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  2. Okay so i got the .PEZI ransomeware and it is the newer variant with an online key! So my question is how long to wait for the online decryptor for STOPdjvu? i mean is it the first time that a virus is using this kind of decrytion ? if not , then how long do we have to wait? also is FBI even searching for these criminals?s
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  4. Actually yes, As NA distributors for both solutions I run them side by side. And I had something in a Picassa file that never deleted when i did a Uninstall. Saved me from MS patches as well. Strongly recommend top run both.
  5. Simply create an appropriate GUIStyle and set the fontSize. Pass this to your label and you're good to go. So something like this: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class FontSizeExample : MonoBehaviour { GUIStyle smallFont; GUIStyle largeFont; void Start () { smallFont = new GUIStyle(); largeFont = new GUIStyle(); smallFont.fontSize = 10; largeFont.fontSize = 32; } void OnGUI() { GUI.Label(new Rect(100, 100, 300, 50), "SMALL HELLO WORLD", smallFont); GUI.Label(new Rect(100, 200, 300, 50), "LARGE HELLO WORLD", largeFont); } }
  6. Yes, I managed to send a message with my mailing address!
  7. Has it blocked a lot of stuff for you?
  8. Yes, I suggested sending a dump, but all the time an error occurred while sending! is not sent. Unfortunately, the message is only in Russian! I tried several times, and each time after connecting the USB, the program stopped working. The problem is only when connecting something. Otherwise, EAM works without problems. Specifically: I plug in a flash, EAM displays a message about the need for verification (or not) and after a few seconds it stops working. But it easily starts again manually. p.s. The only new app is O&O ShutUp with the recommended settings. Can this application cause this crash?
  9. I have just plugged in a USB on Win 10 2004 using EAM 10209 and had no problem.
  10. What does the eventlog record for a2guard.exe terminating look like? (hopefully it's in English) but more to the point should show the type of exception and address in the module... Also, did EAM offer to send a dump to Emsisoft?
  11. Hello all! This is me again)😌 At first I thought it was an accident ... But no - the error is repeated on two (!) systems after each connection of any external storage medium (USB, external SSD, etc.) a2guard.exe stops working after connecting an external device. In the previous version of EAM this was not) It seems that this is some kind of error of the new version?
  12. Actually on the contrary Its a great add on to an already very powerful product like Emsisoft. It has DNS filtering as well as patch management (especially MS) Its a great add on!
  13. The issue was resolved by simply restarting the computer Sorry 😉
  14. Hello! I have a problem with registering EAM in the Security Center. Windows Defender is disabled via gpedit.msc. For some reason, the Security Center defines EAM as a disabled application, although EAM is active and updated on a schedule! "The threat management service is stopped." It cannot be started up ..
  15. It is relevant as my Cloud users run their application and at endpoint there is always a need of Protection, and since clouds are always on virtual cores, the power is less as compared to physical server, hence the security should be very light weight. I totally agree that neither a user / malware should be able to turn off the protection or kill the process, however the point i wish to highlight is it should either give error access denied or simply do nothing; But instead it is actually using all the CPU. Like i mentioned I have a VMWare Work station, I have alloted 4 cores per CPU so in total 8vCPU to my VM on my local machine.
  16. > Jeremy, that is exactly since I am a Cloud Service Provider .... It's perfectly sensible to evaluate things, though I don't see that the type of business you're in has any relevance. > Well open the Task Manager and under processes kill the process "Emsisoft Protection Service" nothing will happen Ordinarily you wouldn't expect to be able to end the a2service.exe task (because if you can, so can malware), unless you've turned off the 'self-protection' option within EAM (in Home, at least, presumably also in the Business version), in Settings - Advanced. I don't know why you'd then see a cpu spike... but it should still have been only in one (v)CPU. You didn't say what other processes are suddenly so busy on the other seven CPUs. What is the host operating system? And what is the OS under VMware?
  17. Jeremy, that is exactly since I am a Cloud Service Provider with value addition of Security + Backups, I have to evaluate security at a VM level and not at the Host Server level as every one is on different public cloud. Well open the Task Manager and under processes kill the process "Emsisoft Protection Service" nothing will happen but CPU Spike to 99% and thats the end game, you reboot and that's only option. I am running it on my VMWare Workstation with 8 vCPU and 8 Gigs Memory with nVME drives. I haven't yet started to do the stress test by bombarding it with the infections LOL
  18. my all files is decrypt to .pezi extensions What should I do?
  19. Well spotted - the update blog shows this Why is this considered redundant ? I completely agree with these guys - please reinstate the notifications option
  20. plzzz help me my hardwear is full of imp files and i got pezi in all my files when i use the program emsisoft and start dscrypte they told me this evry time No key for New Variant online ID: 69DzcK8gfFHwPePVaYU89fy1xACcVYu0YpOSdEgV Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible this one file example of my proplem and thx BsSndRpt.exe.pezi
  21. When you say "End Task", what task were you trying to end? There is an ongoing problem (at least in the Home version of EAM) with cpu spikes... but no-one discussing it on the forum has described a 99% cpu busy situation. The worst people have seen is for one thread (usually half a core) to be 100% busy. What sort of CPU does your machine have? If a2service was keeping one thread busy, what was keeping every other thread/core busy?
  22. Good catch! I agree - the option should be reinstated. For those who don't like it, they can turn it off. But for those who like constant reassurance that things are working properly, hour by hour, the notification that signatures just got updated is big and obvious - much more so than the very small systray flag you'd get if signature updates have stopped for some reason.
  23. Hello, I have been evaluating 5 Major products for protecting my Cloud VM's hosted in Public Cloud setup. I had been looking for a product with Cloud console and specializes in Anti-Malware with best defense against Ransomware and giving alerts on email. Which is low on resource and effective. So I tried to play with all possible live scenario testing. When i did very basic test (Task Manager and End Task the Emsisoft Protection Service CPU Spiked 99% and nothing can be done apart from force Reboot. EmsiSoft Business Security Version : 2020.6.0.10209 OS : Windows Server 2016
  24. Hello all! I noticed with surprise and could not even understand if this was normal ?!🙄 After updating the EAM, the message about updating the signatures stopped showing ... Why is this done? After all, it was so clear to see each database load in real time! Tell me why it was removed?
  25. Hallo, Wir schauen es uns an. Werde mich wieder melden. Claude
  26. This is a newer variant of STOP/Djvu, and your ID is an online ID, so there is currently no way to decrypt your files. There is more information at the following link:
  27. As long as they are large enough, that should be correct. There will be some missing data at the beginning of each file, however that might not be noticeable with videos.
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