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    Hello to all. I have some questions abut the behavior blocker. I try to understand why programs like firefox, SupportAssistAgent (dell), vlc, open office... are flag as something bad when I update them or uninstall them- for example. When I uninstall firefox/vlc I get "Behavior.AutorunCreation". When I update SupportAssitAgent I get "Behavior.HiddenInstallation" even it trusted by you (SupportAssitAgent.msi) http://www.isthisfilesafe.com/sha1/CBD1065789C88216A63AF3850B16A7898E28BFAF_details.aspx. When I install OpenOffice I get "Behavior.CodeInjector" All the programs are trusted, so why the behavior blocker alert and let me to choose to allow,block or quarantine the application? if a program is trusted why I need to make this decision? I try to understand the logic of EIS when I get alert when I want to uninstall a program, and open source one? If I get alert in trusted programs, How can I trust the behavior blocker when I get alert about other programs that Less known? Thank you.
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