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    Yup, you're correct. OpenDNS has limited malicious/bad site blocking (they focus on long-lived stuff like botnets) and phishing protection. Quad9 uses a bunch of vendors' threat intelligence feeds to block malicious and phishing sites. Comodo is vague, but claim they use RBLs. They aren't RFC-compliant with regard to DNS TTLs. No idea whether they redirect on NXDOMAIN (I don't trust Comodo as a company, so I haven't used this svc) Norton uses their own threat intelligence feeds to block phishing, malicious sites, etc, but last I checked, they redirect instead of returning NXDOMAIN, and partner with ask.com for that monetization stuff (yuck).
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    Dear Nick0708, Thank you for your request. Please excuse the circumstances. If it should still not work for you, please could you let us know the following additional information: 1. Is there any other security solution installed on the device? 2. a) Please open the settings of your mobile device and choose "Security settings". b) Is Emsisoft Mobile Security listed and enabled as "Device Administrator“ there?
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