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    Most free security and free anti-viruses software will not protect against crypto-ransomware and hacker attacks. Using these programs only gives you a false sense of security against such infection and attacks in addition to wasting a lot of computer resources. If you do not have money to purchase comprehensive protection, I recommend to use 30-60-90 daily trial versions of paid products. In my opinion, changing protection every month and taking advantage of full security program functionality for 30-60-90 days is a good practice. There are legitimate sites that from time to time provide special offers and a legitimate license to use various products including anti-virus software. It is your right and choice to choose and use 30 days or more of comprehensive protection when such promotions are available. If you wish, I can advise you the names of such sites and provide links where to go in order to take advantage of these promotional offers. https://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ - daily software offer https://sharewareonsale.com/ - daily discounts, excluding 100% Free Office https://www.freeoffice.com/ - modern office suite fully compatible with MS Office https://www.freeoffice.com/ru/softmaker-office-hd-android - version for Android FreeOffice 2018 is a full-featured Office suite with word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. It is seamlessly compatible with Microsoft Office and available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Becoming a licensed user in a legal way is now easy and simple! No need to download cracked and repackaged programs, no need to use illegal activation programs.
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