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    Hallo Supportteam, seit dem Update auf Version wird mein Rechner während des Signaturupdates vollständig blockiert (Usereingaben werden teilweise noch entgegen genommen, jedoch erst dann ausgeführt, sobald EAM den Vollzug des Updates meldet). Gibt es dazu eine Lösung? Vielen Dank! Ausstattung: Betriebssystem: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 Windows Defender: Aktiviert Firewall: G-Data Personal Firewall Antivirus: G-Data Internet Security 2014
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    It would be interesting to have a reply to the concern's about OA's default configuration here and not on Wilders. This is the place where people that use OA should expect a decent reply to the very disturbing results in AV comparative's test. I also find Fabian Wosar's reply to the RDP issue (basically confirming RDP access will always be allowed by default, since the RDP port is not part of the restricted port's list) to be quite surprising. How is it acceptable that in its default configuration, OA behaves worse than the native W7 firewall?
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