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    Hi CBMan, Thank you for your suggestion. As the idea seems fair to me, I added your suggestion in our tracker. Will be discussed soon and then we will decide if discard or work on it. Thanks again, Orlando
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    As in v11, I've noticed that EIS performs its auto-updates (signatures and software updates) during system startup. While it makes sense to do this as soon as possible, in practice it causes problems on older systems and even newer systems with slow HDD drives (many laptops). There's too much hard disk activity during startup (especially with several programs present in the startup list) and the system can become unresponsive (even unusable) for some time (usually short, but still an issue). EIS can add a significant amount of HDD activity during startup. My suggestion is to add a small delay and perform these updates after the startup sequence is well complete (similar to the "Automatic/Delayed Start" option found in Windows Services). It could be added as a performance option, close to "Activate memory usage optimization" for example. I don't believe it would be a security issue to delay the updates for 1-2 minutes or so.
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    I will have the tool developer take a look at the files included in the Crypto.rar archive file you provided.
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    Hi Stapp, Each feedback will be reviewed by the project manager and by the team that will (in case) make modifications to give to our users the best experience possible. So we are pretty far to make conclusions. Thank you, Orlando
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    Hi, Thanks for your suggestion. I added to our feedback list. It will be processed soon by the right person. Thank you, Orlando
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