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  1. I'd suggest to use the settings export feature for that. Export all your custom host rules, edit the txt file (clear it) and import the file back to reload the config. You can find the import/export on the first tab in the settings menu.
  2. One could argue that the higher amount of daily signatures is reason for a better detection. Therefore I wouldn't count it as a weakness to be honest. Actually it's an advantage for the users. We're working on a very high level here. Increasing an average detection rate from 99.8% to 99.9% may require thousands of additional signatures.
  3. We're adding signatures for 30,000-50,000 new types of malware every day. Without updates, they wouldn't be detected properly. I'm afraid there is not much we can do about the update sizes.
  4. We're currently moving our servers to new hardware. It seems that the datacenter messed something up. We're currently investigating. Sorry for the unexpected downtime!
  5. No news on this topic so far, sorry. We'll anounce it in our beta forum if we have something to show.
  6. Hi Jim, I was wrong, the software already supports passing multiple values for the same parameter. I missed that this was added a while ago. There are two ways of scanning multiple folders: a2cmd c:\temp\file1.ext c:\temp\file2.ext The other one is by using the /f parameter and comma separated list: a2cmd /f="c:\temp\file1.ext","c:\temp\file2.ext" We suggest you decide for one of these, but not mix them please. I can confirm that there is a counting bug in the statistics. It will be fixed with the next build of the software. Thanks for letting us know!
  7. Please note that the /f parameter supports only one object. The list in the logfile contains different types of scan, such as file path, traces, etc. It does not represent the arguments passed via /f.
  8. That's because it has to load more than 10 million signatures at each startup. While Emsisoft Anti-Malware usually already loaded them earlier via the Service component on windows startup. So opening the main windows is much faster there.
  9. Not within the next few months. The behavior blocker module is continuously improved and updated via online updates of course.
  10. Did you change the local PC time? Does the expiry remain after running an online update?
  11. Das Emsisoft Internet Security Pack besteht aus zwei eigenständigen Lizenzen für Emsisoft Anti-Malware und Emsisoft Online Armor. Bei Ablauf der Lizenzen können beide gemeinsam vergünstigt verlängert werden, egal ob die Produkte gemeinsam oder eigenständig (oder zeitversetzt) gekauft wurden.
  12. It seems there are an important file missing in the update feed of a2cmd. That caused the scanner to detect nothing. Sorry about that. It's fixed now. We'll have a look at the /dq problem.
  13. I can't confirm that. The package is updated once a day. a2cmd is no longer available as standalone download on our website because it is bundled with Emsisoft Anti-Malware as well as with Emsisoft Emergency Kit. The direct link to the file is provided on request only.
  14. You log doesn't contain any (B) engine findings. It seems there was an error loading them. Did you run a2cmd from whin an Emergency Kit package or as part of Emsisoft Anti-Malware? a2cmd.exe v7.x can't work with the Emergency Kit right now.
  15. Additional note: The community recommendations are only displayed if a certain number of users already voted. You can be sure that you don't get a recommendation based on 10 users only.
  16. Did you recently switch the language? Please close the window and open it again. Is it still displayed in wrong language then?
  17. I'm sorry but we're unable to name a precise release date right now, since the internal beta testing just started. But it is to be expected 'soon'.
  18. Did you have MS Outlook open during the update? If you have email scanning enabled and one of the files used by Outlook needs an update, it is required to either run the update while Outlook is closed or perform a reboot to replace the loaded file.
  19. If you run a2cmd.exe from the anti-malware installation folder, it basically executes a regular update of anti-malware. That includes updating all signatures and program parts. If a2cmd is run standalone from another folder it updates only the signatures and program parts of a2cmd with optional beta update tree.
  20. To import a hosts file open Emsisoft Anti-Malware -> Guard menu -> Host rules -> "Import hosts file" at the left bottom. Currently there is no way to automate that action, sorry.
  21. The performance settings apply only to the on demand scanner. Realtime scans never really use a high amount of ressources so it isn't necessary to limit them.
  22. Service Packs usually include many more changes than just a set of individual patches that are available for standalone downloads, so you should really try to install the full service pack correctly. If there is no way around, you can bypass the service pack check on the Emsisoft Anti-Malware setup using an additional run parameter: EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup.exe /SKIPSERVICEPACKCHECK However note, that this is not recommended to use at all and we can't support you if you have any stability issues caused by the outdated operating system. During development we don't test the software with outdated systems as virus protection makes only sense if the operating system fundaments are current and safe.
  23. Das sind die Dateinamen der BD-Signaturenupdates zur leichteren Identifizierung beim Testen.
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