be NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel). Note that for laptops, some mobile video chipsets do not have drivers available on the chipset manufacturer's website, requiring you instead to obtain them from the computer manufacturer. This tends to vary depending on which company made the video chipset, and the age of the chipset. For instance, drivers for more recent NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards for laptops/notebooks appear on their list of graphics cards in their driver search.
  26. Will send u a copy of the STOPDecryptor file I saved after scan two days couldn't do the decryption buy I saved it for future decryption
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