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    Hi so i had a Q about EAM Behavior Blocker cause i can't just find any white paper etc to see how it works actually the Q is that does EAM BB learn how malwares act and stuff like machine learning u know.. the main concern is so we submit an undetected malware to the Emsisoft malware analysts, they will detect it as malware and will add it to the database, so EAM will detect the malware itself from now on, but what about the upcoming malwares with the "same" behavioural algorithm you know? does the behavior blocker learn the algorithms as well? so it can be a self progress or something as well ? Regards,
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    Emsisoft Anti-Malware earns VB100 certification in April 2020 tests by independent security experts Virus Bulletin. The post Emsisoft earns VB100 in April 2020 tests appeared first on Emsisoft | Security Blog. View the full article
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    Usually C\ Users\Public\CrashDumps
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    Such tests aren't reliable. They aren't actually malicious, and may not be blocked by our Behavior Blocker like real ransomware would.
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