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  1. Thank you for your replies. Since the a2wl.dat file relates to the threat data base I think it is confusing to say that OA components have also updated when only the threat data base has updated. Of course, since my initial inquiry I believe OA has actually updated COMPONENTS, leading to a new version of OA about twice. The difference is this: update to a new threat database requires no action on my part but the news of new components causes me to look around and see if anything is different. Particularly, I may need to adjust some settings. In the case of threat data base only updates, the component entry should be omitted.

    Regarding the window problem: I have disabled the firewall log and the problem has occurred at least a couple of times. I was about to zip the log file but I got a long yes/no dialog that I didn't understand and wasn't comfortable with and need more instruction.

    Also I wish to report that a number of times since the original upgrade to 5.1 the computer has booted with one of the 4 OA components not loading, as seen in Task Manager. Twice I have specifically noted this to be oacat.exe.

    And this brings me to another problem. If OA has to be shutdown or if a component does not load on boot, you have to reboot to start OA. It typically doesn't do any good to go to Start Menu. I don't know if it's ever done any good. Instances of these latter 2 problems are likely also in the debug log.

  2. Thanks for you reply. I'm afraid I have not made myself clear. The caption for this support request/forum topic is an exact quote from OA History. This appears in addition to: "New treat database has been downloaded and installed". Although other COMPONENTS have been downloaded since OA actually updated to 5.1, recently a2wl.dat has been downloading. Something has downloaded every day since the original install to 5.1.

    Attached are log files. I don't know if it's the right file. I wanted to attach the entire log folder but couldn't see a way to do it. Please give instructions as to just which files you want.

  3. My Online Armor Premium started trying to update to 5.1 on about 9-23. It finally got the update straight on about 9-25. But every day since then it has updated re the above history entry. I have watched some of the updates and it says it is updating one or more components. Is it really? Are new fixes being made daily?

    Also, I am annoyed by the recent problem, apparently connected with the update, that I can't get OA off the task bar, or whatever you call the bar at the bottom of the screen, without right-clicking on the OA icon on the right side of the taskbar. When I do get the window up it is in the small version instead of the large the way I had it. I want to be able to bring the window up the way I bring up all other windows, by left-clicking on the minimized window on the taskbar.

  4. Thank you. It showed up in OA history and is in the OA Programs section. This is just recently. I'd never seen it before and the 4 exe. components of OA that show in task manager do not show in Programs. I was suspicious and did not think to look for it in Windows program files. Thanks for the lesson.

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