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    it has been but a year, since you have made the changes, to go without a firewall. my urge for you to reconsider the firewall. I sincerely believe, that your firewall made a difference, because the people who used it.... understood that what was not implicitly allowed, would be denied. and thus, there would be no service, for what was not implicitly allowed. i know i have come a bit late into the game, but i still believe, one year later. that the Emsisoft firewall, did me more good, than any other alternative. I do not trust the Microsoft firewall, and for good reason... because Microsoft, is only interested in selling itself. There must always be a system of checks and balances, one thing, that checks another... i think the one thing that needs to be checked, is Microsoft. and not just that, but its firewall. There is a reason why, people were upset with you for giving up on the firewall, its because, we knew that you were diligent in your efforts. Yes, a breach of security is often dealt with, with a change of file architecture, which your software monitors closely.... but i also believe, the strength behind your software, relied on the multiple approaches in security... a close watch on the traffic. i say all of this, from a session i have had... i play a game called HalfLife, but it runs from a platform called Steam. in order to support the servers, the servers make requests to host ads on their servers, which comes through the steamwebhelper.exe application, which seems to accommodate itself as a web application... but now i suspect it might even circumvent that..... and may even be going through the steam executable itself. in the past, i was able to block the traffic and allow what was absolutely necessary, but now, i am fairly certain, my system is exposed, vulnerable to every attack. i trust in Emsisoft, to leave no stone unturned... and if all else, an investigation.... into whether the software of today is providing the same service, if not better, from the one of last year. My urge to bring back the software firewall, is as dire, as the day it was taken away. please reconsider.
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