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  1. Hi, Just got a new pc with windows 7 and loaded Emsisoft Anti-Malware from a backup of the install file from last year. I am being prompted to update to a New Major Version. That is the *only* screen that will display whether I try to open anti-malware or hi-jack free. If I ok the update it successfully down loads 16k+ and appears to be fine. But if I click on either icon again I repeatedly get the same prompt to update. Any help with this would be appreciated Thanks, Barb
  2. Wow.. that was difficult... Had to do a few uninstalls and reinstalls to get every thing working. Laptop decided at one point it just wasn't going to reboot. Would start and then shutdown again. Finally did F2 and selected the C: drive (which is where it should have been booting from all the time) and it finally went to a system restore and booted up. Verified that all the "new" s/w was active. I had turned System Restore back on after installing the new versions of multiple programs after the OSI scan. The one program I can't get rid of is macromedia flash.. isn't this a really old ver
  3. One more question. Can I run the OTL using Cleanup once a week or so to keep this thing clean? If not that should I paste the aforementioned text into the text box and use run/fix?
  4. Things are back to normal. Thanks! I know I haven't been cleaning this thing up like I should but since I have so much space and had just completed a defrag a few days ago I wasn't concerned...but now it is nice and clean so all is good. Thanks so much for your help and follow through. I'm impressed with the support you offer. I have only had one or two other contacts with your group over the years but am always amazed at how easy it is to communicate with all of you. You folks deserve the price of the software for your support alone. Thanks a bunch!
  5. All done. Removed the last old Java and installed the new (thanks Lynx). Ran the OTL again. Only concern - had 2 warnings during this process that A Squared picked up on other trojans and removed the suspect files. My scan takes about 8-9 hours so will run the full scan again overnight and see if anything turns up. Thanks for all your help! Original question remains - How can I know if the original trojan was actually removed since the message I received when I attempted to delete it said it could not remove the file? Hmmm do not see an option to attach the latest OTL file so pasting
  6. Thank you for your quick reply! Installed new Adobe with no problem. However, the Java doesn't list my OS (Vista 32 bit). Can you please point me to the correct version? Will run the OTL after new Java is installed. Removed Adobe 8.2.6 Removed Java 6 update 6 Thanks again, Barb
  7. Overnight scan showed Trojan.JS.FakeAV!IK. When I attempted to delete it I got a message that it could not be removed and to contact support. I have gone through the re-scan process via EEK and OTL and the risk is no longer reported. Can I know that the trojan has been removed and the message that it could not be removed was in error?
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