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  2. ok ok , so login in safe mode , and delete all the viruses.(it will work for sure) , once you do that , create a backup of all your encrypted software and store it safely, because you are infected by an online key , and the decryptor of online key is not possible until and unless the police or the FBI does not find the hackers and release their database of private keys!
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  4. Thank you for your feedback, Raynor. We do pay attention to suggestions, and we may consider yours for future development. Have a great day!
  5. I bought the software!!! read my post... I say I bought one SEAT!! Ok, so I use another HDD, install windows, and download the software, but now it says STEP 3 ERROR 577... somthing about a digital singal... Any one can help instead of judging???
  6. please helped me! my files are important for me.
  7. Why did you try to download the crack my friend . next time always purchase the software
  8. Hello! Yes, I read it. Tell me, if the system works without problems, you can NOT turn Off Core Isolation? It is recommended to disable, if only problems appear, do I understand correctly?
  9. Machine is saying Windows Installer is not running on safe mode!!! HOW DO I INSTALL IT???
  10. ohh, thanks. but how do you know that ? are there any chances in the future that the police will search them? Thanks for your amazing work! 101%Respect for you sir.
  11. I have a PC that got infected yesterday, the screen went black, so shut it down, and when turn it back on, it will get to a point where it almosy hang, notice in task manager A LOT of process open, like CMD.EXE, SORT.EXE and others with numbers 123456789.EXE, even if I close them with the Task Manager can't be able to install your software, so I used my wife laptop and install it on it (i bought one seat), and took the HDD of my computer to see if it can clean it, BUT, the d**n lap die just in the middle of scanning, and now it just won't turn on... so now I have my own PC which is the one I want to clean, but won't let me, I manage to enter the PC on safe mode with network connections, and I am writing this from this computer, so My Question is, can I install and clean my PC on safe mode, and Can I use the seat from the laptop even tho not use, or do I have to buy a new one??? please help!
  12. STOP Ransomware The police of the country from which these extortionists work are engaged in other deals. They will not do anything because they will not receive direct instructions for action. In this country Interpol and Europol are also inactive.
  13. Will the police/FBI give you all the private keys if they find the Hacker behind StopDjvu ransomware?
  14. Do you guys think that the police will catch the group behind the STOPdjvu virus? because that is the online way to re cover files from he online encryption.
  15. nope, but thanks for asking 😉 yes, all 3 processes are running Yes but it doesn't do anything when I do I just restarted my machine again and now I have a green tick on wsc icon and when I open it it shows this (even though EAM is running with all protection enabled
  16. downloaded a lot of the right file pairs, but nothing helped
  17. Do you mean EAM "Cloud scanning" is not as effective for detecting all types of threats vs EAM "Local scanning" for detecting all types of threats? Do you mean that EAM "Local scanning" for detecting all types of threats is more effective than EAM "Cloud scanning" for detecting all types of threats? EAM employs Antimalware Network query. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Do you mean that "Cloud scanning" used by other security solutions is not as effective as "Local scanning" used by EAM. Do you mean that "Cloud scanning" used by other security solutions is not as effective - were those other security solutions using "Local scanning". Signatures are used in the other security solutions. Norton for example uses traditional Anti-Virus technology where a hybrid (~90% cloud | ~10% local for prevalent) threat database (cloud always queried) with static and heuristic signatures is kept for the purposes of real-time and on-demand scanning of files and programs. Do I want an ever growing threat database pushed down per hour using my machines limited processing resources. Or, Do I want meta data uploaded accessing always up to date threat database using unlimited cloud processing resources. Do I want emulator - heuristic analyzer run on my machine using my machines limited computing power. Or, Do I want emulator - heuristic analyzer run off my machine using unlimited cloud computing power. Regards w Respect
  18. Is Windows trying to download any updates? (just thought I'd ask!) When you get the 'problem' does EAM show as running in the taskmanager? Have you tried opening Taskmanager , going to the services tab, and right clicking on SecurityHealthService (Windows Security) and selecting restart?
  19. Hallo, Ich kläre das mit dem Technischen Support ab. Werde mich wieder melden. Claude
  20. I don't have the options shown at that link - when I click on the settings icon in the wsc, i just get this if I click on Manage Providers on this screen, it says EAM is OFF
  21. What happens when you turn cloud-protection on when this is happening?
  22. ok have just tried that (I also toggled the EAM yesterday as it happens, and Fast Startup is disabled on my machine) and while it worked following a restart, I;ve just turned the machine on again (hard boot) and it's happened again - wsc showed 'getting protection info' and the revolving circle of dots for about 2 minutes then it gave up and now shows the yellow exclamation mark icon again I have debug logs for this if they're of interest
  23. Only one difference which I found was the Process is going 99% but dosent stay long it drops slowly, however still towards little high consumption. This is just when we end process from task manager. I think this is one of the best Endpoint Security I have seen in terms of features / footprint on cpu / effectiveness. Just i wanted to test this as many users try to end process from task manager to open something or some scripts which are cmd based which initially doesn't look like threat. Basically if all EMSISOFT processes in task manager or sevices gives deny error as the main control lies in cloud console will be the best. I am in process to purchase this and use for the security of my cloud servers
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