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  1. Hi François, trouble here since last update. According to a member of wilders forum, it may be solved quickly and if you absolutely need french GUI this is the solution he gave me : Disable Emsisoft Anti-Malware self protection (Configuration > General) Find the French language file fr-fr.lng in Emsisoft Anti-Malware\languages\ folder. Open the fr-fr.lng file with notepad. Choose; File > Save as, and select file type 'all files' and select Unicode instead of UTF-8 and press Save. Enable the self protection (Configuration > General) Best regards, Laurent
  2. Hi lynx, thanks for your quick reply I just put A2AM in exclusion list in OA and all is OK now. Yes, Nod 32 resident and OA Hips are active but it don't seems to create any conflict since OA may not be an IDS too, but perhaps did I make a mistake... Wouldn'it be a better security solution to go with Mamutu only and Asquared ? Best regards, Silus
  3. I found a2malware very useful but i have a little trouble... since I install a2 two days ago, i can't switch of from my limited user account to my administrative account. It's a bit tiring because some operations need quick switching and the only solution seems to restart every time my computer to log on a different account... Is it an known problem ? Did any solution exist? My set up : Vista 32, Online armor premium, Nod 32. Thanks in advance for any advice, Best regards, silus
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