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    Hi I have been with Emsisoft for 5 years. I was sad when online Armor was discontinued, but I understood their reasoning. Emsisoft still has my full trust, and as a smaller firm in a hard competitive environment with a lot of free AV- SOLUTIONS, you always have to do a cost benefit analysis. The windows firewall has for me, always been to easy for malware to mess with, but i trust Emsisoft to get a solid grip around the windows firewall. And so far they have been able to deliver solid products, in my opinion. My concern is that we will see more behavior pop ups, as it will go against what they have strived to developed lately, a more user friendly behavior blocker. Personally I will test Emsisoft new merged software, and from there I will make my decision.... Best regards Tempus...... ( Oh i forgot to say that I think that the new initiative from Emsisoft will give them a more competitive price tag....just a thought )
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    I think you have made your point of view crystal clear for everyone, iwarren. Do we really nede more posts?
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    Hi This is a proposal to implement a function in the forthcoming newly merged EAM, that allow the user to quickly shift between private or public network when needed . I believe that not all users know how to shift between private/public network through the Windows settings. It could be implemented/ found under settings or even better , in the menu when you right click on the Emsisoft icon . Best regards Tempus
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    Из всего прочитанного понял, что вам стоит извиниться не за некую, а за слишком дерзкую пылкость.
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    That feature will only work with the Windows Firewall. We have no reliable way to monitor settings from third-party firewall software to see if rules and configurations change. Have you tried any of the other Windows Firewall managers in this list? Windows 10 Firewall Control (commercial product) Windows Firewall Notifier (originally commercial, but now open source) TinyWall (freeware, appears to work from a whitelist rather than using alerts, with quick shortcuts for adding things to the whitelist) Firewall App Blocker (freeware, appears to use drag-and-drop controls to build whitelists/blacklists of applications rather than using alerts)
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    You guys did it before when you got rid of Online Armor... Now you are doing it again with Emsisoft Internet Security....you really are getting out of the firewall business huh....Previously you said that, Are software firewalls useless? http://blog.emsisoft.com/2014/09/19/whats-the-point-of-having-a-firewall/ Now you are abandoning all your loyal users to the default Windows Firewall.... Have a great Windows Firewall -default allow-day!!!!
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    The screenshot with your license key in it was visible to everyone, so I removed it from your post. Hopefully customers will contact support in this case, however I will ask about getting a link to the blog post about EIS added to the renewal page.
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    Exclusions are normally the only thing that you would need to do if there are compatibility issues. The only exception to that would be with regards to software from AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky (which are not compatible with our software at all right now). Adguard should be fine alongside EAM, however we tend to recommend uBlock Origin for your web browsers since it will be more efficient (and since by default Adguard for Windows really only protects common web browsers, so it wouldn't provide any extra protection). Here's the links to the extension pages for various browsers if you want to try it: uBlock Origin for Google Chrome and Vivaldi uBlock Origin Extra (this is a recommended compliment for uBlock Origin for Google Chrome and Vivaldi) uBlock Origin for Mozilla Firefox uBlock Origin for Microsoft Edge uBlock Origin for Opera There is more information about uBlock Origin available here. Since there's no version of uBlock Origin for Internet Explorer, you may need Adblock Plus or Adguard's extension for Internet Explorer if you do intend on using it.
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    the issue seems to be fixed and will be available in the 2017.8 beta release
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    Guten Tag eric cartman, Vielen Dank für die tatkräftige Unterstützung beim Lösen des Problems! HTTPS Everywhere, also alle Seiten als https anzubieten, ist in der Tat auf unserer Todo-Liste. Die für die Privatsphäre relevanten Seiten (logins, shop, etc) sind bereits alle auf https gestellt. Der Rest wird demnächst folgen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Kathrin
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    Windows Firewall Notifier works pretty well. Other than that, if you want something paid: GlassWire looks quite nice and offers a lot of neat tools if you really want to drill into your application's internet access.
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    Активатор сам ломает системные файлы виндовса ,плюс сознательно вы сами ставите троян ,ещё и винда левая ,непонятно что в неё всунуто. Зачем вам вообще антивирус нужен ? Если вы его ставите в заведомо заражённую систему. А суммы MD5 и SHA-1 уже давно научились подделывать ,кому надо. Ищите способ скачать подлинный виндовс только с сайта микрософт и ключ ,и сразу забудете о глюках своего компа.
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    Hi first i have to say you "congratulations for the decision to migrate EIS to EAM " I think this desision is very controversial but before that I always are in the indesision EAM or EIS? For me is good hear the Windows FW are good option and is good to hear Emsi helps to work in the better way posible. Another vendors like Avira and Trend micro take similar desisions. For me is cool "Cheap software, same functionality and protection. You always answer in the forum, and always help us. I think you know how to maintain us safe but i understand too another guys, For me is more confortable know you develop a "Special firewall" For me is more confortable see red and green marks in websites like WOT extension. For me is important you say me all the time i am secure. "Emsi checks this mail and no found viruses" signature is confortable to me "Emsi blocks a bad website" is good to me. I understand why you dont put popups for everything, but some users need it. I know you develop a excelent product but you must be adaptative, for example your antirasomware module is marketing thing but some users feel better whith that. Windows defender can say have antirasom but if they dont show us or dont specify we feel bad and unsecure. Try to understand the paranoid generated for the actual tiems and another companies.
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    Hi Emsisoft let's get one thing straight, this is not a post about me being unhappy with Emsisoft new approach regarding merging EIS with EAM. I will go straight to my question, and again there is no hidden agenda here: Emsisoft if I was a new customer searching for a new security solution why should I choose your new product instead of, eg. G-Data antivirus if the firewall in windows 10 is good enough for most people? How will you brand/profile your new product, what is making your product better, what do you think that will convince a new customer to go with your product.? I know that was a lot of questions, sorry for that, but in a market with so many product that are more and more alike, one needs to have a super sharp profile and something that they others dont have, and I am not thinking about adding new bloatware to the software. Best regards Tempus
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    The same reasons that compel users to pick EAM/EIS now over other AVs and security suites. It's not like a firewall was anything unique to begin with or that our implementation did anything that was fundamentally better or even different than any other product's firewall.
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    Die Frage stellt sich übrigens bald nicht mehr: Quelle : EIS und EAM werden eins Ich persönlich begrüße diesen Schritt, nämlich dass sich Emsisoft auf sein Kerngeschäft konzentriert: Den Malwareschutz. Ich habe nur eine Bitte: Auch in Zukunft: KEINE Tuningtools, KEINE Optimizer, KEINE Browser-Addins wofür auch immer....., KEINE Passwortmanager, KEINE linksdrehenden Joghurtkulturen und ähnlichen Kokolores.... Gruß Castor
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    That might be the case if you have the Behavior Blocker in Emsisoft Anti-Malware configured to show alerts instead of "auto resolve with notification", however I don't expect a significant increase in alerts due to this change since most applications don't need to create Windows Firewall exceptions.
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    When a program changes (via an update) and the warning alert comes up ("This program has been changed, Update/Remove rule"), a "Do not show again for this program" tick-box would be quite handy, especially for programs that auto-update often. It'd be a quick shortcut to using Protection/Application Rules/specific rule/"Don't alert when this file changes".
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    Update: Emsisoft just automated their BB which should make a considerable difference I still wouldnt ask people to go by what is being showed in the test rather use it yourself Remember that it takes alot less time out of BB and automated systems to do the processing rather than manual human controlled.AI is good but giving fancy names isnt necessary.Its imperative to act quickly and detect.Nomenclature does not exist with over 50,0000+ samples being analyzed everyday.
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    You can use Emsisoft Enterprise Console to remote manage your client computers, even if they are not in the same network. The Enterprise Console can be installed on a public server where all your clients connect to. The admin tool can still run on your own computer and connect to the Enterprise server. A completely web based cloud solution may come in the future.
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    When you receive a "Behavior Alert!" you are given the program name, the type of behavior triggered. MD5/SHA hashes. Company Certificate Certificate Validation. Company File Version Most of this information, I would almost "never" use. Even Explorer's file properties displays this information, and I've almost rarely ever used it. What really would be 100x more useful though, is seeing the technical details about the behavior in question. Basically, I want more verbose technical information on what triggered the issue. Like in Emsisoft v9, they would show you something like "MSHTML.DLL -> xyz.dll is trying to overwrite a file" and gave you a lot more information about what was really going on behind the scenes. Currently... I find the "View Details" to be useless in learning about what triggered the behavior. A program could be accessing something legitimately one time, and another time, might be acting as malware. Without additional information on what was being accessed and from which module, its a bit of guesswork on what behaviors to allow.
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    A quick workaround, if you'd like to try it, would be to exclude the mpc-hc64.exe file in Emsisoft Internet Security. Here are instructions on excluding a process from scanning and monitoring: Open Emsisoft Internet Security. Click on Settings in the menu at the top. Click on Exclusions in the menu at the top. To the right of the list to Exclude from scanning, click on the Add file button. Navigate to the file you would like to exclude, click on it once to select it, and then click Open. To the right of the list to Exclude from monitoring, click on the Add file button. Navigate to the file you would like to exclude, click on it once to select it, and then click Open. Close Emsisoft Anti-Malware. Note: If a program you have excluded is running, then you will need to close it and reopen it for the exclusion to take effect. In some cases you will need to restart your computer before this will happen. I assume the file in question is in a folder such as one of the following: C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic C:\Program Files (x86)\Media Player Classic
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    I am having the same issue with the decrypt_GlobeImposter tool trying to repair my encrypted files with the ..726 extension. I have not done a total reformat of my system yet but have cleaned it and removed the trojan. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    A new behavior blocker has been released to beta. the False Positive should be gone after you have updated. How fast is that
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    2 Desktops and 1 VM all autoupdated. So far so good.
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    EIS is a single application which has both EAM in it, and a firewall.
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    Hello Trooper, Thank you for your reply. In the case that you should need an upgrade during a running license period please just let us know so that we can help you with an upgrade for the price difference only. We'll also sync the license times and consider rebate accordingly. If we can assist please do not hesitate to contact us.
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    Our server administrator tried to update our forums on Wednesday morning, and there were some problems that necessitated restoring from a backup, so any messages posted during that time are gone. I thought I had seen a reply from David to this topic Wednesday morning, however it looks like any staff replies disappeared after the backup was restored. I'm glad to hear that David was able to help you sort out the issue.
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    Hello Trooper, Thank you for contacting us. Besides the current special offer where we can giveaway a license for SoftMaker Office Standard 2016 for free for each order for Emsisoft Anti-Malware or Emsisoft Internet Security we also offer renewal rebate for our existing customers. Then renewal rebate could be combined with volume rebate which is available for license keys valid for more than one computer. If you don't already own a license key for one of our security products then for your initial order we can still offer additional rebate if you should decide to purchase a license which is valid for more than one year. For a 2 year license we can offer 12% rebate and for a 3 year license 20% rebate on top. Thank you for your interest in our software solutions, should you have any further questions please just let us know.
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    Private Message sent. I'll ask someone from our sales team to drop in and let you know about any possible discounts/promotions/etc. Right now I know we're offering a free license for SoftMaker Office Standard 2016 with purchases of Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security licenses.
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    Здравствуйте, DGut! Отправила Вашу информацию и оба файла в лабораторию. Как только будет какой-то ответ от создателя декриптора, я сразу же Вам сообщу.
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    Okay,I usually don't post outside of malware submissions but since this is related to tests I thought I should speak my mind being a malware hunter and doing/learning some malware analysis on my own. If you want to go to suspicious sites, just prepare to be infected anyway and make the precautions as backups and not storing anything even moderately sensitive on your machine. And I specifically said by "signatures". But there are also generic protections and layered protections. See the typical chained scenario of today: Porn site -> malicious js -> malicious pdf -> malicious downloader -> malicious binaries. Don't go to such porn site. Don't use vulnerable apps. Have antivirus with layered protection. And then - who cares if emsisoft does not detect one of the downloaded malicious binaries, when the porn site is blocked and we detect the js and pdf? It's very hard to evaluate the real-world performance of an AV solution when we don't (and I suspect we can't) test the whole chain and prove if the user is protected. The tests on VT and such don't prove anything, but the ability of the engine to detect it by the signature. I have objections against all AV-Comparatives tests performed, also the Av-Test, but those are less 'documented', so it's hard to tell where the deficiencies lie. The usual points about static testing are: a) the tests are carried long after the real infection took place, so it's kind of useless from today's point of view b) the tests are carried without any context state information. Such information - if there is file named "document.doc .exe" in email, this is enough to ban the execution c) the tests don't know anything about the relationship of the samples. If you detect the dropper, you don't have to detect the dropped binary. d) the tests are too binary-centric and have only small amount of script/pdf/flash malware, althought these are one of the main vectors of getting thru to your computer. e) there is little of no info on how the testbeds are created. All these 99.1% and such scores are complete nonsense from my point of view. The overlap of the product's detections is not as great as clementi/marx tests suggest. f) the amount of samples tested is around 500 per month this is not even 1/2 of what comes out each day.Its like a drop in the ocean. This is not an excuse, that's an explanation what your really should read from the static tests. Yep, it's nice to be on the first places, but the world does not end if you're not there. Regarding the pro-active test, this is the most flawed test of them all. It does _NOT_ test the ability of the product to protect you from the unknown malware. It tests the ability of the signature engines to detect the samples Av-Comparatives got in the test's timeframe. For example, what if the engine authors already had the samples and wrote the detections and Av-Comparatives added them later? We're back again in the 'testedbed construction' problem.
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    Andere Philosophie. Andere Produkte packen in Quarantaene und fragen im Nachhinein ob das okay war. Wir fragen halt bevor wir irgendwas machen. Wenn Du lieber nicht gefragt werden moechtest, kannst Du jederzeit den Standard im Behaviour Blocker aendern um dichter an der Verhaltensweise anderer Produkte zu sein.
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    Private message sent.
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    Gab es bislang keine Anfragen diesbezueglich. Generell waere es auch ziemlich daemlich das zu tun. Letztlich wuerden uns die Strafverfolgungsbehoerden uns ihre Malware damit auf dem silbernen Tablett liefern und ein Leaken waere praktisch vorprogrammiert.
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    In Neuseeland existiert derzeit keine Rechtssprechung die uns dazu zwingen koennte Nutzer zu trojanisieren oder Daten auszuhaendigen oder mit der Strafverfolgung zu kooperieren. Ob und in wiefern Deutsche Rechtssprechung diesbezueglich auf ein neuseelaendisches Unternehmen anwandbar und durchsetzbar ist, wird sich ohne langwiehrigen Rechtsstreit wahrscheinlich nicht mit Sicherheit sagen lassen. Im Zweifelsfall gibt es in unserer Privacy Policy eine vollstaendige Liste aller Daten die wir von einem Nutzer erheben. Es bleibt also jedem Nutzer frei fuer sich zu entscheiden, ob er das potentielle Risiko eingehen moechte, dass diese Daten von Behoerden eingesehen werden koennen, sollte sich die deutsche Gerichtsbarkeit als durchsetzbar herausstellen oder sich neuseelaendische Rechtssprechung in Zukunft aendern. Davon abgesehen steht der Punkt, dass es einem Verhaltensblocker nicht moeglich ist zw. gutem und boesem Trojaner zu unterscheiden. Der Behaviour Blocker kann nicht wissen fuer welchen Zweck ein Trojaner oder eine Spyware eingesetzt wird, da dies Konzepte sind, die sich ausserhalb der technischen Ebene befinden und sich nicht im Code der Malware niederschlagen.
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    Gab es schon, vor Jahren: http://blog.emsisoft.com/de/2011/10/11/tec111011de/ Wieso jeder denkt, dass nur weil sein Land jetzt grade mal wieder Trojaner auf seine Mitbuerger loslassen moechte, wir ein neues Statement bringen sollen, erschliesst sich mir nicht. Dann bestuende unser Blog aus nichts anderem mehr.
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    Both products are based on the same code, but server operating systems require a different (more expensive) license key.
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    For reinstallation media, always use the Media Creation tool to ensure as much updates as possible are included (this is generally a good idea because it also reduces the amount of updates you'll have to install after installation): https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 As for the rest, the vulnerability is/was in the SMB (server message block) protocol, which is not something an average home user requires, if you are concerned you can just reinstall Windows without network connection, go to Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On and Off and in the populated list locate SMB1, uninstall this before continuing.
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    This thread is a master example on what great service is. So a big " reputation point " to Thomas Ott and GT500.
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    No you can't, but as long as EAM is installed, malware cannot flash the BIOS without a warning. As for hardware that would be affected out of the box, apart from ensuring you buy from a trusted manufacturer, there is nothing you can do about that.
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    It doesn't matter if it is securely transmitted or not. Your browser decrypts the HTTPS traffic when it is received, so the file would be saved in its original form, and our protection would catch it either way. HTTPS (secure connections) are only intended to keep information being exchanged over the Internet private. For instance, if you do a search on your favorite search engine, and the connection to their website uses HTTPS (and thus is secure), then when the NSA records the data that is sent from your computer to the search engine tell it what you want to search for, that data is encrypted, and thus the NSA can't actually tell what you searched for if they were to review the data they had collected (obviously they may have other ways of finding out, but at least they can't get it from the HTTPS traffic). Of course, I'm using the NSA as an example due to the various leaks revealing that they record everything that is transmitted across the Internet. The original purpose of HTTPS was to secure online purchases and other information you submit to websites from criminals snooping on data sent across the Internet. If malware is downloaded over a secure connection, then all it really does is keep anyone from snooping on your Internet traffic (or government agencies recording everything you do online) from seeing what you downloaded. That sort of thing would generally be done either with malicious extensions, or some sort of malicious program on your computer. If there is something malicious on your computer, then everything is compromised, and not just a single tab. Note that most modern browsers (except maybe Firefox) have a sandbox for each tab in the browser, which should isolate the tabs from each other. I have never saw these words before and do not know what they are . ClassicShell is a program for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 that adds the classic Windows 7 Start Menu to these newer versions of Windows. AmmyAdmin is a remote access software similar to TeamViewer. There are testing organizations/companies that will test websites for security problems periodically, and some website owners will sign up for those services to ensure their websites are secure. With paid services the website owners are usually allowed to put some sort of graphic on their website that links back to the latest test results to allow visitors to verify whether or not the website is secure. If you see one of those graphics on a page, and can click on it to verify that it is valid, then the website is more than likely secure. If there is no such graphic on a website, then there will be no publicly available way to verify the website is secure, however this does not mean the website unsafe. As an example, GT500.org doesn't have a graphic/button/etc. that you can click on to see if the website has been tested, however it is tested weekly for security vulnerabilities by Beyond Security and is almost always given the highest possible score (when it isn't, any security issues are dealt with quickly).
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    The secure connection (HTTPS vs HTTP) has nothing to do with whether or not the website is secure. It has to do with whether or not your connection to the website is secure, which is intended to prevent snooping on communication between you and the server more than it is anything else. Man-in-the-middle attacks can still expose the contents of secure connections, but if a website is configured correctly then it is extremely difficult to do that. A hacker can compromise a website and replace legitimate downloads with infected copies, and this has happened before (ClassicShell and AmmyAdmin are a couple of examples). With popular software (7-Zip for instance) there shouldn't be a BB alert, since it would be trusted by our Anti-Malware Network. With less popular software, it does become more problematic, however a user can search for the SHA-1 hash provided in the alert and try to find information about the file in question.
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    Depending on what you use the servers for and how important any data is, I strongly recommend you to invest in a reliable backup system and security software instead. It might also be a good idea to ensure you use strong RDP passwords to avoid server hacks (no matter what security you have in place, if the server is hacked via RDP, an attacker can bypass anything).
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    Hello, a2guard.exe is the visible protection process (to put it simple, the Emsisoft icon you see in the system tray). However actual protection drivers start a lot earlier. For example epp.sys (the Emsisoft Protection Platform driver) starts very early in the Windows boot process in order to ensure a protected system even when no user is logged in yet and no other programs have been started.
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    It's real but in typical enSilo manner blown out of proportions. Any decent HIPS or behaviour blocker will protect from the attack out of the box. For example: No updates needed.
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    I would like to see over the next versions to implement this add new option in Privacy - Control Web Camera and microphone detection (use by application, use by process or similar).
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    Hi, Please implement that the firewall alert do show the remote domain name instead of just the IP. That is very helpful when deciding if it should be allowed or blocked. OA did have this feature and that was my main reason for choosing it. I had to change to EIS yesterday and I find the FW alerts somewhat lacking.