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  1. Thank you catprincess. I'm away from that machine now, but will follow your advice when I get back to it. go2girl
  2. Thanks for the link, I'll give it a look and keep it for future reference. go2girl
  3. sded, Previously, I was using Zone Alarm Free and it has been completely removed. Good to hear these are not common problems, but I am bit disappointed at this point. I see several similar posting from others on these boards. catprincess, Yes, oaui.exe, oacat.exe, oasrv.exe, and oahlp.exe all show in Task Manager. I did try opening the interface from the Start Menu (several times), but there was no response. Thank you both for your quick responses. After 2 more boots, the GUI is no longer absent and the firewall seems to be working as expected. I will continue to try to identify the programs that are causing the slowdowns. This laptop is 6 years old, so a lot has accumulated on it. go2girl
  4. Due to recommendations, I recently switched to OA free from a different firewall, but have been having a lot of trouble with it. First, during installation, the Wizard hung for several hours. Trying to cancel was useless. I had to force the computer to shut down. After rebooting, I removed the file on which the wizard was hanging and after re-starting the installation, it completed and all seemed well. Since then, several problems occurred which seem to be from blocked programs. OA would freeze with the message: "The instruction at "OX00489cda" referenced memory at "Ox00000028". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program. or Click on CANCEL to debug the program. No matter which I chose, the computer would freeze and I had to force shutdown. After about 10 re-boots and various attempts to block/ask/trust/allow various programs, it seems the only way OA will run is to allow everything! The last time it froze, I tried to uninstall OA. It just froze again. Now the OA free firewall seems to be working properly again, but I have no Graphic User Interface. Should I try to reinstall or uninstall and then install again ? Are these problems common with Online Armor or just the new version ? go2girl