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  1. i use PM9 vpn when run and conect to vpn shows error massege when removed antivirus all program normal and no problem! conected vpn and run chess game!
  2. hi and thanks for answer Attachment 1 (no run chess and vpn service) Attachment 2 (run chess) Attachment 3 (run vpn service)
  3. no... i use normal mode... I think problem and bug via emsisoft... Also game mode not worked and shows error...
  4. tnx i did all those task and software shows error again ...Even game folders put whitelist ... not work! ...This answer not complete and not worked I have problem via v.p.n service...In this site Why talked impermissible and edit post? meanwhile... when remove antivirus all program normal !
  5. ChessBase - Fritz13 (game) not work and shows error see pic: http://www.8pic.ir/images/08848160891999270644.jpg when remove emsisoft antivirus than all settings and programs normal !! game worked
  6. hi when inestall and run emsisoft antivirus 8.10 windows detected problems when run and connect to vpn windows shows unknow message see pic: http://www.8pic.ir/images/01754932556597586534.jpg when remove emsisoft antivirus than all settings and programs normal !! vpn worked
  7. I have only use Windows Seven Illegal(cracked) But the emsisoft fully Legal In my country Can not find Windows Genuine No problem
  8. I use Emsisoft 7.12 (full update) and ran a scan it found Some virus... And all virus Cleared By EMS But rescan Finds two virus !! virus name: 1- http://www.emsisoft.....Alien Fleur (A) 2- http://www.emsisoft....stry.OneStep (A) and problem: Appearance all programs This Form Please Help!!
  9. This is my problem... We are waiting to solve problems Do not accept a three-user license EAM
  10. Sorry ... I did not Information about this subject Attachment File...
  11. I bought 3-user license Emsisoft Anti-Malware V6 , but only on one computer does error check a list in Here : http://cc.emsisoft.com/en/licenses/ of my 3 computers but only one works Two of the computers on license will be invalid messages http://www.enteruplo....12.43.jpg.html
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