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  1. You must have had Beta Updates enabled as EIS 11 is still beta, and that kind of problems can happen with Betas Remedy. Uninstall 11 and then install 10 again and make sure that "Beta Updates" is disabled (unchecked)
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  2. Upgrade from EIS to EIS (Beta) I currently have for the 'Advanced Firewall Settings' to "Ask" to allow incoming/outgoing firewall rules. (all 4 options are set to Ask) Application Rules did not Update after Upgrade ----------------------------------------------------------- After the upgrade/restart i deleted the custom rules to allow ports 80/443 and yet it still allowed the connection even after restarting firefox and did not prompt me to allow it again either. So I went to Settings -> "Factory Defaults" this seemed to d
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  3. Why bother. That test is just a test by Comodo to prove Comodo is the best. Kind of reminds me of the silly tests that to get to run you have to disable most of your security and then the test says you failed. I've tested EIS/EAM against real malware and I am protected.
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  4. I believe that if you do a fresh install then the installer automatically select the correct version for you. For those with x64 systems that upgraded from 10 to 11, the EAM/EIS folder will remain in Program Files (x86).
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  5. Read my post again please. If you're not ready to deal with betas, don't use them
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