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    That means you have files encrypted by an offline key. They can be decrypted WHEN/IF Emsisoft recovers the offline/ private key. Suggest you run the decrypter on a test bed of some of these files every week or so to check. Emsisoft doesn't announce key recoveries. Suggest you run the decrypter NOW.
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    Trojan.Encoder.11539 (Dr.Web) - is GlobeImposter Ransomware A Variant Of Win32/Filecoder.FV (ESET-NOD32) - also GlobeImposter Ransomware Victim ID is similar to the one that uses GlobeImposter. ESET-NOD32 defines Maoloa Ransomware (Win32/Filecoder.Maoloa.A) good, after my publications and many samples. But Maoloa began to copy almost all the elements of the GlobeImposter in the latest versions. So additional analysis is required to be more precise. But that will not change anything. Both of them cannot be decrypted without paying a ransom. No free decryptors.
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    Awesome. We're always glad when we can help.
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