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    I don't think it's possible to decrypt more recent versions of WannaCryFake, however if the decrypter doesn't work then you can attach a few encrypted files and a copy of the ransom note to a reply and I can ask our malware analysts if they're decryptable.
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    We use a number of mechanisms to try to determine the trustworthiness of applications (most of that involves our "Anti-Malware Network"). While we're always working on our detection technologies, I wouldn't expect to see any major changes in how our behavioral detection systems work in this regard. At least not in the near future. Applications have to actually do something to trigger behavioral detection, and many games actually do one or more things that our Behavior Blocker monitors for.
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    @GT500 Hello. This refers to the other that we call Alco Ransomware or Maoloa-Alco Ransomware There is not a single decrypted variant.
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