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    More than likely 3DMark's software has an issue with the kind of hooks Emsisoft Anti-Malware opens to monitor it. This is something that they will have to fix, as it's a bug in their software.
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    You need to specify either a type of scan (a2cmd.exe /malware or a2cmd.exe /deep) or specify a path to be scanned (such as C:\). With the commands you used, A2CMD won't scan the majority of the files on the drive.
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    I should add: I have notes which suggest the remap (recalculation of a machine key based on its connected hardware) can happen up to 5 times per day before you have a problem. You can temporarily get around this by limiting EAM's update frequency to "every 6 hours" which means it'll only remap four times per day. I know this is going to cause me problems because my next desktop PC is going to have multiple caddied drives on it.
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    This wasn't about malware. This was about serious vulnerabilities in processors that could have exposed information from any running process. This information could include anything you had open at the time the vulnerabilities were exploited. Financial information, password databases, browser history, etc. And it is exploitable from within a web browser, so all you'd have to do is visit a malicious website. As I said, I highly recommend leaving the mitigations turned on. Microsoft's latest patch for the Spectre v2 mitigations (released March 1st) does help with performance issues.
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    The Behavior Blocker will catch the payload. While it does have some exploit protection, it isn't intended to provide a full range of exploit protection, and thus will only catch certain exploits.
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    Hallo eric cartman, vielen Dank für die Fehlerberichte mit Screenshot. Ich kann mich noch an Problem 1) und 2) erinnern und werde den Fehler noch einmal zusammen mit 3) melden. Gerne werde ich auch den Vorschlag bezüglich aufgeklappter Menüpunkte an meine Kollegen weitergeben. Danke für die Unterstützung. Ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende!
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    Siehe hier.. https://support.emsisoft.com/topic/30508-build-9204/?tab=comments#comment-190523
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    I'm fairly certain that no security software can provide adequate protection against these vulnerabilities, especially since they are generally exploited through otherwise trustworthy software running remote scripts (such as web browsers). The performance gain would be minor. The amount that the patches effected performance was extremely dependent on the number of users on the system, and thus terminal servers and certain "cloud" hosting servers suffered the greatest performance impact (maybe 15% to 20%). For the average home user, I would believe the estimated reduction in performance was 5% or less. Admittedly the conditions under which the patches caused performance reduction may have been different for each patch, as there were a number of different vulnerabilities related to similar CPU technologies, and of course one or more patches for each of those vulnerabilities in order to try to mitigate them. If you want to play with the mitigations for these vulnerabilities to test the performance differences of the system, then I recommend making an image of the disk first, that way you have something to restore the system from when you're done or if anything goes wrong.
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    The gold star is an indicator for Admin mode. When you have activated an administrator password to lock EAM for unwanted manual setting changes. When you open the main program and enter the password to unlock the program, the Goldstar will show up The Pacman is the indicator for Game mode which was renamed to Silent mode a while a go,.
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    > reduced contrast... @Jimbo - If you mean grey text on a white background, I'm not a fan either. But have you tried Settings - Advanced - Appearance? The 'Dark' option makes the background colour of quite a lot of the GUI black, with white and coloured text on it. You might find it easier to read. No apology required.
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    @Jimbo - There's an on/off control in Settings - Notifications.
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    Hallo Eric Cartman, vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Ich habe bereits meine Kollegen informiert. In der Tat eine Falschmeldung; wir haben diese behoben und die Änderung wird mit dem nächsten Update veröffentlicht. Danke für die Unterstützung. Ich wünsche einen schönen Tag!
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    no tried because version 11 used my CPU. I back version 10 and waiting for Stable of version 11 EIS WE ARE EMSISOFT USERS and WE LOVE EMSISOFT
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