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  1. all sites listed in hphosts are allowed to connect when my settings in the Surf Protection tab are all set to alert. any websites added to host rules manually and set to always deny are also allowed to connect. never started working for me reliably. i did receive a tracking cookie alert which is why i came back over here to check the status. other than that one alert it hasn't done anything for months. i know its quite funny that it is listed... i use it as a test of sorts since i know its listed but i also know nothing should really happen when i do visit it something wrong did happen when you visited you visited it! it should have blocked it (assuming you have surf protection on and set to alert or block the particular group its blocked under). i have "Join the Anti-Malware Network" unselected in Configuration : Update. i have no automatic rule triggering set based on community based alerts. i did one better i uninstalled an reinstalled a squared no rules to revise. thanks for your time
  2. from my original post on the old forum: http://forum.emsisoft.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=5683 various posts about checking certain things, and another user who had the issue... then this reply: once in a blue moon will get an alert but generally get no alerts from surf protection to this day... the sears test still lets the site through and hphosts still lists it as blocked. Should I try another way to correct the situation? I am using A Squared Anti Malware. Thanks again for your time.
  3. Hello Any update on the return of surf protection? Thanks for your time!
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