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  1. I'm translating from Portuguese to English, I'm sorry if you have some errors. Incredible your suggestion because I was going to say exactly the same thing, I would like to see the attacks being blocked by Emsisoft, do not need to generate an alert showing just have the information in the firewall log. I hope the company will add this function to the Emsisoft firewall because I particularly like Emsisoft products a lot but I miss this information. The ZoneAlarm firewall reports all the network-level locks and still shows the IP of the attacker, I particularly find this spectacular, incredible! I hope that the Emsisoft people do the same with their products, I believe it is something simple. Emsisoft Firewall Log shows only the internal control of applications, not information that involves network protection.
  2. I also noticed some rules more in firewall Emsisoft 12 , two or three rules the most , I was also curious about .
  3. Notei que o novo Emsisoft esta totalmente em português (BR) e isso foi realmente um bom avanço, notei também que existem algumas novas regras no firewall, quais foram as mudanças relacionadas ao firewall ?
  4. O novo Emsisoft 12 aparecente possui algumas novas regras em seu firewall, quais foram as mudanças?
  5. Comodo and Emsisoft

    Olá, então eu tenho uma duvida, o emsisoft antimalware não possui o firewall como o emsisoft internet security certo? Então tive a ideia de estar usando o Comodo Firewall juntamente com o emsisoft antimalware com a intenção de completar o meu Emsisoft, tendo assim um firewall também, pensei certo ou não havia necessidade ?