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  2. EAM 9977. Windows 10 1909 all updates installed. Fast boot off. This morning after boot, EAM forensics show no updates yet and taskbar icon is showing the glowing action but nothing is happening. Debug logs attached a2start_20200217043752(6288).zip
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  4. On one system I noticed that update could not be done so I uninstalled and reinstalled. But cannot enter my valid key using my registered email and p/w so don't have a valid product or protection on one system. Thanks, Jon
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  6. So not just me but many people are suffering from it. There can be unexpected issue sometimes which I understand and it's Sunday plus they also have a smaller team compared to other big guns out there so maybe that's why they've not been able to fix it yet but for me the worst thing is, they didn't bother asking the user before adding this email verification to out account. I never set up any email verification in my account they automatically added it few months ago. It surely secures the account but they should've asked the user's permission before doing it. This is absurd and extremely frustrating.
  7. I had a BSOD when mine updated - I have a full memory dump if you want it - WhoCrashed says this
  8. Could I please get a reply on this one, the planned switchover date is approaching, and I need to start preparing. So, do I have to set user permissions to full access to enable our users to confirm the "Switch to Cloud Console" security confirmation message you mentioned? Thanks Raynor
  9. Same here. Just repeatedly tried to login with both my personal MyEmsisoft account and my company's MyEmsisoft account (the accounts use two completely different email addresses with two different email providers). No verification code has been received on either of the two email addresses. Congratulations, you successfully locked out your customers 😍🥰😁😉
  10. I'm trying to login to my Emsisoft account but no verification code has been sent to my email. More than 30 minutes have passed and still nothing. Tried multiple times but no email yet. This happened one more time a month ago and I received the code more than 3 hours after that time. This is very frustrating. What's going on!
  11. Follow the steps here and ATTACH the requested logs so that one of our security experts can help you.
  12. Dr.Web knows this ransomware as Trojan.Siggen8.40291, Trojan.Encoder.29411, Trojan.Encoder.29417... "Dr.Web service of decryption" said to me that decryption after the attack Nemty Ransomware (1.0, 2.0, 2.2... ) is possible, but only if the system has not been re-installed. If someone wants to return their files, then they should not do anything with the system and files. Otherwise, it makes no sense to seek help. You need to be patient and firm in achieving your target. Anyone can make a free request himself and then only track changes and provide files.
  13. I was trying to download a program but instead I've downloaded trojans and malware from this link "" less 5 min later I realized how stupid I was turn off the pc kaspersky rescue tool turn on avast restart unhackme restart avast restart kaspersky restart uninstall chrome shift delete chrome userdata kaspersky McAfee they cant find something now but it wasnt a normal virus in the less than 5 min it had already installed 3 programs 1 of which couldn't delete it until I got unhackme put 4 programs in the start up all of these are gone but does this means it's over or I may still be hacked? is there any possibility that the virus have went to the bias motherboard or the video card? 1 more thing my chrome itself got infected in this in the 3rd time running kaspersky rescue tool Ive found something in the chrome/userdata/default and that's why Ive uninstall it and deleted the data file what will happen if I reinstall it or even use it from another pc can my chrome account be infected and give access to that virus? question may seem stupid but can I get infected again just from opening the website when I was getting the link provided above?!
  14. No... that's called a plaintext attack, and is not possible with New Djvu. Every file is encrypted with a unique (securely generated) Salsa20 key, which is then protected by RSA. Feel free to lookup the feasibility of breaking the Salsa20 algorithm (yes, the malware properly uses all 20 rounds) or RSA-2048.
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  16. Taking comparative logic into account, for example, would the following circumstance be possible: Take an encrypted "A" file and another "B" file exactly the same without encryption, then make "B" arrive at "A" and thereby obtain the sequencing logic or the key?
  17. See:
  18. Will Emisoft Create their program to protect Apple products in the future, such as iPad, Mac & iPhone?
  19. Игорь Удалось ли решить проблему? Как получили ключ?
  20. fyi: we just have released a new epp.sys driver to the beta update feed, this will result in an application restart. There is no need to test anything. Thanks
  21. My portable hdd has been encrypted with .alka. Any thoughts on recovering the encrypted files from portable hdd? TIA
  22. New Djvu, and that is an Online ID. Only the criminals have your key. Read the FAQ: STOP Djvu FAQ
  23. so is there a way to decrypt my files from this method?
  24. Please add key provided in attached file. _readme.txt
  25. @GT500 said: "I think there's usually someone online in the early morning hours..." In whose timezone? You in the US, us in Europe or what?
  26. @Eddie Timestamps: the "2020-02-14T23:42:35.000Z" looks to me as if it is saying 23:42 Z(ulu) ie GMT, which might well be the same as 10:42 /pm/ in a nearby (or the same) place if there's a one hour difference from GMT in local time. But your "10:42" timestamps show /am/. It would help to know where in the world you are, and where in the world the client pc is.
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