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    hey guys, it's really an emergency ....i bought my emsisoft anti malware cd about 3 months ago ........................it worked fine for about a month the after that it showed the following message: " A MAJOR PROBLEM HAS PREVENTED THE APPLICATION FROM STARTING.ANTI-MALWARE CAN'T CONNECT TO THE SERVICE APPLICATION.PLEASE REBOOT YOUR PC AND TRY AGAIN OR CONTACT SUPPORT IF THE PROBLEM PERSISTS " i have tried restarting my pc but no success so it will be very helpful to get help immediately so my pc stays safe, will be very happy at any kind of help regards " ultimoreymistico "
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    Hi ultimoreymistico, Before re-installing You might try clicking on the windows globe and typing in SERVICES.MSC Click on services above that Scroll down to Emsisoft Anti-malware and double click it the start-up should be set to Automatic See Screen Shot Make sure its automatic Hope that helps,
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