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  2. Attach a ransom note and several encrypted files to your message. Place the executable file in an archive with a password 'infected' and also attach to the message.
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  4. I decompilled program but i dont know what to do with this.
  5. please send me decryptor if any have?? Your personal ID: 0223yiuduy6S5dXlLCyyGChsc5QlrnhTqmSxjfHZNNey1w6hf40HsU
  6. Hi I was attacked using death_shadow.exe. I found program but i need help with decryption. Do you found program do decrypt files? Thanks ;)
  7. Pls help my 6000 pics are been encrypted by .covm extension and when I use stop djvu it shows remote error.waiting for an early reply
  8. VID_20200307_144027.3gp.nile any chance in future about online id key ?
  9. Any news regarding this .koti virus file?
  10. My computer was exposed to piracy and all my files were encrypted. Is there an online id decryption solution? The type of virus is called djvu nile file. Are there encryption solutions? The future is online.
  11. Hallo Oli, Es sieht so aus, als ob Powershell blockiert ist. Sie können versuchen, das PowerShell Skript von der Überwachung auszuschließen und zu prüfen, ob dies funktioniert. Unter keinen Umständen sollten Sie Powershell selbst ausschließen, das wäre gefährlich. Bitte geben Sie mir Bescheid ob das geklappt hat. Claude Bader
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  13. 4zMyrGqQeLxLkj1x8rEZJd6d88AZoei3IYHYpsK6 AND/OR 0eF1VthD2tkZTeIJH00H8SI8UERSLOcSkGD0Njt1 Should I upload a file pair ? Thanks!
  14. Your personal ID: 0215Asd4a7d6tb8T2z1RQgXh8Ot1wB7RgOfNHUDds4n0WhcUBdMn
  15. Your personal ID: 0231yiuduy6S5dTNMoVoQNbySHWrrRtJ9tuXk85vSRUb7YgcixM6eZ
  16. Your personal ID: 0223yiuduy6S5dXlLCyyGChsc5QlrnhTqmSxjfHZNNey1w6hf40HsU
  17. Hallo Oli, Wenn immer ein Film oder YouTube im Vollbildschirmmodus geöffnet wird, dann wird der Unsichtbare Modus aktiviert und wenn der Vollbildschirmmodus geschlossen wird, dann wird der wieder deaktiviert. Vollbildschirmmodus heisst oft Filme schauen oder Spielen, da möchte man keine Unterbrechungen von Updates sehen, das ist der Grund dafür. Claude Bader
  18. Hallo Oli, Danke für die Frage. Ich kläre das gerne ab und werde mich wieder melden. Claude Bader
  19. Den unsichtbaren Modus verwende ich eigetnlich nie, dennoch musste ich in den Protokollen dazu eine ungewöhnliche Entdeckung machen. Wie kann das sein?
  20. Seit längerem habe ich für die Powershell bei mir eine Regel eingerichtet die diese Anwendung blockiert. Nun sehe ich aber, dass es in den Protokollen dazu desöfteren Einträge gibt und das im fast sekündlichen Rhytmus. Wieso? Kann man das abstellen? Andere Regeln dürfen von der Protokollierung aber nicht beeinflusst werden!
  21. File:D:\Mannah Babu 1sy Bday\CC\DSC00419.jpg.nile Error: No key for New Variant online ID: 08HMdkvH7NLO8rIYK6e0X7Q7NgrJm4uzpSLuHGqm Notice: This ID appears to be an online ID, deception is impossible I know this is new ransomeware, but please make a note of it.
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  23. Necesito ayuda para recuperar archivos cifrados .nile
  24. My private files are infected by nile virus. In folders i have this message: " ATTENTION! Don't worry, you can return all your files! All your files like photos, databases, documents and other important are encrypted with strongest encryption and unique key. The only method of recovering files is to purchase decrypt tool and unique key for you. This software will decrypt all your encrypted files. What guarantees you have? You can send one of your encrypted file from your PC and we decrypt it for free. But we can decrypt only 1 file for free. File must not contain valuable information. You can get and look video overview decrypt tool: Price of private key and decrypt software is $980. Discount 50% available if you contact us first 72 hours, that's price for you is $490. Please note that you'll never restore your data without payment. Check your e-mail "Spam" or "Junk" folder if you don't get answer more than 6 hours. To get this software you need write on our e-mail: [email protected] Reserve e-mail address to contact us: [email protected] Your personal ID: 0244Uwm54gfFDhO2GCmWnWtA73bLgh7hhg3RZdmQmpZIfAauTeQ " This is message from emsi decryptor. File: E:\aaa\Pulpit\Camera\IMG_1227531425587.jpg.nile Error: No key for New Variant online ID: FDhO2GCmWnWtA73bLgh7hhg3RZdmQmpZIfAauTeQ Notice: this ID appears to be an online ID, decryption is impossible
  25. found from from this google search several sites lead to it from what is seen in google search results. make decryptor
  26. thanks, I think I've been a member of that club for ages 😁 will wait and see what the devs have to say - thanks for your input
  27. I'm sure the devs will let us know (welcome to the senile club !!)
  28. that would undoubtedly work but surely we shouldn't have to do that ? another option would be to uninstall EAM, install some drivers, and then reinstall EAM 😁 maybe I'm getting senile, but I'm sure EAM protection used to stay disabled following a reboot if we'd chosen to disable it ?
  29. Does it make any difference if you untick Start on Windows Start Up in Advanced Settings?
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