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  1. I have just noticed that this particular behavior appears when the HIPS module is deactivated, if the HIPS module is reactivated then the problem rectifies.Is this how it should work ?
  2. Everytime I open the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer, OA pops up asking for permission for IE to connect to the internet and even I click to trust the program, OA everytime pops up everytime I open 64 bit IE asking for confirmation.Is this a bug or is something wrong ?
  3. Why is it suggested to reboot twice upon uninstalling OA? Is it typical for OA or does the same apply for all other low level software?
  4. Yes, you got my question correctly and thanks for the answer
  5. Can allowing updates of programs (Do not notify update of this program option) like Web Browsers lessen security in anyway?
  6. Does Mamutu require Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to work properly?
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