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    I take it you are referring to CIS v6. If so, CIS has by default their Behavior Blocker enabled, which in turn will work how 5.10 used to work in terms of protection from HIPS. Mamutu is a Behavior Blocker, which is a variation up until a certain extend HIPS. In any case, it is best if you disable CIS's behavior blocker if you wish to use Mamutu. Mamutu on its own holds its ground. That is not to say you do not need an AV, because you still do. My best advice, without being biased, would be give both a try for awhile and see which one you prefer. PS: if you were referring to CIS 5.10/5.12, simply exclude Comodo's 5 processes in Mamutu and exclude Mamutu's 2 processes in Comodo.
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