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  1. PingPlotter and plain ol tracert and ping can't seem to get out. I have not changed any settings in the firewall screen from the defaults (still trying to understand the layout of this new firewall coming from OA). 


    It did previously show up in the (logs,firewall) log as having automatically added it with "IN/OUT - All Allowed" HOWEVER it didn't work. While this was happening I switched over to cmd prompt and tried tracert both programs show request timed out.


    I then tried to manually add the program via (Protection, Application rulews)  the first time it simply wouldn't add, I went to the application rules and it wasn't there.

    I closed and re-opened the EIS dialog and went back to Application Rules and this time it stuck but pingplotter still failed to be able to get out, I confirmed in the log that it is there (IN/OUT - All Allowed) for the pingplotter.exe, same with tracert still times out.


    If I disable the EIS Firewall (Protection, Firewall, Uncheck OR the Protection screen) and then re-enable the windows firewall in action center both programs work properly (tracing and pinging is not longer blocked).


    I have attached the Protection Firewall screen and I don't recall ever modifying any rules directly on this screen, are they defaults?


    Any ideas would be appreciated, I keep suspecting I am just not used to this layout (brain is still in OA mode) and might be missing something.



    Windows 8.1 pro 64bit


  2. Once you have deleted the 'a2settings' file, then restart your computer normally, and then try launching Emsisoft Anti-Malware from the icon on your desktop to enter your license information.

    Done, it ran the wizard, will report back if it 'trials out' again.

    @Steve1209: thanks for the link it pushed in the correct direction... the path on windows 8.1 seems to be:

    Settings, Change PC Settings, Update and Recovery, Recovery, Restart Now, Troubleshoot, Advanced, Startup Settings, Restart

    will bring you to the menu that allows you select safe mode or safe mode with networking (wow was F8 that complex? ;) )

  3. Hello running EAM, currently have 320 days left on my licences (3 pack)... every 3 days or so it tells me my trial has expired... I pop my serial in and it is fine again for another 3 days.


    I am getting pretty concerned that it will just shut down and leave my machine vulnerable... is there any fix to this?


    I read the post from another user and it was supposedly fixed in .40 but it is still happening... how can I keep this from happening and keep my machine protected?


    Thanks for your time




    OS: fully patched windows 8.1 pro 64bit

  4. I am getting it as well... the file in question is the current flash 11 installer:


    the link I get directed to to download it is (this is with the mcafee bloatware option DEselected):


    The file is attached (had to zip it using windows built in zip support)

  5. I am seeing this:

    1. AM takes forever to initialize...like sometimes more than a minute! I can click the program icon, watch the hourglass blink on then disappear after a few seconds....then anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute later the AM screen appears. This didn't happen before. I have tested all the different startup configurations (guards enabled/disabled, etc.)...no joy.

    To be clear it is loading the systray (service) a bit slower than normal, but the real slow down is when trying to access the main security status dialog. It happens with double click, or context (right click).

    Windows 7 64bit pro, SSD OS drive, EAM6 on, OA Premium on, Windows Firewall off, Windows Defender off.

  6. Hello!

    I have a program that connects to a remote server, the program is getting disconnected and in the log I will see this:

    26/10/11 00:11:00 ICMP -> Destination unreachable(Network unreachable error) MYLANIP REMOTESERVERIP

    Blocked by ICMP rule

    When I check the Firewall section, ICMP tab all are defaulted (8,13,15,17 are allowed).

    I am just curious if this is saying that the REMOTESERVERIP sent me an unreachable code... or is the firewall telling me that REMOTESERVERIP was unreachable?

    The entire folder that the program in question resides in is Excluded in Options, Exclusions.

  7. Well I have been running 6 with beta enabled for a few days now it does seem to be working properly. The only issue I have run into is while doing a scan windows will pause opening new files until I stop the scan... not sure if this is related to the changes in 6.0 or my SSD drive (it's a new one I updated size so I'm not sure how it performs under pressure).

    I have had WAC (action center) complain about EAM being off a couple times still.. but of course it is still enabled just out of sync with WAC, but not as often as it happened on 5.0.

  8. I have had this problem from time to time with Windows 7 action center.

    You will find that EAM is actually running it's just not communicating with Action Center.

    You can verify this by opening EAM and turning off all scanners (file guard, behavior blocker, and surf protection) at which point Action Center will complain that EAM is not on (even though it just complained it wasn't on when it was).

    To fix it leave all 3 unchecked and close the EAM interface, then click the warning in Action Center... this will allow action center to turn on file guard, behavior blocker and surf protections, and sync the "state" properly.

    If you get a popup about trusting EAM I usually check the box to always remember, and press YES which seems to fix it for some time.

    I do see it come back now and again... but EAM is never really off... Action Center just thinks it is.

    (PS: I don't understand the logic of leaving because the processes are now smaller and using less resources than ever ;) )

    Good Luck.

  9. What program are you using to edit them? If it is not listed as a 'known/trusted' program to OA then the following might help:

    Open online armor config

    Select Hosts File (left side menu)

    Click 'options' tab

    You will see a "Prompt me when an unknown program attempts to modify the hosts file"

    Try un-checking that to see if it will then let you modify... or add whatever program you are using to edit the hosts file to the trusted programs in OA. (remember to re-enable it once done so it will block malware trying to modify your hosts ;) )

    With the "prompt me when unknown programs attempt to modify" enabled on my pc, using notepad.exe (which is a known program to OA) running with standard user permissions I get

    But when I run notepad.exe as admin it lets me modify them with no input from OA.

    Hope this helps!

  10. Open up the OA Premium control panel (double click the system tray icon) and click on the "Programs" section. You should be able to find the program there that the rule was related to. You can either right click it and change the "status" of that program... or you can just delete it and a new one will be generated when that program is run next.

  11. EAM = Antivirus + Behavior Blocker (Mamutu)

    OA = Firewall + HIPS

    OA++ = Antivirus + Firewall + HIPS

    EAM + OA = Antivirus + Behavior Blocker + Firewall + HIPS

    This need to be clearer on the sales pages!

    Bascially OA premium + EAM = more protection for $10 less ;)

    Also for all who are current users of EAM (or OA for that matter) be sure you check https://cc.emsisoft.com/en for upgrade deals... I picked up Online Armor Premium at a discount due to already owning EAM.

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