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  1. No, i did not post that ! I confirmed that i had the same problem, as it might be helpful for you to know that Cristian is not the only one afftected. Then i added a comment about the cause of my problems, your forced upgrade to EEK 11... But i understand that you don´t want to hear about it...
  2. I got the same problem (with EEK 11) yesterday... Only EAM installed, no other Antimalware-programs. I fixed it by deleting the whole EEK-folder, and reinstalling EEK 10.... This is one good example of why you should never force upgrades to new versions to be installed on your customers computers....
  3. Is it only via the GUI, or does this also include "commandline" updating with a2cmd/u ?
  4. What are these "Update Settings" (Beta, Stable, Delayed) ? I know what it means in EAM... But does this means that EEK is now also automatically updating to newer program versions ? If so, how do i disable it ? There are no settings to change in a2settings.ini... I don´t want any automatic program updates, if i want a new version i will download and install it manually.
  5. Are you using CIS 8 ? From the thread Emsisoft Anti-Malware and COMODO Firewall: Try CIS 7 (7.0.317799.4142), that version works together with EAM (
  6. IMPORTANT CORRECTION: I made a mistake when i posted above. "My" copy of CIS 7 (7.0.317799.4142) does not come from Filehorse ! I downloaded it directly from Comodo. So i can not verify that the checksum for CIS 7 from Filhorse matches Comodo´s own published numbers. It probably does, but that needs to be double-checked. It was an even older version of CIS that i downloaded from Filehorse..... I´m trying to get the "official" checksums from Comodo, then i will check the downloads from Filehorse.
  7. What is ECC ?
  8. Filehorse (www.filehorse.com) I got the URL from Comodo´s own forum.... And VirusTotal says it´s a clean site. There are no "wrappers", just the file. And the SHA-2 checksum matches the "official" numbers published by Comodo. Would this be OK to post?
  9. Yes, i know that Matousec is a "dirty" word for Emsisoft... (Matousec & Online Armor...) Matousec and it´s tests is a really interesting subject, but for another thread or perhaps even another forum....? However, it is not the subject of this thread... I only pointed out that those who want to use CIS & EAM should note that the testresults are for CIS 7, not CIS 8..... We still don´t know how good CIS 8 is. So there is no panic to upgrade to CIS 8... It´s better to use CIS 7 and avoid conflicts with EAM. The latest version of CIS 7 (7.0.317799.4142) is not available directly from Comodo, but i know where to find it. I have doublechecked the SHA-2 checksum against the "official" numbers published by Comodo, so it really is genuine software. To help those EAM-users who wants CIS 7 I could post the link here... Would that be OK ?
  10. After uninstalling, did you reboot 2 times ? Did you install the latest version ( ? I had the same problem with a friends computer, got an errormessage: "could not contact server" But after uninstalling, rebooting 2 times, and installing the latest version ( everything works normally again.
  11. "Our research team exposed a critical security vulnerability appearing in various Anti-Virus (AV) products which has the potential to turn the Anti-Virus to an attack-enabler tool. This issue is not necessarily constrained to security solutions, but potentially to any intrusive application such as data leak prevention (DLP) and performance monitoring solutions. The vulnerable Anti-Virus products allocate a memory page with Read, Write, Execute (RWX) permissions at a constant predictable address. This allocation occurs for various user-mode processes belonging to third party applications such as browsers and Adobe Reader. As mentioned in our March AVG release, this flaw significantly diminishes the efforts that the threat actor needs in order to exploit a third party application. In turn, this can lead to the compromise of the underlying Windows system. How ? Microsoft places many Windows mitigations against exploits, for instance the randomization of memory (ASLR) and preventing data from running in memory (DEP). Since the memory page is at a constant predictable address, the attacker can know where to write and run the code. With the memory allocation set to RWX, that code can be executed, essentially defeating those hurdles that Windows placed in front of threat actors. " http://blog.ensilo.com/the-av-vulnerability-that-bypasses-mitigations Is EAM affected by this vulnerability ?
  12. You are welcome. Note: the excellent testresults on Matousec´s webbsite is for CIS 7. We still don´t know how good CIS 8 is. So there is no panic to upgrade to CIS 8... Comodo Internet Security Premium 7.0.317799.4142FREE 97 %
  13. Yes, you will hear from me....
  14. After upgrading to EAM everything is back to normal. Right-clicking on a folder also scans the files within the folder. Problem solved.