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  1. Thank you! I've just reinstalled Anti-Malware 6.0.40. No reboot yet though and no problem also for now. I am running on Windows 7-32 fully up to date, i5 Intel 4GB, Nvidia 9400 + Outpost Security Suite Pro ver. 7.5.1 (3791.596.1681) up to date + Shadow v1.1.0.331 + Office 2010 updated, Image 5.2 + Memory Booster 1.7.7 + Sandboxie 3.6 Full Version + Robotask 4.4 + Unlocker Assistant + Process Hacker 2.2. I was doing nothing special when I got the BSOD - maybe surfing the web, nor anything very demanding on the system, apparently. Unfortunately, I didn't keep the dump, but, since I reinstalled the program and that conflict happened, it may do again. So if it does happen once more, I'll make sure to report back with the minidump at hand and hopefully more clarifying info. Again, thanks!
  2. Hi, Fabian: Sorry for this. I really didn't mean it. It won't happen anymore. So I should open a new thread with the necessarily detailed information? Thanks.
  3. Hi there: Anti-Malware (6.0.40) doesn't seem to be compatible with Outpost Security Suite. I got a BSOD when trying to run them together. Could you please confirm this? Also, when the user saves the whole configuration and then imports it, the web surfing settings (user-defined blocked urls etc.) are not restored... By the way, I am the translator for Mamutu and Anti-Malware. Tried to contact Christian about publishing a review of their language files, either through mail or PM, but I got no reply and am sure these files were NOT published. So could any of you forum admin guys make sure these file are forwarded to publishing folks? Here it's the link for downloading them: Thanks so much for your attention. Regards. MCHAL
  4. No Sandbox support planned for being included in the bundle? Guess that's a real general trend and a must nowadays.