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  1. So any progress? I have 2 days until my OA license expires, if this problem cannot be resolved then there is no reason for me to keep a subscription.
  2. Yeah that is my thread (which I'm sure you know ). The problems I am having aren't from OA being installed on both boots, it's simply a software glitch with V5, which for some reason doesn't agree with my second boot (works perfectly fine on my main boot though). But rest assured it has nothing to do with the fact that I have OA installed on both boots. In fact my brother had a very similar problem with V5 on his computer as well, and he only boots a single OS. V5 simply has some major flaws that need to be fixed. You may end up having problems with what you are trying to do, but it w
  3. I also dual-boot XP (but with partitions instead of separate disks), and yes you can install OA in the same default folder for each boot. Just think about the situation, each of your XP installations are on separate disks and run independently from each other, and each installation you do within XP is tied to whatever disk/boot you are currently using. There is no 'contamination' occurring when you do installations within a XP boot unless there is issues with the drive letters changing or something. Essentially each XP boot you use is like using an entirely different computer, the only
  4. Ok,I got some downtime to relay some more troubleshooting info. Mostly bad news, but some potentially good news as well. Andrey, you wanted me to try rebooting twice after a uninstall, so that is what I decided to do, this time I penciled down the steps so I could remember exactly what I did and in what order. 1. Uninstalled V4.0.0.45 which was currently working fine. Rebooted twice after uninstalling. 2. Began V5 (1097 build) install. 3. Entered license key 4. Installed into a new folder 5. Install complete. Began safety check wizard 6. For less potential issues, I chose the opti
  5. You seem to be confused as to how dual-booting OS's works. Both my XP boots are completely independent of each other, and I am NOT installing OA in the same folder as the OA on my main boot. My SSD is partitioned, and each XP boot installs programs and performs operations separately from each other, and each XP partition have their own drive letters as well. You also seem to have trouble reading my replies, because I stated in my last post that I already tried installing into another folder which did NOT work. In the future if you could actually read my post before replying, that would b
  6. Aside from rebooting twice after a uninstall, I already tried that in one of my many efforts to troubleshoot the problem. In the past I remember that helping with one of my older OA versions, installing to a different folder. But it did no good when I tried that with V5. Now I could try the double reboot + using a new folder, but it seems the biggest chance for success would have been installing into another folder. But if a double reboot really makes a huge difference I can uninstall my currently working to give it a try.
  7. --- Continued --- I never thought about rebooting twice after a uninstall, I only rebooted when the installation/uninstall told me to do so. However in one of my attempts to figure out the problem, I used Revo uninstaller to completely get rid of anything OA related (registry stuff too). And even then a fresh install did not work. So even with the lack of config files altogether, the problem still occurred. Everything is the same (security software wise) except my AV. On my main boot I am using Avira Premium, whereas on my second boot I am using GDATA. I have yet to have any lice
  8. Ok, I started logging on my main XP boot (which has no problem with V5), restarted, then sent the logs to the email address above with a link to this thread. Sorry for taking a while to respond, I wasn't expecting a reply so soon. No, only my second XP boot started with v4.0.0.45, my main XP boot got upgraded to OA V5 from OA v4.5 Irrelevant IMO, but I believe I have a 3-PC single license OA subscription. I use the same license key with both OA's. On my main boot I did a upgrade install to V5. Never imported. --- Continued on next post due to quote limitations ---
  9. Andrew, Thanks for the reply. What exactly do you want me to do with the logs on my main XP boot? (which has no problems whatsoever with OA V5). Do you just want me to turn on a logging, do a little bit of normal computer stuff then send the logs to you? Cause I already sent you guys logs from my second XP boot in which the problems occur at. And as stated above, I managed to get installed and working on my second boot and would rather not go back to the broken V5 until some solution is made. If you need extra logs from a V5 installation on my second boot I will do it, but ple
  10. They are both on the same disk, using the standard Windows boot manager. I have been dual booting XP for years now and never had any problems with OA on either of the boots until V5. If you have any suggestions or solutions, please reply to the thread I created in the OA section. http://support.emsisoft.com/topic/4954-oa-renders-my-second-xp-boot-useless/ @cat - I suppose I could try a more direct line of customer support, but I have always found the forums for OA to do the trick, but I guess Emsisoft doesn't read or participate in their forums as much as Tall Emu did.
  11. I too am disappointed with the support here, I cannot even install OA V5 on my second XP boot otherwise it renders that boot completely useless. I have provided logs and detailed information to Emsisoft about this, yet nobody has gotten back to me with a solution or even to tell me they are working on it. I have also been a paying customer for several years as well, and I doubt they are even giving my issue a second thought. Even though it is a MAJOR problem that cripples my second XP boot. This is usually what happens when one company sells out to another, customer service degrades dra
  12. I noticed this as well when I was recently trying to troubleshoot a problem with a V5 install on my computer. When I tried to do the 30-day trial I ended up getting the free version instead.
  13. Well I have managed to temporarily fix the problem, and by that I mean I was able to get back up and running. Originally when I tried to install I would get the infamous "10054 Socket error" which would prevent me from registering my key and thus making it so OA would not run. However I found that if I installed V5, registered my key, then do an "upgrade" install to, I was able to bypass the key authoring system since my key was already authorized from the V5 install. I'm just glad there was a upgrade option when going from a higher version to a lower one, otherwi
  14. Alright, I got the logs sent off. I tried to start various programs and actually managed to get a few things going, like Internet Explore and my forced Firefox sandbox. Although my default firefox sandbox still would not start up. Another interesting thing to note is that when I added GDATA to the exclusions list and restarted my computer, the GDATA tray icon showed up and I was able to start it up. And also note that several of my normal programs (like GDATA, Sandboxie and their related processes) are all present in the process list of task manager, but I just cannot start them up into
  15. I did mention my security software at the top of the thread next to what version of windows I have and what version OA I am using. But thanks for the reply stapp, I will log back into my second XP boot and gather up the logs to email. Will they reply back or am I just to assume the problem will be eventually worked out in some future update? Because I need to get my second boot up and running soon with a properly working OA.
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