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    Official word is, "yes". We will give free license extensions to anyone who upgraded to Windows 10 and was unable to use the firewall. Once the issue has been resolved, please either submit a support ticket in our helpdesk system, or send a Private Message on the forums to me (English Support) or Thomas Ott (English/German Sales). Be sure to mention that you would like to have your license extended due to the Windows 10 issues and include in your message any license keys that were in use on a computer with Windows 10. Feel free to link to this forum post if you would like to.
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    Today, we've received information that our Dutch team member Rob R. passed away yesterday afternoon, after suffering from an unexpected heart attack last Wednesday. Rob was our lead software tester and we always admired him for his special eye to track down the most tricky bugs. He joined our team more than five years ago by voluntarily sending over a brand new and complete Dutch translation of our software. Shortly after he initiated our efforts in offering physical delivery of our software on CD boxes and USB sticks. He also demonstrated a great interest in testing security software which recently led him to becoming our lead tester for Emsisoft Anti-Malware and Emsisoft Internet Security. Rob will truly live on in our memories as a valued team member and friend.
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    I just bought Emsisoft Internet Security software, and started to play with it last night. I must say, I come from several years of experience using Comodo Internet Security. When playing with EIS, the first thing I did was this: Protection > Firewall > and click on the button at the bottom: "Automatic Rule Settings", and set everything to "Ask". The reason behind this, is that I do want to explicitly know what is being allowed/blocked in my firewall software, and why (including protocols, ports, etc) For me the default "Allow" configuration for Automatic Rule Settings is a mistake: I DO want my firewall to ask me what should I allow and what not, even if the app/dll donig the request is considered "safe". Windows 10 has many dll and modules that try to access the internet and that I would like to be blocked (or by default, "asked" what to do). An example of this is: C:\Windows\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_*\SearchUI.exe, since I do not allow my Search UI nor Cortana to perform request to the internet (and even if you deactivate Cortana, SearchUI.exe keep trying to reach internet!). Google Chrome is another example: a considered "safe application", which by default has EVERYTHING allowed. Why?? You have already a "Web Browser Rule" template, and you know Chrome is a browser: why don't simply assing to any identified browsers this template? Makes completely sense for me. NOTE: allowing any browser ALL for incoming/outgoing requests, is to open a portal to the internet Jungle, which is always a bad practique. Other thing: Protection > Application Rules module. Every time I open an app to see its rules, I get a completely nosense "Autorule" description: this FORCES me to open that app entry, to see what is being allowed/blocked there: why? Please remove this nosense "Autorule" description, and put something much more meaningful for users, like: [ACTION] [PROTOCOL] on [PORTS] on [iP ADDRESS]. Example: "Allow Outgoing TCP port 80, 443 to Some_IP_Address". Isn't this MUCH better and descriptive? In fact, this would not force me to open the details of the firewall incoming/outgoing rule........ since I am already seing what is going on. NOTE: The majority of the firewalls out there describe firewall rules this way: and it is THE way of doing it. "Autorule", simply tells me nothing. Another thing..... every port allowed/denied in the firewall rules detail, are mixed and without any separation: HTTP ports (80, 443, 8080), mixed with IMAP ports, mixed with FTP ports, etc....... this is simply not good for users. A much better way, is to create rules PER-Request type, let's say "Mail" "HTTP, "FTP", "SSH" and so on..... instead of a single rule merging every single allowed port. Please listed to this customer, I really like EIS, but I do want the firewall module much more improved in the future.
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    Hardik587 You are indeed becoming most wearisome. There is an old expression among diehard Texans. "No matter how much you kick a dead horse it won't get up" This is exactly what you are doing.
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    Hello, please send me your license key via PM (personal message). I will add some days to your key as a sign of goodwill.
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    What I find interesting is that many security-conscious users do not consider this. Some people do everything to make sure no personal data is being collected by applying the most complicated security settings (both in Windows and third-party applications), but they do not consider even for a moment what their AV might transmit. On the other hand I find it sad to see that programs that are supposed to protect you, and that are trusted by the ones using (and often paying for) them, in fact collect so much personal data. In my opinion if you commit to protecting a computer you should apply the rules to your own product as well. Ironically, many PUP products are accused of collecting personal data and they all do their best to convince us that they really don't do this. There are cases where security products actually collect more data than the PUP programs they detect.
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    Perhaps add to EAM an option to disable this feature? Not all of us are gamers ..............................
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    The option in the McAfee product that was showcased runs a scan on startup, which is wasteful of system resources and needlessly slows down computer startup without adding any extra protection. The protection in our products starts before the user has logged in to Windows, and if the option in the File Guard settings called "Protect the computer even if no user is logged in" is enabled (this is the default configuration), then our protection will be running and monitoring anything that is executing on the computer during at least part of the startup process.
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    Hallo und vielen Dank für die Anfrage bei uns im Support-Forum. Bitte vielmals um entschuldigung, bei einem Upgrade zu Emsisoft Internet Security wurde scheinbar die Rabattstufe nicht richtig auf den neuen Lizenzschlüssel übertragen. Ich habe das nun für Sie nachgeholt und eine Verlängerung mit angemessenen Kunden- und Mengen-Rabatt ist nun über unsere Verlängerungsseite möglich: http://www.emsisoft.de/de/order/renew/ Da das Lizenzende schon sehr bald eingetreten wäre habe ich die Lizenz ein wenig verlängert so dass genügend Zeit für eine Verlängerung übrig bleibt. Vielen Dank dass Sie unsere Softwarelösungen verwenden. Sollten noch weitere Fragen bestehen, so stehe ich gerne dafür zur Verfügung.
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    Isabelle, I am going to have you run 2 tools that target Adware and Junkware in general. Download AdwCleaner and save it on your desktop. Close all open programs and Internet browsers (you may want to print our or write down these instructions first). Double click on adwcleaner.exe to run the tool. Click on the Scan button. After the scan has finished, click on the Clean button. Confirm each time with OK. You will be prompted to restart your computer. A text file will open in Notepad after the restart (this is the log of what was removed), which you can save on your desktop. Attach that log file to your reply by clicking the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply. NOTE: If you lose that log file for any reason, you can find it at C:\AdwCleaner on your computer. Download Junkware Removal Tool and save it on your desktop.Run the tool by double-clicking it. The tool will open and start scanning your system. Please be patient as this can take a while to complete depending on your system's specifications. On completion, a log is saved to your desktop and will automatically open. Attach the JRT log file to a reply by clicking the More Reply Options button to the lower-right of where you type in your reply.
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    Upgrade from EIS to EIS (Beta) I currently have for the 'Advanced Firewall Settings' to "Ask" to allow incoming/outgoing firewall rules. (all 4 options are set to Ask) Application Rules did not Update after Upgrade ----------------------------------------------------------- After the upgrade/restart i deleted the custom rules to allow ports 80/443 and yet it still allowed the connection even after restarting firefox and did not prompt me to allow it again either. So I went to Settings -> "Factory Defaults" this seemed to do the trick, and this time asked me to allow the port connections 80 / 443. Real-Time Firewall Blocking ------------------------------------ At first I allowed port 80 / 443, and then tried adding a BLOCK TCP/UDP 0-65535 (below to the first rule) i could still browse successfully (where before in v10, 0-65535 was over-riding everything) However then i removed the rules, then tried this time to "block" the connections, except it was still allowing the connection, even though 80 / 443 were blocked. It wasn't until I restarted firefox that the blocking rule took effect. so it appears real-time firewall blocking of the application is not quite working. Real-time Application Blocking (or Suggestion) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Another issue ,prevalent in v10 also, is when you block an application in Application Rules or Behaviour Blocker, it does not close the application once blocked, it just prevents it from running the next time. Where in v9 i remember it used to close the application immediately once blocked. Automatic Custom Montioring (Suggestion) ------------------------------------------------------------------- Even though I have automatic firewall settings set to "Ask" about trustworthy applications, the behaviour blocker still sets everything to "All Allowed", so each time I do say.. a Factory Reset or new install, I have to reset each application to "Custom Monitoring" if I want to be confronted with potential behavioural threats. The behavioural blocking is the pride and joy of EIS, so I think it should be an option in "Advanced Firewall Settings" to set "All Allowed" to "Custom Monitoring" by default. Which will warn you about code injection and such. Automatic Behavior Blocking Template(Suggestion) ----------------------------------------------------- Also think you should be able to create something like a Template that applies to all applications by default, for example.. "Block Backdoor Related Activity" "Block Spyware Related Activity" could be set by default, based on your template you created. More Detailed Information About Intrusions (Suggestion) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I mentioned in the previous suggestion about behavioural blocking, and how it warns you about code injection and potential intrusions. These errors can come from system applications, for example... when changing personalize settings, a message appears saying Explorer.exe wants to change something, or when Firefox tries to run a program from the downloads menu, it will say something along the lines that Firefox is acting like a trojan or something to that nature. These are scenarios where it was likely a false detection, but was warning of a potential problem, which is great! However, there are also scenarios where Explorer.exe or Firefox.exe may be doing something it shouldn't, and yet the options are to Allow something potentially bad, or Block, which closes the application, not really knowing what you just blocked. So what i'd really love to see.... is the offending command, i believe v9 had it right... when it popped up the behaviour, it gave you much more verbose input, like Explorer.exe -> Shell32.dll -> hotdog.dll -> somethingweird.exe then i could tell the difference between, a simple desktop entry being modified, or of an actual threat that needs to be dealt with. So would really really love to see an option in "Advanced rule settings" for [ X ] verbose behaviour messages Application Rules & Behavior Rules Merging (Suggestion) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I think v9 also had it right in this case.... all of the application rules were all in one neat tidy window, maybe i'm a little daft, but i don't quite understand why these two are seperated, and why some applications will show up in Behavior Blocker and not in Application Rules, and if i want one in the other, i have to create the rule myself. Then tediously set everything to Custom Monitored, to get it to monitor its behavior. Theming (Suggestion) ---------------------------- I know i've said this before, but i'll say it again... i'd love to have an option to theme/skin the EIS application, maybe to something with more neutral colors. Insights ---------- If everything gets automatically allowed, then its only passively protecting the system for the sake of letting Windows run smoothly, The goal here is easy to use security, i think its important not to let security take a back seat for the sake of making it easy to use. In the Blog you make mention that everything should be kind of behind the scenes without much intervention and fiddling around with settings, however I think a lot of people don't really mind the extra popups as long as they know their system is actually being protected. Special Thanks -------------------- I'd like to thank the emsisoft team for their dedication and hard work on this amazing application. I hope everything i've said has not been discouraging but has inspired you to keep working to make this program even better. Keep up the good work, and please tell Santa about everything on my wish list.
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    Dear nine9s, Thank you for contacting our support. If you change hardware when your license key is still active our system will make no troubles if you simply install Emsisoft Anti-Malware on the new computer and activate it with your existing license key. If the old system should still be in use at this point you would need to remove Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the old computer before you use your existing license key to unlock the full version on the new system, otherwise no additional actions would be necessary. Thank you for using our software solutions! Should you have any further questions, please just let us know.
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    Good morning. Can we expect to get a fix for the updates not working soon, please? Having to disable the firewall to get updates seems an important bug to me. Thanks in advance and best regards, François
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    I don't have any insight in the test-methodology apart from what the article states, but a few observations make me doubt the relevancy of this test: The test compares a number of different products: antirootkit scanners and anti-malware scanners. This makes no sense to me. TDSSkiller is an excellent Antirootkit scanner in my opinion, but it is a limited tool, you cannot compare this with a anti-malware scanner like EEK or MBAM because its simply a different product. The tested malware is for the most part very, very old and not seen in the wild anymore, even though the article states 2015 and "in the wild" in the title. To give a few examples: Alureon/TDL3/4 hasn't been around "in the wild" for at least 3 years (and thats estimating it very loosely) The article listed is from 2010 (!) http://contagiodump.blogspot.gr/2011/02/tdss-tdl-4-alureon-32-bit-and-64-bit.html?m=1 The same goes for ZeroAccess/Max++. The latest usermode version of that rootkit was active in 2013 and after the botnet was taken down for a large part, there has been no re-emergence of this malware. However, its kernelmode version was quite a bit older, this was last seen in 2011. Sure, its interesting to see how products perform against such rootkits, but how useful is it? Those rootkits were "retired" for a very good reason, they can no longer infected today's OS versions. Finally, I'm not one to make accusations, but I don't like "sponsored by..." tests. I'm fully willing to believe that Zemana was indeed the best product to remove all these infections, but I just think its not the best strategy for any testing lab to let a sponsor also participate in the tests, just to avoid any possible doubt as to the objectiveness of the test results.
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    Only 2 av's were listed as the most privacy conscious... and Emsisoft was one of them http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/antivirus-tracking-youd-surprised-sends/
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    MRG Effitas - авторитетная независимая организация ,занимающаяся исследованиями безопасности в интернете, которая сосредоточена на обеспечении эффективного сравнения, анализа образцов вредоносных программ, новых угроз и другой информации в этой сфере.Ниже приведены суммарные результаты вендоров по всем группам исследований с начала 2011 года.
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    Nee, alles in Ordnung Downloade dir bitte Combofix vom folgenden Downloadspiegel Link 1 WICHTIG - Speichere Combofix auf deinem Desktop Deaktiviere bitte all deine Anti Viren sowie Anti Malware/Spyware Scanner. Diese können Combofix bei der Arbeit stören.Starte die Combofix.exe und folge den Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm. Wenn Combofix fertig ist, wird es eine Logfile erstellen. Bitte poste die C:\Combofix.txt in deiner nächsten Antwort. Hinweis: Solltest du nach dem Neustart folgende Fehlermeldung erhalten starte den Rechner einfach neu. Dies sollte das Problem beheben.
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    Здравствуйте! Всем известно, что данный продукт не умеет лечить.. А ставиться на чистую систему, для того, чтобы предотвратить её заражение. И с этой задачей продукт справляется на все 100%. Очень жаль, что Вы разочаровались в данном продукте.. Однако по своей архитектуре, по качеству обнаружения новых угроз и т.д этот продукт занимает нишу одного из лучших вендоров! За все время использования Эмсика, а это уже более 3х лет, я ни разу не пожалел о его приобретении. Верьте в себя и в свой антивирусный продукт! Всего Вам хорошего!
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    Эээ... Проблема в бетке Убрал галочку с бетки и все базы обновились без проблем.
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    Hello, please take a look in the Registryeditor for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VBoxNetFlt and remove it. If you have any more questions or problems, just let me know.
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    Here are the reports. Also, received error report that C:\$mft is corrupt
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    Or even SuperAntiSpyware or Ad Aware. It's not about 'what is the correct term'. Its about connecting with the buying public. Their ears and eyes are tuned to the words 'Anti-virus' and their reasoning is 'anti-malware' is a side-issue.
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    MRG Single Product Flash Test – Emsisoft Anti-Malware, November 2011. Суперово!!!
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    Wow! That would be small thing to forget "ThreatFire"... you mean (?) And?... Please tell if you found the cause related to that. ====== most likely redundant info below Anyway since I prepared some after reading your previous reply I will post it ... even if nothing applies it may help in other situations ======= I am not sure I can see how that related to A-M at the moment from the description, except you are saying that disabling the guard helps. I am not using Vista but I hope that H_D may help to provide Properties info for the standard Notepad and you can do the same. a side note: that may not relate but still … If you search out there there are reports for Vista slow file opening (notepad included) but as I briefly noticed that was in time of SP1 Any reasons that you are still using SP1 but not SP2? You didn't answer the question about the size of files you are opening and whether that matters? Can you try to open any other file with Notepad like .log/ .ini. Will you experience the same effect? Are you using any add-ons / typing enhancements for Notepad? Well, again not really A-M related but there are several things that improve file opening and in Notepad in particular: - try to uncheck Word Wrapping – that really reduces opening time, but for big files. - In Explorer / File Options / View Tab find and uncheck "automaticaly search for network folders and printers " Have you ever connected this PC to the LAN? There is a weird thing: when you do the above some associations for opening files can be changed for network names “\\” in the Registry and another interesting article comes to mind (but I cannot find it right now) programs' network rules could be set that they are accessing particular IP addresses and when PC is disconnected that is still happening until that times out. Therefore, there is a delay that could be around 30 seconds before the file opens normally. You may check if there are network activities when you are opening files with Notepad. Any logged events in the System/Application Event viewer at the moments when you are using Notepad? You can clean IDS Log and check what is logged there as well at that time. Not much help and no more ideas at this point. My regards
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