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  1. Hi Tyler Do you mean the "empty Executable" file name? ... most likely or the files that "suppose to be created"? Are you running localized system? I hope that the developers will reply and add some info My regards
  2. Hi Baserk, Neither EAM nor Mamutu can be updated at this very moment Could be a temporary problem with the server(s) or just scheduled maintenance procedure Please try later My regards
  3. Hi alexo2003, welcome to the forum In addition to what H_D pointed please read this thread regarding heuristics and the answer by Fabian Wosar #4 My regards
  4. Hi Kees, That is very old thread - initially 28 September 2010 ... "problem returned recently". Where and when? What system you are using? Please provide more information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) Nothing like that ever noticed recently whether that is - XP SP3 32 bit; - Win7 32bit - Win7 x64 Can you post any details, please in order to clarify the matter My regards
  5. Hi suliman258, welcome to the forum Basically manual (off-line) update is not officially supported. You have to be sure that all executable modules are up-to-date as well and the latter, when necessary are delivered together with differential Signatures updates ... but here is quite recent answer from the developers: (see the begining of this reply)Keep in mind though that this way you will always download whole set of Signatures (currently ~ 85MB) There is no special Removal Tool. Using system's Add/Remove usually does the job If there are some troubles, which is rare - there is a simple manual "Clean Uninstall" procedure You can read this and the subsequent links as for the Setups download - here is the link with all the latest Packages My regards
  6. Hi nomonhan, welcome to the forum 1st, beta & stable versions are in sync at the moment v5.1.0.10 Then, what was described in this thread before seems to be fixed. See the test scenario below. Tested on win7 x64 Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) and in addition state the browser you are using - that is important 1) mediafire is blocked by internal Built-in list / & hpHosts you can download hpHosts and see its content as well 2) You can try to edit the above rules or you can create user defined Rule, which I did 3) notes about different Browsers: - Internet Explorer 8 will ignore initial blocking rule anyway and I can access the site. That was reported many times already, but that is a different mater, which has to be addressed by developers the site is accessible when all blocking rules are in place - Chrome and Firefox Site is not accessible when the default "Block"-rules are in place Chrome & Fox now can access the site after the Rule was changed to "Allow" as mentioned above My regards
  7. Thank you for reply, Fishsmell Hardware specs are important, but what was suggested as in the referd thread - the Software Environment, so the developers and users can see whether that can cause clashes I'm glad that the issue is solved As for that's why there was the question regarding mutual exclusions.At the same time that's not clear what's that "weird tmp_file" Maybe you will consider posting into OA section with more details about the file & the described measure taken That could be be helpful to the users of OA and probably to the developers Sure - no obligations Cheers!
  8. In addition to the above The roll back to stable test was easy. No differences. As I pointed - both versions are in sync currently indeed so no scanning/updating issues As for the Hosts Rules that you've reported - as I said "basically" those are working, but there are some problems, which are not related to what you've posted in this thread Those were reported long time ago, and I hope the developers are addressing that as you can see Fox is working according to the rules - I've changed it to Alert PortableApps. The same alert will be fired by Chrome & Iron You can change the rule to "Block" when alert is in place and again Fox/Chrome/Iron will obey straight away, but not IE It's fine with me since I am not using IE, but anyway - has to be fixed My regards p.s. similar issues were discussed here 2 users reported that all is fine now
  9. Hi na_iche, and thanks for the reply I am no sure what "faulty update" that "was taken back" you were referring to, since as posted here/in another thread/and in my PM in Russian to Illuminati ... I could not replicate the problem and most likely "missed" ??? that "wrong update", if any Most importantly I'm glad that all is working according to the rules now Cheers!
  10. Hi Fishsmell, welcome to the forum Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) Most likely the program stared as well. Please see Processes. In addition to a2service there is Mamutu. Is it? Have you excluded Mamutu from being monitored by your security (AV and Firewall's HIPS if any, etc.)? That is not a solution, but have you tried manually start Mamutu? Most likely the icon will appear in the SysTray It happens here (on XP) very rarely, but I am using beta, so ... some things can happen I'm sure the developers will answer your question after you provide more info My regards
  11. Hi Mr.H, I think that the similar issue was discussed here (most of descriptions are in German) What OS ; SP are you running ; what other security? Are you running EAM beta? As for <a2guard; a2service; bugreport>.ELF bug reports (see with Notepad) - have you got the report window being displayed? If so it is preferable to send send, it (them) straight to the developers I'm running EAM beta (see my signature); a2service v5.1.0.11 After reading posts I started the system - Got normal auto-update; - Custom scanned big system folder with no issue; - Edit existing App. rule to block a program and that works fine as well - Manual update was successful too (received new Host blocker module) Had no time to test Hosts management thoroughly, but it seems like working too My regards p.s. Will try to revert to the stable version later, but as far as I know beta & stable are in sync now
  12. "google-analytics" is not on the "default list" if you mean the "Built in list" by thatThe latter contains "google-analytica.com" or google-analyzing.com" set as "Block & Notify" Neither "google-analytics" is a part of the hpHosts at the moment Therefore as mentioned above, please post the specific site that you added, because I could not reproduce any "reappearing" of any user-created rules if that was removed As you can see from the described in previous posts there are indeed issues with the Hosts management, but not the one you are reporting Again - you should not tamper with a2user.dat unless the developers will confirm that is a "proper" method. I haven't heard about it yet Then, as it was asked, please show the Reg. entries as in attached examples with respective keys, where we can see that particular user-defined rule(s), which is allegedly reappearing My regards
  13. Thanks 4 the reply H_D, they will not, but please tell & post any example of that "when & If" It would be highly appreciated if you can test at least those specific sites mentioned using different browsers as posted above Cheers, man!
  14. Thanks you for the reply, Stuart Now it's clearer since you've mentioned using LAN and and Bonjour Service I hope that OA experts will help you despite as noted above it will be helpful if you post the rules created by OA regarding iTunes and respective services Other than that and basically out OffTopic/out of scope here: 1) Bonjour Service was uninstalled as part of Adobe CS Suite(s) long time ago. No matter whether I use standalone or networked computers. Nothing except troubles you can get out of it - it's useless; 2) I and all my clients do not use iTunes or anything by Apple where PC's are involved. I use QuickTime Alternative only; 3) I do not have any issues with managing/writing/synchronizing any types of media using iPOd(s), IPhones, IPads etc. Just search the Net and you will find free Utilities like CopyTrans Manager for doing that ... some management may need Python for creating DB structure for iPOds, but that is basically very easy Finally, sure if your choice is iTune and the respective services - that must be figured out and eventually work My regards
  15. Hi Stuart, welcome to the forum Please post the rules created by OA regarding FireFox; Thunderbird; iTunes Yes. MicroSoft can re-enable native FireWall no matter what 3rd party Firewall is installed (different story), but ... that's the 1st I've ever heard that the native Windows FireWall can be activated by just disabling any 3rd party Firewall - if that's the case - that would be completely wrong and unneeded action & that's indeed strange Do you have standalone PC? If so, have you disabled Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) as well unless you are using it? That will not allow MS (or any 3rd party) to re-engage the native Firewall in 99.99% of cases - you will be notified by the System Please be more specific about "although" ... some iTunes related services have startedWhat services? And then, are you saying that even OA is OFF iTunes would not work?... that's not clear Strange again Have you ever installed any 3rd party Firewall prior to installing OA? In addition you can always Search the forum - in this case you will find some discussions like this one probably that may help and /or you can join that related discussion as wellMy regards
  16. Hi H_D That is not a solution by any means irrespectively Block/Notify as a default setting should work - it doesn't Then sure, I tried changing the rule as you recommended - to "Alert". I did that before many times and reported here and into the Internal forum (when I was able to in the past) loo...oong time ago about inconsistency and not working Hosts rules especially with IE Short message: That doesn't work! The issue of changing the default setting to "Alert" is not what the OP asked for The only thing I can confirm again as posted in #3) above - if the rule was deleted - there is no reoccurrence of that rule. No reboots are needed - that was fixed Other than that you may experiment with user-created rule for "google-analitycs" or the sites like "odnoklassniki.ru" and alike - that is not user defined rule - that is an hpHosts rule being there for ages You will be able to access those sites - no warnings/no alerts/no blocking ... when using IE - 100%! So,I did change the rule for "google-analytics" to "Alert". Nothing! IE/Firefox/Iron I "succeeded" eventually by firing up Firefox in Safe Mode and just accidentally (stressing) the similar with Chrome after rebooting win7 please disregard "Block Host" option - that will work the rule will be changed, but play with other options so the "Alert" is always in place You may or may not get this alert (most likely not ever anymore) but again only with Chrome & Fox in Safe Mode I would be glad to be corrected in case I've made some mistakes with those numerous experiments Otherwise, it seems that this long going issue left unattended despite many reports and I hope that the developers will eventually address it and give us some answers Cheers! p.s. {added} ....forgot... try explicitly typing "google-analitycs" into the address bar. I 'm sure you will be In - no Q asked ... except occasional Alert when using Fox Safe Mode
  17. Let's hope the next morning will be much better better morning & respectively the attitude Thanks for your post, stapp, which is basically reflecting/supporting all points I was trying to convey in my reply Changing of current attitude / willing to help/ providing necessary sufficient information - that's the only way in order to resolve the alleged problem... if any Cheers!
  18. Hi orangeninja, welcome to the forum. ...but the tone and a manner of your post is definitely (at least) not friendly There are thousands of users of OA (different flavours) There are questions & requests posted here and into the old OA forum All of them were resolved... when & if users are tolerant and in addition are willing to help providing sufficient information If you want you can at least provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) It's not a matter of "free" or paid product. Both can be installed and working perfectly It's a matter of you are being incapable neither installing current Security Software properly and prior to that uninstalling previously present Security properly (I have no doubts/questions about it) and in addition providing needed information about the specific issues you are facing Please calm down & post required information ... Otherwise basically: good luck! My regards
  19. Hi Mr.H, thanks for the reply Yes & more Those and other "Hosts-related" beta updates were integrated into the stable version already. See: http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3696-stable-updates-%E2%80%93-2011-02-24/ and http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/3859-stable-updates-%E2%80%93-2011-03-10/ Re: your previous post It's not very easy to read it despite the colored parts. Please use proper quoting or no quotations at all just use <<Add Reply>> Back to the essence of the request 1) you must not tamper with a2user.dat file by any means 2) all needed management was implemented in current version including separate User Entries/ Predefined (Internal) entries / Search / etc. 3) Adding and removing user defined rules now is working properly (fixed as I said). See Attached Images. But if you have an issue please provide more info that's what I meant in my reply. 4) Browsers tested: IE8; Google Chrome; Iron; Firefox. The latter was tested in two modes - Safe & Normal. Safe mode was used because google-analytics is blocked by default when you are using NoScript and/or RequestPolicy add-ons So, the deleted rule did not reappear, compare to what you reported 5) what is not working though : Despite "Block & Notify" Rule I did not get any blocking/notification - that is a question for the developers and for other users. I hope they will test it 6) re: Registry entry. What I was talking about was "hosts" sub-key , which previously was in place. Not anymore. In the past that entry contained all user defined hosts rules (similar to App. Rules & WhiteList) The users were asking for saving (exporting/importing) created rules (you can search the forum) Previously the advice was - save those Reg. entries. Now the management moved completely to a2user.dat in this respect 7) There is no reference to "a2user.dat" in the Registry neither on XP nor on Win7. See the exported key attached. So I am not sure about Can you attach it here as well as for a big part re "injected code" ... Well... that has to be seen yet since EAM has strong self-protection. If you would provide some evidence - that will be appreciated , but at the moment that's absolutely separate issue and completely unrelated here as far as I can see it. Please feel free to create a new dedicated thread. Let's get some explanations from the developers about few hosts-management related points here My regards
  20. Hi Jack421, As you were advised previously here Hopefully you've read about "HiJack"(s) logs already - that's basically useless unless specifically required ... as aboveRather provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2) iCall works fine with native windows Firewall (FW); Comodo FW; ZoneAlarm FW , etc. Therefore. please post more detailed info regarding the rules created by Online Armor for iCall Are you saying that your main e-mail client stopped working?or what method of e-mailing your friends were you using? Was it "Email Configuration" by iCall as well? I hope if you will supply such & more details that will be much easier for OA experts here to assist you My regards
  21. Hi Mr.H, If the Guard is Off there is no way Hosts/Surf Protection is in place I was reporting an issue about inability to change hosts rules in one of the recent versions - - that was fixed There is no issues with that as I can see it on bot (XP & Win7) Please be more specific. Post an examples Sure, the Hosts Management was changed recently There is no "hosts" entry in the Registry Several messages to the developers about changing the management completely to a2user.dat (instead of Registry as previously) internally or openly were left unattended / just being ignored at the moment. I 'm sure they will enlighten us soon regarding the matter Again, please give us an example - I personally do not have this issue neither on XP 32bit nor on win 7 x64 ... hmmm ... despite who would ever care about any cookies ? ... different matter 1st do not rush with uninstallations ... then, "alleviated" ? meaning what? "customized infection" ??? woW!! Can you, please be more specific about that claim? Finally, as I said, personally I do not have any issues with current implementation of Surf Protection and Hosts management ... few things were fixed recently (see the Changelog) Sure we need some explanations re: a2user.dat, and not using the Registry anymore but that's mainly it My regards P.S. Please provide more detailed information about your System Environment as in Forum Posting Rules #2)
  22. Hi John, welcome to the forum 1st please try what was suggested by H_D regarding Refreshing the license. Then, you can login into Customer Center or email - see Sales and Licensing and provide all required information. Finally, please remove all private info (phone & e-mail) from your initial message and never do that posting into any open forum. Save yourself from getting spam with all consequences My regards
  23. Hi stapp & valrick The basic Sys-config is stared in valrick's signature Well, most of Software installed are way out-dated! 1) There is no such thing as "a-squared" any more for a "loooong" time already. It's EAM v5.1.0.10 currently (free & full Suite are in sync at the moment) v4.5 ??? must be "clean-uninstalled" & reinstalled after downloading the latest Setup available - no Q about it! 2) SuperAntiSpyware - current version is 3) MalwareBytes - is v1.50.1.1100 & DB=6015 4) Finally , stapp will is OA-expert ... so she will tell you about the latter, which is out-dated as well, as far as I can see 1st things 1st, valrick - you have to fix all that & then (I hope) it will be easier to assist you Cheers!
  24. Hi skokospa, welcome to the forum The thread you posted in was about slow GUI startups ( actually noticed on XP only) - not the usage of the memory & CPU during the Reboot Those are different issues And as you can read from the report above that problem was fixed in beta & then recently the fixes were applied to the Stable version (free and full Suite) As for the issue you raised - as Fabian Wosar said "Dozens" is correct figure, but on several contemporary win7 x64 laptops I've seen ~130-140! If you want to reduce the system load (& ease EAM's work respectively) On Reboot, please analyze your system and: - Disable or set as "Manual" unneeded services that are starting automatically (see Black Viper's Configuration Examples and Recommendations ); - Uninstall and or disable startups of many useless programs, which are usually pre-installed; You can use Autoruns in conjunction with Process Explorer; - Disable some & many Scheduled tasks that you don't need; - etc. After my tune up procedure the clients have ~45-60 needed processes on Reboot instead of ~140 - big difference! That will make your system boot much faster and will definitely & substantially reduce the number of processes being scanned In addition you can consider using "OnExecution" option only in EAM, because that is not about just executables, but in many cases it's about the files they may create/modify during their startups. Therefore, if you have "OnAccess" in place those newly created/modified files are scanned as well My regards
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