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    Yes. This is new variant of Scarab Ransomware There are many variants and iterations, most of which have a common encrypter, but differ in the composition of the ransomware group. I have compiled a free decryption request for you. Most likely, decryption is hardly possible without a sample of a malicious file. https://support.drweb.com/process/?ticket=NPPH-TU22 Even if there is a sample, it is very difficult to calculate the decryption key now.
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    As soon as you assign a license to a workspace, it will be moved from your personal licenses to the Workspace. All devices that use that license and are connected will stay connected. The connection with cloud is not optional in such cases anymore, as EAM uses its license This behavior is intended. When you want to remove a device from the Workspace, you can either choose another licence in EAM, after you logged in or switch to trial in About / License: change license In fact, when you remove the device from the WS, EAm should popup the change license dialog automatically, but that doesn't happen yet.
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    the Ransomware need decryptor.... they removed shadow volume copy, so wont be able to restore and also encrypt the original file, so no point of using data recovery tool. Please suggest
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    We have implemented this feature in Emsisoft Anti-Malware 2019.7 and current version of Cloud Console.
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