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  1. The forum username and password are not the same as the product activation username and password. The password for the product activation can be reset here: https://cc.emsisoft.com/ ( in english here https://cc.emsisoft.com/en )
  2. Had it enabled (still do). I have just replaced it with comodo for the time being... will try again when an updated version is released. Never received 'Resolving proxy' it would freeze at the dns lookup stage (so it was showing "Waiting for wheversite.com") It also showed up randomly on firefox and even itunes, so I just switched to another firewall since didn't have time to troubleshoot further.
  3. Glad I found this post... I also updated to the new OA ( Free Edition) and noticed Chrome (specifically DNS lookups) slowing down to a crawl at seemingly random times. Cant find anything out of the ordinary in the logs. I have tried disabling the "web sheild" in OA, and the "surf protection" in EAM5 alternatively to try to narrow it down... neither seems to be the fix. Any solutions? I checked the link above but am not using Vipre, just EAM5 (licensed) When installing OA5.0.0.1097 I didn't trust all, I had it scan fresh. system info: Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Emsisoft Anti-Malware (paid), Online Armor Free
  4. OA seems to auto allow EAM5 if you have allow trusted enabled. EAM5 doesn't alert to OA in any way on my machines, I suspect the OA hook takes priority.
  5. I am also getting "Could not connect to the update server. Please check your internet connection and proxy settings." My isp uses sprintlink and Level3 as their upstream.
  6. Whats the full name of the game and publisher? With that information another person can try it themselves and see if they get similar results, etc.
  7. It's happening to me as well. Everything that you are seeing and also when I try to scan it instantly says "Scan finished! No suspect files..." but it never has enough time to scan. (Es ist mit mir passiert auch. Alles, was Sie sehen und auch wenn ich es versuchen Scan sofort sagt "Scan fertig! Keine verdächtigen Dateien ..." aber es hat nie genug Zeit, um zu scannen.) Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Online Armor Free (, and only EAM5 (however I am not dropping Avira on to be safe). Any ideas what is happening? The last update it showed was (central time): General Information: Start Update: 3/28/2011 7:57:24 AM End Update: 3/28/2011 7:59:40 AM Elapsed Time: 0:02:16 Update successful Detail Information: 1 modules, 1272433 bytes a2service.exe (1272433 bytes) - updated Any ideas what is happening? EDIT: the update General Information: Start Update: 3/28/2011 8:40:48 AM End Update: 3/28/2011 8:41:08 AM Elapsed Time: 0:00:20 Update successful Detail Information: 1 modules, 1370089 bytes a2service.exe (1370089 bytes) - updated Seems to have stopped the wild "No antivirus is installed" loop. NOTE: After a reboot Online Armor crashes on startup. Not sure if this is related to EMSI or because I installed avira. Will troubleshoot and report back. reporting back: must have been due to the avira install with subsequent reboots online armor doesn't crash.
  8. same as the first post that started this thread.... win7pro 64bit stable release no beta and at the time only EAM5 and Online Armor Firewall were installed (Ive added back avg to cover when it doesnt startup after a reboot )
  9. it's been happening to me the last day or so again after a long period of itstaying on... after reboot EAM Guard doesn't start and inside the Configuration:General "Enable Guard on system startup" is unchecked.
  10. From my experience it is normal for Windows 7 to ask if you want to allow EAM to be trusted so that's not suspicious activity. In you ever suspect windows isn't allowing some guard program to not function you can manually check the settings in Control Panel -> (ALL ITEMS) -> Action Center -> Security Section -> and under Virus Protection there is a link called "View installed antivirus programs"... basically "ON" in there is the same as "trusted" in the popup you got. I had the "enable at system startup" uncheck itself again earlier tonight as well... so it's still happening not just you
  11. The last week or so after a reboot I will find EAM5 hasn't loaded and the "Enable guard on System Startup" is unchecked in the 'Configuration:General'... I can re-check it but it eventually unchecks itself again. Anyone else or just me? Thanks! Windows7pro 64bit
  12. its the one that is released via the "install beta updates" in the standard... i just put it that way to make sure it wasn't confused in anyway with the private betas that might be happening. i think it was x.69 but like a fool i didn't jot down the version it sent before i reverted to non beta mode (as i was wondering if i was being attacked at the time ) Yup sorry the machine in question is running Win7Pro64bit that's it exactly... whatever changes got released in that public beta fights with comodo firewall only mode correct nothing to do with private beta it was the public beta that is pushed out when 'install beta updates' is checked. and I am glad to hear it wasn't only me and now i can explain that whole incident away as eam and comodo fighting and not a sneaky attack on me hehe be well
  13. The version that was sent out 8/1 (the one that gets installed when you have and check mark "install beta updates") cause comodo in firewall only mode (with disable defense + toggled off) to act very strangely. Once the public beta got installed and I restarted comodo would claim it was disabled (indicating it was unable to launch it's service) ... yet... it kept alerting firewall events? Windows "Action center" also re-alerted comodo requesting trusted status... I tried uininstall and reinstall of the comodo and it kept reverting to this weird off/online status until I uinstalled EAM5 beta... Re-installing normal EAM5 (with "install beta updates" off) returned everything back to normal. Just reporting... is there a better place for me to submit these sorta things? Have a good one!
  14. not sure if this is related but saw this in my event viewer (posted in the post about hosts rules flipping as well) Code Integrity determined that the page hashes of an image file are not valid. The file could be improperly signed without page hashes or corrupt due to unauthorized modification. The invalid hashes could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2hooks64.dll
  15. happened again today... this time it changed them from all set to alert to: TC: Alert AH: Allow MH: Allow EX: B&N FR: B&N HH: Alert PH: Allow WA: B&N OH: Alert I am currently running with beta checked... version is: It did not recheck "create rule auto" in the 'Guard:Alerts' screen this time nor did it re-check 'install additional langues' edit: was browsing my event viewer and ran across this not sure if its related but posting in case it helps: "Code Integrity determined that the page hashes of an image file are not valid. The file could be improperly signed without page hashes or corrupt due to unauthorized modification. The invalid hashes could indicate a potential disk device error. File Name: \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files (x86)\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\a2hooks64.dll"
  16. still haven't tried 3.x but found this solves the problem... and just updating for those who land here from a google. with CIS 4.x and EAM5 to co-exist and allow chrome to work without excluding it from protection in EAM5... this assumes you already have EAM5 installed: 1. install comodo (you can choose either Firewall only or Optimum defense) 2. reboot when it asks you to 3. toggle "Deactivate the Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)" until it it is enabled. this setting is located in Comodo - "Defense+" button on the top - then the "Advanced" button on the left - then "Defense+ Settings" link at the bottom center. by toggle i mean even if it is checked... uncheck it... reboot... then check it... reboot. if it's already unchecked go ahead and check it and reboot... Still not sure why this fixes it, just that it does on multiple installs. Windows 7 Pro 64bit - cis firewall only (no sandbox, no defense+) 4.1.150349.920) - EAM5
  17. sorry... I keep file guard at 'scan only programs before they are executed' in the 'Guard: File Guard' section. I was tracking the times when I would get the error on a 3x5 notecard I had laying next to my keyboard... so I could later go back and look at the logs and see if there was anything related... it's just a notecard nothing special. This machine has just the release version. It is currently showing:
  18. that just happened to it this time... tracking went to 'alert', ad/tracking hosts went to 'don't block', and the rest changed to 'block and notify'. wow yes... i usually have 'create rules' unchecked and yes mine are now checked. That happened here as well (wasn't looking before) Ok thanks... it makes me feel better that it's just not me
  19. Hi... just some info... I run a squared with avast free and have not seen this happening (having some other things happen that might or might not be related)... I will kick on the trial of avast and see if I can reproduce it. I'm running windows 7 pro 64bit, which version of windows are you running? I too like having 2 scanners from different companies running at the same time (why I bought A2 many years ago). One thing to check if your running Windows 7 is Control Panel, Action Center, Under Virus Protection see if both are listed and have a status of "ON". Lynx hope your felling better being sick sucks... too bad there isn't a EAM for humans ehh?
  20. I continue to get this off and on after a reboot... doesn't seem to matter if my lan/internet connection is available. I have lost my notecard of times it happens or I would post my log's... I will start a new notecard
  21. I did search did not find anything in the results related so please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere... I set all of my surf protection rules to Alert so I can see what is going on when I surf around... no big deal I can just make rules and it will eventually quiet down (unless I visit new sites etc)... For some reason my surf protection rules keep changing from "alert" to the settings in this image capture: Basically it flips the Ad Tracking and Malware hosts to Don't Block... which is concerning to me (at least the malware ones) and then it reverts all under those to Block and Notify (the default)... it doesn't ever seem to change Tracking cookies (it remains at Alert). I have scanned my machine up and down and don't seem to have any infections anywhere... it appears AM5 is doing it on its own... Anyone else seeing their surf protection rules change? edit: Machine specifics: Windows 7 Pro 64bit, Comodo firewall (with Defense+ disabled entirely after install), avast free av
  22. that's normal that is the new way they will distribute the free version... will just be eam5 with the free license selected.
  23. I did get the error again Monday Morning at 4:16am CentralUStime... I can say for sure the machine was offline at this time (had the lan disabled for testing another application)... it is possible that I requested an update out of habit... but I don't really remember requesting the failed manual update...(it was early heh) So perhaps the lan being offline is related?
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