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  1. Hi, Things are good thanks.. Firefox still takes a while to load, but runs pretty quickly once loaded. Everything else seems to be running fine. Is there anything else I need to do?
  2. SOrry about that. I thought I had done it correctly. This one better?
  3. Hi, Thanks for that. Ran fine. Here's the log.
  4. OK did that. Seemed to run fine with no problems. Starting up and loading Firefox seems a little quicker. How shall I proceed?
  5. Hi, ran the program, but my avast antivirus software seemed to hinder things. It gave me three differnt warnings about malware. Shall I run avz.exe without avast on? It did restart my computer though.
  6. Thanks Shadowputerdude, will run this after work. Things are running OK, but still a little slowly.
  7. Hi again My son has returned for his stuff and will be moving his PC to Oxford! Can he continue this thread under my login or should he first register and continue under his name - just afraid that the latter will confuse things more! Thanks
  8. Tried to send PM but keeps freezing!? Did you get it? What you suggested didn't work I'm afraid. Thanks for continuing to help.
  9. Hi Unfortunately GMER wont run in normal or safe mode. Keep getting error message and it stops. Tried D/L'ing it again - same. First set of instructions completed OK.
  10. Hi Thanks. Ok - deleted all the rubbish in the music folder after uninstalling the progs etc. Combofix found a rootkit. PC seems to be running OK. Only now XP says 'No firewall'. XP's was turned off. Turned it on but prob not the best one. Had something turned it off? - funny it wasn't flagged up before.
  11. Thanks for replying. Here is latest A2 deep scan.
  12. Hi Thanks for that. Sorry for the hassle. I have removed those two things - I couldn't find them in Add/Remove progs so assumed they were just on his HDD and deleted them directly. If there's anything else please let me know what and I'll do the same. He never used them after the first view in any case - he tells me. Have attached fresh logs and A2 Deep Scan was posted above. I've updated Java. Shall I follow your instructions above?
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