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  1. thanks for the replies so far guys much appreciated. What i am trying to do is have it so that the av will automatically update and then scan the drive, without any user interaction if at all possible. If I can get it to work, then I will be able to pass it onto my bosses, who are potentially looking to sell something like this to a customer. And they would require a proper licenced product. other av's i have been looking at appear to have an option like /remdrives so that i can force scan the removable drives. thanks once again!
  2. Hi, I have downloaded and setup the A2cmd onto my usb stick. Now what I am trying to do is set it so that it will update and then scan the memory of the machine it is connected to and then scan just the usb stick itself. I have looked and cant seem to find the option to just scan the usb stick itself. Am I being blind or cant you specify to only scan the removable drives as I dont necessarily know what drive letter will be assigned to the stick when I use it in someone elses machine. This is to prove to people, that "my" stick is clean currently of virii. any assistance greatly appreciated
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