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  1. well i can't reproduce it today... i have tried letting it auto update after a reboot... i have tried manual update... it just wont do it anymore. currently sitting at here will post next time i see it happen and will check logs at that time.
  2. no. configuration : Update has no tick in the "Install beta updates" The licence selected has never had beta turned on if anything is done server side. in fairness i did search for "One or more files have incorrect file versions" and got no hits with that error in it... in hind site i realize that the images might have been posted instead of the text of the error so search couldn't pick it up. i'll test that and report back.
  3. This morning when I use the systray icon to open "Security Status" EAM5 popups up the dialog: One or more files have incorrect file versions. Do you want to update the program now? Then offers YES or NO... I select YES then it opens the update process... says downloading updates... then says "Currently, Anti-Malware is fully up-to-date for optimal performance" Anyone else seeing this? or just me?
  4. very odd... well it is working on 4.0.141842.828 I would uninstall and try again to see if this is a fluke... but I don't want to risk loosing it all My main machine now has EAM5.0 + Comodo firewall + avast and working like a charm! I will try it on my laptop with CIS 3.14 later on when I get a chance and report back. Cheers.
  5. Found this while googling around after reading this topic... http://www.prevx.com/blog/84/MBR-Rootkit-new-tricks-added.html has some pretty good information on at least one previously hidden mbr rootkit. Also can't one get rid of any mbr rootkit by simply using Bootrec.exe ? http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392
  6. It is happening with Chrome and Firefox (latest) ... I don't even bother with IE but just to test this I opened it. IE(32bit) doesn't even trigger Surf Protection, IE(64bit) triggers the Surf Protection alert... but then proceeds to load the page anyway (after I tell it to block for a test). I use IE so rarely that I hadn't even noticed it was bypassing surf protection Per sears.com, I use it as a test site as I have never seen it send malware but it has been blacklisted by hphosts for some time... it's a good tester site Just to be clear my issue isn't so much as it not functioning but that it keeps rules in place after I have removed them form the ' Guard : Host Rules ' list.
  7. OK I have found a working solution that let's chrome work with AntiMalware 5.0 + Comodo firewall only mode. - install comodo firewall only (uncheck the other two) select the middle firewall type when prompted (optimal defense I think they call it). - after the reboot goto Comodo, then the Defense + button at the top, then Advanced button on the left, then Defense + settings at the bottom. Check mark the "Deactivate the Defense + permanently (Requires a system restart)" click OK and restart. It appears the AM5 and comodo defense+ are what are fighting... and comodo appears to install defense+ even if you have the firewall only choice when installing it. It might be possible to just go in and check the "deactivate defnse + perm" option without choosing the "optimal" setting at install but that is the sequence that worked for me so I am just passing it along... worth a try if you already have it installed I suppose. Have a good one everyone.
  8. Is hosts rules updating properly for everyone else? If I visit a site known to be in hphosts I will get alerted... I choose an action (block for example). It blocks the site... all is good. I can then remove the entry and will continue to get whatever action the rule was made for. my reproducible example: visit sears.com, on the alert either block it or it gets blocked. remove sears.com rule from ' Guard : Host Rules ' When you try to visit it is still blocked even with the rule removed. I have tried closing browser and restarting still blocked. If I shutdown eam5 guard and restart it then the rules are updated. The phantom block is also not showing up in the logs. I think it should appear when it's blocked by rule but I am getting nothing ... I do see the original rule when it gets made in the logs however... or at least I did I cleared the logs and it is not appearing at all now. This machine is Win7hp 64bit with no other av/firewalls installed this behavior happens with chrome and firefox latest versions.
  9. come on Lynx... you know you wanna make it your main browser. here is some light reading: http://www.google.com/googlebooks/chrome/ http://lifehacker.com/5177709/chrome-the-only-browser-standing-in-pwn2own-contest
  10. Yes it is the combination of AM5 Guard Component and Comodo. The current choices are... make an exception in AM5 and let chrome manage it's own security (in 'Guard : Application Rules' add the actual chrome.exe launcher) this method lets comodo and chrome manage the security or you can launch chrome with no sand-boxing... that method allows AM5 + comodo to manage security... but... turns chrome into every other browser out there (as stated above kinda the opposite of chrome's entire concept). Still digging around to find a combination that works... I am now playing with excepting everything to do with am5 in comodo to see where that leads. Will update if I find anything. Have a good one.
  11. Join us Lynx... Google Chrome is calling you... come experience a design so thought out at this point people wont even bother trying to break it's security in hacking contests. Join us... And take that back... even slightly comparing Chrome to IE ... that's just down low! Honestly I think it is probably safe being excluded due to the chrome design but as with any software I would like a 2nd opinion (scanner) on the data it is running and the surf protection is nice. I sent some debug logs off, glanced through them but didn't see anything I could figure out. ... and yea this might not be anything to do with AM5 it could be comodo... i'm just used to a2 running alongside anything hoping to get it back to that state on my machine have a good one
  12. Ok... more weirdness. I uninstalled all firewalls, my logitech mouse software (I am trying to eliminate any possible conflicts... I got rid of logitech software due to the way comodo always triggers on it), even got rid of the apple AP manager software (allows access to a shared drive not sure I even need it as I can still access the network store) bascially I have removed all resident anything related to internet or av or trojan protection. I then cleaned up the registry and rebooted. I then installed AM5 and did a smart scan. ------------------------------------------------------------- So now I have no firewall and only AM5 installed. Chrome will not trigger any surf protection at this point. Firefox will trigger. I am starting to wonder if this is due to the way chrome sandboxes everything on its own. Anyone come up with any workarounds for AM5 and chrome? After looking at some other posts where AM5 wouldnt trigger I did run the fltmc command and this is the output: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600] Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Windows\system32>fltmc Filter Name Num Instances Altitude Frame ------------------------------ ------------- ------------ ----- a2injectiondriver 0 328910 0 a2acc 3 328900 0 luafv 1 135000 0 FileInfo 3 45000 0 EDIT: now chrome is triggering surf protection (i haven't done a reboot yet)... but it is not picking up on all triggers... for example I can still visit sears.com without a warning even though it is still listed at hphosts but some triggers are going off... for example I just got ping.charbeat.com alerting on a page I was visiting. I have all in 'Guard: Surf Protection' set to alert. After reboot it now triggers on sears.com... guess a reboot is required for certain classes of surf protection to kick in. I am now going to try comodo again and turn on debug mode to see if I can find anything- will update.
  13. I did try their uninstaller... nothing left over. I always turn off "lemming mode" as I call it (if 90% of my peers ran off a cliff would I? NO ) By lemming mode I mean the community auto approve at 90% ... i just uncheck any auto rules. If I exclude chrome then it works properly... but has no protection.
  14. well it is odd... it does not happen with ZoneAlarm (of course I blue screen every couple hours with zonealarm)... so I am leaning towards it being something about the way AM5 and comodo firewall interact (or conflict as it were). it will get worked out, it always does
  15. I'm on windows 7 pro 64bit... and am back to comodo 4.0.141842.828 Firewall and Defense (firewall with optimal at install) plus avast for the time being (its the config i was using before AM5 final came out). I have tried AM5 + Comodo 4.0 firewall only, AM5+ Comodo 3.14x firewall only.
  16. Just wanted to add to original post: During my tests I did try AM5 with all 3 functions disabled (file guard, behavior, and surf) a fresh reboot and chrome would still not work... with all 3 set to OFF it would only work when I shut down a2dix64.sys (a2injectiondriver service). Thanks again.
  17. Thanks... downloaded http://download.comodo.com/cis/download/setups/CIS_Setup_3.14.130099.587_XP_Vista_x64.exe I will update once I have it all installed and running. Ok running version 3.14.130099.587 of comodo and it is still occurring. It reacts the same way... firefox as well (the stalling downloads that brings up a not responding close program). It is truly strange. I am going to try installing AM5 before comodo 3.14x and see what happens. While I had both comodo and am5 removed i cleaned up the registry, did a reboot, and then installed scanned with PrevX just to see if something was up... nothing found. Same results... google chrome just freezes when trying to launch.... thinking this might be related to surf protection I went over to the 'Guard: Surf Protection' page and set them all to alert before I launched google chrome directly after re-install of AM5... Still frozen... no alerts. Still seeking a fix... workaround. Any help appreciated!
  18. Here is an odd one... With AM5 (Emsisoft AntiMalware 5.0) and Comodo Firewall only mode (no defense, no sandbox, from install) Google Chrome will not open any pages. If I exclude Google Chrome in 'Guard : Application Rules' it will work properly, however, since its excluded no surf protection will occur. I tried building a "Monitor this application, but allow/block specifics" rule in 'Guard: Application Rules' and selected everything to allow and Google Chrome will once again fail to open any pages. If I shut down the service 'a2dix64.sys' labeled as a2injectiondriver then Google Chrome works with no application rules (but AM5 quits of course since thats is its hook)... only mentioning this as I tried shutting down different combinations of services and features to see what might be causing it. Also with AM5 + Comodo Firewall only mode (no defense, no sandbox, from install) Firefox will freeze up during downloads (I think it is trying to scan the entire process download and all or something to that effect... it is like it ties up firefox until the download is complete before returning control back)... sometimes it will come out of it... but usually it freezes as not responding and then I have to close it.... once I reopen it it will then download the restored download it sees pending and download the file with no issue. I have tried setting 'Guard : File Guard' to Scan only and it wont freeze as long in duration but still does freeze to the close program dialog (greatly depending on the size of the download). ----------------------------------------------------------------- I did try getting rid of Comodo Firewall only mode and using ZoneAlarm and the problem does go away... BUT... I bluescreen every hour or two with that combination (AM5 + ZoneAlarm firewall only mode from install). I am chalking that up to ZoneAlarm (I switched a long time back becuase of ZA doing odd things like this)... but I suppose it could be a similar issue. I still haven't found a free Win764bit alternative to Comodo that works as well... but would be willing to try one to see if the issues stopped. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Prior to AM5 final on this machine I had standard a squared anti malware running + Comodo Firewall + Avast since at that point a2am4.x didn't have the x64 compatibility and the machine ran very stable... so I don't believe it is the system. I also have uninstalled and reinstalled AM5 from a fresh download after uninstalling the updated in place am5.0 so it is a clean install (several times over). The laptop that I had the beta running on is using ZoneAlarm as well (but doesn't crash) and it has the 5.0beta turned into 5.0final in place on it... so am a bit confused as to why ZoneAlarm does it on this machine... to be honest I use this machine a lot more often than the laptop. It might indeed have the problem as well but I have it shutdown most of the time... and rarely use it 2 hours in a row. My goal is to return to a2... I mean AM5 and comodo firewall as I had it back before I went 64bit I do understand this could be a comodo issue... or even a chrome issue (the only reason why I suspect am5 might be involved is if its removed the other combinations work, as well as the firefox thing) but I am trying to start the trek to finding out why it is happening. Thanks for any help. -------------------------------------------------- OS Windows 7 Pro 64bit
  19. no imported anything... in fact i did a ccleaner registery cleanup after the un-install to remove any left over references to comodo... it is a totally clean install. have a good one
  20. ok some more info if you need it... i was very curious so i found that on my machine... with the current version of comodo... if defense+ is on then Asquared Surf Protection won't work... but if defense+ is disabled it will work. I also found to truly disable and enable defense+ you have to open comodo and select "Defense+" then "advanced" then "defense+ settings" then check or uncheck "Deactivate the defense+ permanently (requires a restart)"... the right click context doesn't work if that checkmark is there AND even if you select disable if that checkmark is not there a2 surf protection will still fail. have a good day thanks again for your time
  21. ok had some time to play around... un-installed pc tools firewall and re-installed comodo choosing no av at install and choosing firewall only and indeed surf protection is working... it must have been something weird that happened to my older comodo install as i am pretty sure this is how i had it installed previously. have a good one.
  22. when i had comodo running it was in firewall only mode... had their av and defence+ disabled. i was only running firewall. have a good one
  23. whats the word on pc tools firewall plus? i ran out looking for the best of the current firewalls and it earned a 99% block at this site: http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge/results.php so i decided to give it a try. have you heard something bad about it i should know about? the surf protection in a squared anti malware started working properly after i uninstalled comodo and rebooted. i had used comodo for over a year and have had no problems to speak of... i always have it in firewall only mode... there was something happening. i will try it with comodo again if i don't find another firewall i like better if i go back ill update this post with what i found. have a good day!
  24. looks like it is just me... since i know it now should be working i decided to do some tests... i uninstalled comodo firewall and a squared started responding properly. looks like comodo was doing something to trample a squared (odd since i only had firewall on, i had their av and their anti mal turned off). i am going to be trying the new pc tools firewall plus instead of comodo will see how that goes. update: it is working properly with pc tools firewall plus...so i'll give this firewall a try for a while. looks like the later part of the issue was an interaction with comodo in firewall only mode. thanks again for the prompt help both times. have a good one
  25. nope. standard dsl connection using a router for the lan.
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