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  1. Well I must say that as a paying customer of OA I am more than a little disappointed with the response that I got from the support team. Slow to respond and I had to raise the matter several times before I got anyone to take the matter seriously. Unfortunately by that time I had lost all confidence in not only the support but OA itself. How can you have full confidence in a product when part of that product fails to work? How can you be certain that the other parts are working as you would expect them to work? Most things are about confidence and once this is lost then it is hard to get it back. I have used OA for several years now apart from when I initially bought my current pc which was Windows 7 64 bit. As soon as they started supporting 64 bit I immediately took out a subscription. As with any paying customer I have expectations and standards of what I should receive in return for a purchased product. I get very annoyed when I don’t appear to be getting the service that I had paid for. It is with deep regret that I have uninstalled OA, a decision that I have not taken lightly as I still had approx. 179 days left on my OA Premium licence. I have replaced it with another Firewall. NaughtyB
  2. Hi JWC Thanks for testing! I will post any updates from Rapport as soon as I get them. Kind Regards B
  3. The Rapport team have been very helpful and have had me try a few things non of which have worked. Their final correspondence was "We are very interested in the problem you’ve described. We have escalated your email to our experts for further analysis, and we will get back to you with their investigation results." As for OA users that have Trusteer Rapport installed. I am disappointed that no one has got back to let me/us know if the fault exist on their computer? It would go a long way in helping resolve the problem. I eagerly await a reply on both fronts. Kind Regards B
  4. Hi All Has anyone else come across this? Customer support say that they have not come across this issue on the combination OA + Trusteer Rapport Do you run Trusteer Rapport? Have you tried blocking a website in the domain section of AO? I can't do it when Rapport is running, has anyone else come across this problem? Would love to hear the solution if there is one. P.S. I have raised the issue with Rapport and will let you know what they say. Kind Regards B.
  5. Had some time on my hands this morning so started looking to see what was running on my pc and switching it off in turn and testing. Well what do you know it was Trusteer Rapport, software that my bank had me install a while back. Has anyone come across this before and if so what was the solution. I have contacted them to see what they say! I know I should have done this at the beginning, lesson learned. My apologies to Catprincess who is always on hand to help poor little stray kittens like me, Purr....Purr. I'll away and check the forums then............ Kind Regards B
  6. Hi Catprincess I reinstalled OA as you suggested but blocking of domains still will not work! I have also temp disabled Web Access protection in NOD4 but this did not have any effect. What next? B.
  7. Hi Catprincess You on-line? Did you think about what the problem might be? I am more than a bit concerned and after having a lot of confidence in Online Armour I now have none. First of all it stops updating itself in April leaving me stuck with an older version and all the while telling me that the software was fully up to date. If I hadn't came on with this problem I would have been none the wiser. I have the latest version now but it doesn't block any domains/web sites that I set to blocked. It makes me wonder what else is suppose to be working but isn't, how I'm I to know? A concerned Naughtyb
  8. Hi Catprincess I have to go! I will log on tomorrow and read your thoughts on this if you have any more. Thanks for your help! Kind Regards Brian
  9. Yes its on the same pc. The exclusions list is empty.
  10. Hi Catprincess I have set to blocked but I can still access it. I restated my pc and deleted temp files. Regards Brian
  11. No, I am going to restart my pc again then delete the temp internet files and I'll get back.
  12. Hi Well I now seem to have the newest version of Online Armour! The problem however still seems to exist. I have the and the .com of the website set as blocked in the Domains section. I then restarted my pc and ran ccleaner to delete my temp internet files. I can still access the "blocked" site? Anyone any idea why this is not working? Kind Regards Brian
  13. Thanks for the reply catprincess. This has got me more than puzzled. You see I am a paying customer for online armour and my software tells me that I have the latest version and you are talking about a version 5? You also talk about Web Shield when I am asking about Web Sites option from the main menu? I have attached a screen shot to explain what I bit I mean. I have the website blocked as both .com and but I can still access them. My pc has been switched off since yesterday and I use ccleaner to delete all my temp files during start up so surely it can't be that. Can you please confirm that I actually do have the most up to date software? I look forward to your reply. B
  14. Hi Is there any documentation on how to use the manage Web Site section? I search the forum and found This but unfortunately the link provided by Cat Princess takes you to the Online Armour Web Help page but I cannot find any information on how this part works. I have set several web sites to "Blocked" yet they can still be accessed? All seems a bit strange to me! Why have an option to block a website that doesn't do what it says on the tin? Any help would be appreciated. B
  15. Hi Yesterday I could not get on to my bank site using Banking mode. I have not visited the bank site in quite a while and indeed had this very same problem before and was not best pleased at the time. Anyway I digress. As I had not been on the forum for a while I found that it had moved and had to re register which I did last night with the intent of complaining today. The first thing I did was read through the posts on Banking mode and went to the learning mode link advised by Cat Princess. I went through the procedures and baboom the problem is now not a problem. Thank you all for your help