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    I can understand being upset, there have been irksome issues with the all in one for me also but usually work it's way out. MS is notorious in making big changes just before launch that end up breaking things for software developers, it's happened over and over so no surprises there for me. Honestly, the fact the firewall is the only thing not working is pretty good. As for other software, I've tried 7+ other solutions, norton, kaspersky, gdata, panda, avast, avira, etc ended up going with emisoft because the resource usage on my system is lower than kaspersky, better detection rates than avast (plus updates don't hork machines like avast has done twice), and doesn't allow virii to infect my machine like panda has done. Don't let me stop you from looking for another AV just letting you know it's not a perfect world. I would avoid norton and mcaffee only because you trade virus protection to only have your machine protected by a virus. Removing norton from a machine is more painful than most virii. Anyway, good luck.
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    Yes, this is a known issue. Please feel free to keep an eye on this article for Windows 10 compatibility information.
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    EIS is incompatible with Windows 10 atm, due to Microsoft KEEPS breaking Emsisoft firewall core. I would just wait and use Windows defender temporarily until Emsisoft staffs say everything is good to go.
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