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  1. @fax Wrong way. I'm not looking for double protection and that kind of stuff. Standalone EIS doesn't work properly, at least for me. It's the firewall that seems to have issues with the broadcom driver. When I turn EIS' firewall off, things work fine. With Comodo instead of EIS' built-in firewall, it works perfectly well. Outpost has issues with the broadcom driver as well. Not on Win8.x, but on Win 10. Microsoft has changed the underlying network system with Windows 10. That's why about every firewall didn't work anymore unless they were accordingly updated. To me, it looks like only Como
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  2. @Alexstrasza Read AGAIN! I disabled EIS Firewall and tried other options to find out what the problem with EIS STANDALONE is. It's the firewall part. It's having issues.
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