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  1. Glad to see the problem disappeared. Gabbie, I've fixed the threat title now.
  2. No worries. I think I've found the reason for that problem. Does it still ask to reboot now?
  3. Does anyone of you have debug on and could send their latest a2service_*.log file please?
  4. Let me respond to that with another question: Which things are you missing in EIS and why do you think these are helpful to protect your computer?
  5. I disagree with that statement to be honest. There are plenty of vendors who just focus on one thing and are vastly successful with that concept. A small product range helps to bundle all available resources on one goal and makes it easier to be the best in a specific segment. Multiple similar products can cause confusion at customers, leading in overall lower sales. Online Armor was competing with Internet Security and we struggled to communicate the differences well. Which led to a higher refund rate for Online Armor and overall lower customer satisfaction. Which doesn't imply that the product itself is bad. It's just in a wrong environment at Emsisoft. That's why I wouldn't hesitate to sell it to someone who wants to focus on it in a proper way.
  6. We have offered it to some of our business contacts and we definitely wouldn't charge too much. But it's not only about compiling a set of code files. The product requires some online backend infrastructure that can't be developed within a few days. A good part of its power relies on the server side databases and algorithms that require ongoing maintenance and improvements. To be future proof, the product also requires some code changes. Just to name a few: IPv6, full unicode support, Windows 8 driver model changes, etc. These all are doable but not trivial I'm afraid. Only a very small number of software developers have the required skills to code firewall drivers that don't crash all day long. Based on our experience firewall development is one of the most challenging areas of software development you can think about. Windows API documentation is generally poor and you have to expect to find bugs in Windows that Microsoft doesn't even know about (had a few cases in the last year).
  7. I'd be happy to sell it. Find me a buyer please.
  8. The Shariff solution looks very elegant and I'm watching the project for quite some time. They released a new version a few months ago https://github.com/heiseonline/shariff It doesn't 100% meet our requirements but we may adapt some things from it and replace our current social media buttons. It's already in the works.
  9. I admit it is a dilemma that we're facing here. On the one hand we would like to maintain the highest level of privacy for our website visitors, but on the other hand we'll have issues cutting us off from the whole social network scene completely. We can't neglect that social networks became an essential part of any online marketing activities today. I'll take personally care of this matter to see how we can reduce the number of third party module on our websites to a very minimum. Thanks for pointing it out!
  10. Es geht noch viel weiter: Unsere gut 25 Leute sind quasi über alle Zeitzonen verteilt. Von Osten nach Westen: Neuseeland, Indonesien, Indien, Russland, Weißrussland, Ukraine, Rumänien, Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, Niederlande, Portugal, USA und Brasilien. Emsisoft war von Anfang an zu 100% virtuell organisiert. Vor 11 Jahren war das noch etwas außergewöhnliches, heute gibt es viele noch deutlich größere Beispiele, u.a. Wordpress mit weit über 100 Mitarbeitern. Eine virtuelle Struktur erfordert ensprechend hohe Sicherheitsvorkehrungen (niemand im Team hat Zugriff auf alles) und absolutes Vertrauen in jedes einzelne Team-Mitglied was Ethik und Datenschutz angeht. Mit der Zeit entwickelt man auch dafür ein ganz gutes Gespür denke ich. Die Ortsunabhängigkeit ist für die Mitarbeiter ein nicht zu verachtendes Goodie und hat es letztlich auch mir selbst erlaubt, von Österreich an's schönste Ende der Welt umzusiedeln.
  11. The 250 PCs edition is meant to scan and clean 250 different machines per license year. That estimates to about 5 machines per week which is supposed to fit for a smaller computer repair shop or similar.
  12. A new beta build is available via online updates now. Changes in version compared to the previous version: Fine tuning of the installation process. Improvements in license handling and license settings. Fixed a server OS detection problem. Fixed a potential crash bug when removing host rules. Fixed incorrect infection types in quarantine list. Fixed a few minor GUI glitches. Fixed a problem with decisions cache in real-time protection. Fixed a few permissions related issues. Fixed an occasional performance problem when cleaning infections.
  13. Sorry, it will not be the final version for sure. Btw. please don't use any of our logos as avatar. That might be misinterpreted by our customers as an official representative of Emsisoft, which you are obviously not.
  14. A new beta build is available via online updates now. Changes in version compared to the previous version: Redesigned permissions settings dialog. Improved and fixed permissions handling. Added a couple of new help icons next to GUI controls. Custom scan page now remembers name of settings file that was loaded/saved. Significantly improved scan speed of Commandline Scanner when scanning single files. Improved error handling in Commandline Scanner. Improved settings storage system to avoid data loss on hard resets. Improved stability of real time protection in case of high number of malware detections. Fixed a problem with Windows safe mode. Fixed several potential crash bugs. Fixed several minor GUI glitches.
  15. Norgetroll, ich würde fast so weit gehen und fragen, warum die Software nicht sogar den ganzen Screen verwenden sollte. Welche Informationen von anderen Programmen sind für dich relevant während du die Konfiguration von Emsisoft Anti-Malware durch gehst? Ich denke, dass unsere Software ohnehin die volle Aufmerksamkeit braucht für die kurze Zeit, in der das Fenster typischerweise offen ist. Insofern könnte es auch fullscreen laufen, wie viele andere Programme auch. Die Begründung "weil es die anderen Antivirenprogramme auch so machen" lasse ich nicht gelten. @eric cartman: Eine ernst gemeinte Frage: Verwendest du dauerhaft 800x600 und warum? Welche Gründe gibt es für diese extrem niedrige Auflösung? Selbst Windows setzt 1024 voraus mittlerweile und bei der niedrigsten Netbook Auflösung von 1024x600 läuft es eigentlich einwandfrei mit dem Scrollbalken.
  16. Unsere Statistiken zeigen, dass niedrigere Auflösungen als 1024x768 so gut wie keine Verbreitung mehr haben. Da ein größeres Fenster mehr Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten bietet und eine größere Schrift vor allem unserer großen Masse an älteren Nutzern zugute kommt, haben wir uns bei der Konzepterstellung für Version 9 (vor gut einem Jahr) dafür entschieden. Uns war dabei klar, dass wir mit den höheren Systemvoraussetzungen den einen oder anderen Nutzer verlieren werden, aber unterm Strich überwiegen für uns die Vorteile. Wir erhalten von unseren Kunden derzeit auch mehr Lob zur neuen Oberfläche als Kritik an der Fenstergröße, wenngleich Kritik immer unweigerlich sichtbarer ist in einem öffentlichen Bereich wie dem Forum. Bezüglich Änderung: Mit einfach mal alle Elemente zusammenziehen ist es bei weitem nicht getan. Es müssten tausende Elemente dynamisch in der Größe verändert und positioniert werden. Bei nativem 800x600 Support ohne Scrollen würden wir z.B. auf der Übersichtsseite alles unterhalb der farbigen Kacheln verlieren oder die Proportionen derart verzerren müssen, dass das ganze nicht mehr vernünftig aussieht. Im Moment kann ich jedenfalls ausschließen, dass wir hier eine Rolle rückwärts machen werden. Die Mehrheit unserer Kunden verwendet bereits Full-HD oder noch deutlich höhere Auflösungen und selbst auf Kleinst-Geräten wie Tablets oder Netbooks wächst der Anteil der Full-HD Displays rasant.
  17. Die aktuelle Beta läuft weitgehend stabil, daher wird es nicht mehr sehr lange dauern, bis wir es offiziell releasen werden.
  18. Apart from the fact that our notifications are far from being intrusive, I believe you have a misconception of the term freeware. Freeware almost always refers to software that acts as an advertising utility for paid products or services. The difference is only how well that fact is hidden by a developer. Some developers don't hide it at all and add adware tracking software to get directly money, which is not the way we want to go from an ethical perspective. Others see the software itself as the advertising for another software with more features, which is what we do. The security news are part of the free version's feature concept. Others make freeware without any ads, just to get well known as a person in order to get paid contracts later, which is why many open source developers do what they do. But the truth is, in all these cases the freeware is actually a marketing and advertising utility. Nobody can effectively live from air and love only, we all need to pay our bills and there are very few people on earth who just develop stuff because they only want to make the world a better place and don't need any financial support.
  19. Johnwrites, since our company is not labeled "charity" or "non profit organization", of course, the purpose of the whole Emsisoft Emergency Kit product is to support sales of our paid products. But that's not a trade secret anyways. It's really interesting to see that you expect from us a continuous service (spending thousands of hours of development time + providing 24 updates a day to catch millions of threats + paying for update traffic on our servers + free online support) but you are not even willing to pay the tiny price of clicking away one small news notification box once in 1-2 weeks in exchange for that. If that offered deal is a bad deal in your opinion, you are free to avoid downloading our software. Especially for the Emergency Kit it's pretty simple to get rid of it if you already have it downloaded. Since the software is portable, means without any installation, you just have to hit the delete key on the whole folder. Btw. almost all freeware product include the one or the other website link which 'technically' makes all of them adware. However, the common definion of adware usually is that third party ads are rotated in a special area of the software, tracking your every actions on the PC and generating click-payments for the software vendor through ad networks. Which is all not the case at Emsisoft.
  20. We aim to provide only useful information through these notification boxes. No third party ads are displayed and no user tracking is involved with displaying these boxes. The news headlines and web links are transmitted to the software during online updates only. News interval is usually 7-14 days and content includes helpful security knowledge articles and general important news about Emsisoft such as release of new products or new major version updates. It's not meant to be any hassle to our users but since the freeware software doesn't come with an automatic update feature and we have no other way to communicate with our anonymous users, we feel that we need a way to transmit relevant news information once in a while. As mik already outlined, these notifications can only be disabled in the paid version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
  21. Nach Ablauf des Intervalls startet der Updater. Wenn dieser aber 5 Minuten braucht, um die Dateien herunterzuladen und zu installieren, erhöht sich die Gesamtzeit auf 35 Min. Das ist letztlich ein Sicherheitsmechanismus um zu verhindern, dass mehrere Updates gleichzeit ausgeführt werden, wenn das Intervall kürzer als die Downloadzeit ist.
  22. A new beta build is available via online updates now. Changes in version compared to the previous version: Fixed problem with multiple browser tabs when clicking web URLs. Fixed updater problem that causes occasional hangs. Known issues: EIS: Browsing might be slow with enabled firewall. EIS: Main application may crash when disabling firewall.
  23. A new beta build is available via online updates now. Changes in version compared to the previous version: Enhanced factory reset feature to reset logs and detection counter. Outdated updates now triggers orange mode after 48h. Enlarged click area of guards ON/OFF checkboxes on overview dialog. Improved updater logic and display. Improved handling of reboot for software updates. Improved handling of Anti-Malware Network notification popups. Fixed failure of Anti-Malware Network lookups during online updates. Added code to avoid multiple simultaneous starts of Emsisoft Commandline Scanner. Fixed several Emsisoft Commandline Scanner display issues. Fixed surf protection host list search feature. Fixes tray icon guards state issue, visible on system boot, when "protect if no user logged on" is disabled. Improved logging for firewall activities. Fixed several minor GUI issues. Fixed access violation crash bugs. General stability improvements. Known issues: EIS: Browsing might be slow with enabled firewall. EIS: Main application may crash when disabling firewall.
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