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  1. Oh Good Someone may fix this problem with a little bit of help from Me Thanks for all your help Roy
  2. Hi That's a bit strange, but have you tried beta v5.1.0.13 as suggested I have and it did not fix the problem and in addition can you attach the saved scanset file? I have attached the file -I had to change the extension from a2s to txt so I could attach it. I also had a look inside the scan file I thought it would have the scheduled time in this file? {added} I forgot to ask: do you have scanset file in the respective box after Reboot or it appears empty? (see "Additional Settings") The scanset file and full directory path is in the respective box after reboot. Roy
  3. Yes I did realise that If you setup a scheduled scan with custom settings, the scheduled scan will use those settings each time it runs. When you open the scan page, though, it will always show Deep Scan as being the default scan. These are two different things. Once the PC reboots and I do not open the Anti-Malware and I wait for the scheduler to start the deep scan starts instead of my custom one.
  4. Hi I can now create custom scans, thanks It works before I reboot. Once I reboot the PC defaults back to a Deep Scan. How do I make these custom scans run with the scheduler? Thanks
  5. Hi, I am using Anti-Malware How do you Save in scheduled scans to use Smart Scan and not Deep Scans?
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