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    That's correct. We don't exclude all system processes from injection in case they get replaced by malware, and since Windows won't allow injection when it's a legitimate system file with strict code signing requirements then it isn't going to cause any problems.
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    I'm glad to hear that you found the answer to your question. If you need anything else, then be sure to let us know.
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    Advanced users can still see if we block something by checking on VirusTotal.For those who don't know what to do with that list, it doesn't need to be there. It's just a type of simplification, so that only custom rules are shown now. Yes, the host rules are still there, they're just not displayed anywhere in the UI anymore. No, that was developed to supplement the Surf Protection, and not to replace it.
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    We removed the tracking hosts from version 2019.1. They were problematic at best, often breaking websites. Browser extensions (uBlock Origin for instance) tend to be much better at filtering that kind of thing, as they can filter based on more complex rules which are less likely to break things.
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    https://www.kuketz-blog.de/browser-add-ons-wie-antiviren-hersteller-ihre-nutzer-ausspionieren/ Ein sehr seriöser Blog.
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    Sorry, der Beitrag wurde aus Versehen verschoben. Sollte jetzt wieder richtig sein. Ansonsten war die Inkludierung von Emsisoft, wie vom Autor in seinem Forum bereits bestaetigt, ein Versehen seinerseits. Wir verschicken keine vollstaendigen URLs. Wir verschicken nichtmal Domainnamen im Klartext. Wir verschicken ausschliesslich Hashes von Teilen des Domainnamens, die von uns nicht einmal zurueck in einen echten Domainnamen umgewandelt werden koennen. Die Idee ist im Endeffekt nicht, dass wir wissen wo da jemand grade rumsurft, sondern nur, dass wir genug Informationen haben um 99.9999% aller schaedlichen URLs die wir kennen auszuschliessen. Das Ziel ist die Liste an potentiell moeglichen schaedlichen URLs soweit zu reduzieren, dass es praktikabel ist sie zurueck an den Browser zu schicken, damit dieser dann schauen kann ob sich der User grade auf einer bekannt schaedlichen Seite aufhaelt.
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    With notification turned in in EAM setting I was offered the option to install it via clicking on the slide info. (No need to have a Microsoft account to get this from the store in case anyone is wondering) Installed and running
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    FYI: I've been told that Michael will more than likely no longer be able to help. If your files were encrypted recently enough, then the STOPDecrypter may still be able to recover them. If the ID the ransomware gave you matches the one at the following link, then Michael's STOPDecrypter will be able to recover your files: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/671473/stop-ransomware-tro-djvu-rumba-openmetxt-support-topic/page-31#entry4673086
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    Hello Cube, this is Sebastian from Emsisoft's Channel team. Thank you for your feedback and longstanding promotion of Emsisoft. We will soon introduce a way for registered Emsisoft partners to send their customers free trials (by email) without the need for them to sign up. The partner can then monitor if their customer started installing/testing, if they encounter and request help with any malware issues and follow-up at the end of the trial. If you are a registered Emsisoft partner, I can also offer you some free trial license keys that you can give out to your new customers. Please send an email to [email protected] addressed to me, Sebastian, including your partner registered company name and/or email and a reference to this request of yours. If you are not a registered partner yet, please register (for free) on https://www.emsisoft.com/en/partner/join/ . Kind regards Sebastian Ehrhardt Partner Manager Emsisoft Ltd - www.emsisoft.com
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    Hello, This is legitimate. You can read more about it here: https://blog.emsisoft.com/en/32517/new-in-2018-12-safe-web-browsing-with-emsisoft-browser-security/
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    Using an outdated browser is a security risk. I recommend finding some way to upgrade to the latest Firefox (at least version 64) so that you're as safe online as possible.
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    I would rather have "broken sites" than trackers. Easy to allow them, if needed. Only reason I stay with EAM is "SURF-PROTECTION" Can't use your extension. Will not upgrade to the latest Firefox, and will never use Chrome or Edge browsers.
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    Good Job, Emsisoft every day better!!!!
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    "We are hiding the build-in hosts for the same reason as we hide signatures. This is internal stuff and has no added value for users." No value for dummies, is this what you think your users are?😒 I remember when OS Armor was bought out by you, the owner said it would be the greatest piece of software, WRONG! Man, how can you wreck a piece of software. Sorry, but that's the truth.
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